After 1,353 days, Noel rings in the New Year at home!

Make your final 2017 donation now!

This year, Noel will ring in the New Year with a new family, thanks to you who have supported her during her nearly 4-year journey.

Noel arrived at Pets Alive via a transport from the Cayman Islands on April 20, 2014. Noel, a loving and affectionate female dog, was only 2 years old. Several months after her arrival, the energetic Noel got adopted. She was hopeful it would be her forever home, but through no fault of her own, she was returned to Pets Alive the following year when her family could no longer care for her.

Noel in training

Once she returned to Pets Alive, we placed Noel into our Improving Adoptability program. This program, run by volunteers experienced in dog handling and training, is aimed at helping those dogs whose current behaviors reduce their chances of becoming a member of a new family. Through different training techniques, Noel was able to learn how to overcome chewing behavior – and she learned basic obedience commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “down”.

Earlier this year, we placed Noel into our “Diamonds in the Ruff” program, a new fee-waived dog adoption program made possible by an investment from the Petco Foundation. This adoption incentive program targets dogs with special needs such as age or medical conditions, or dogs that have been at Pets Alive for a lengthy period of time. We never give up hope that someday, the right family will come along and be a perfect match for a particular animal.

All of this paid off for Noel; her new year will be merry. On December 29, 2017, 1,353 days after her arrival from the Cayman Islands, Noel found her forever home!

Noel with her new family

Won’t you make a tax-deductible donation before midnight tonight so that more animals like Noel can find forever homes in 2018? It is your generosity that enables these types of wonderful stories to happen.


Thank you once again, for your generosity and support.


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Thank You!

Dear Friends, Adopters, Volunteers, and Supporters,

During this time of year, in between all the running around and rushing from one party to another, we also take time to reflect on the importance of friends and family. For most of us, family also means the animals in our lives that we love unconditionally. Our pets are loyal companions and often fill a void that humans cannot. It is a bond that should certainly be treasured and held close to one’s heart.

Sadly, for many animals, that bond is often broken by those who had promised to love and protect them for life. During 2017, Pets Alive helped over 1,000 animals through adoption, rescue, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and the pet chow pantry. Despite what many of them have endured from emergency evacuations in front of hurricanes to being abandoned, starved, or deprived of basic and life-saving medical care, we have put their shattered lives back together with thanks to you.  It is because of your support and our community’s support that we have been able to impact so many lives and right so many wrongs.

Rocky goes home!

Thank you to our adopters who have given our animals a second chance at a forever home. To the adopters who have come in and seen past the gray muzzle and adopted a senior dog THANK YOU. To the adopters who see the hidden love in a shy cat’s eyes and have taken a chance on them THANK YOU. To the adopters who come for one and adopt two THANK YOU.

To our volunteers: THANK YOU for giving of yourselves selflessly, tirelessly and for loving our animals unconditionally. To the volunteers who come and walk our dogs in the rain, the snow, the cold and the heat THANK YOU. To our volunteers who come every week and clean and scoop litter boxes with a smile on your face THANK YOU. To our volunteers who go out every week in the late-night hours to humanely trap community cats, so they can be altered, vaccinated and returned to their colonies THANK YOU.  To our volunteers who come and muck stalls, fields and groom our farm animals THANK YOU. To all the volunteers who take our animals to adoption events, foster bottle babies that require around the clock care, greet visitors at Pets Alive, take pictures, run special events, do laundry, work behind the scenes, train our dogs and spend time with shy cats THANK YOU!

Donations the day after the 1st of the Hurricane dogs arrived. – THANK YOU!

To our supporters: THANK YOU for always answering are pleas for help! This year when we put out the plea for help with not one but three emergency transports of Hurricane dogs you were there for us THANK YOU! You sent and brought bleach, garbage bags, dog and cat food, paper trays, KMR kitten food, laundry detergent and linens – and donated monetary gifts to help us prepare the animals for adoption.

Will, the puppy, thanks you!

You were there for us when the plea went out for monetary donations for Era, Will, Friday, Bob, Roscoe, Valentina, Alfred and Remie – all medical cases that we couldn’t have afforded without knowing our supporters – our Pets Alive family – would be there for the animals. It is because of you, our supporters, that Pets Alive will be there when the call comes in to save the animals that need us most. We can only cover the front lines because we know you have our backs.  THANK YOU!

On behalf of the entire Pets Alive family, I want to wish each and everyone one of you a happy and healthy new year. Stay warm. Stay safe. We look forward to you continuing to be a part our Pets Alive family.

For the animals,

Executive Director

Please give a gift to the animals now!

THANK YOU from the Pets Alive Team

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Cam!

Hard to believe almost a whole year has gone by since I last wrote you! First off, I want to thank you again for sending me a new basketball! How did you know that is my favorite toy? My guess is Ms. Becky might have told you. She always seems to know what all of us dogs, cats, pigs and horses want, even without us having to tell her.

I know you are a really busy man this time a year but if you could just spare me a few moments and consider granting me a few Christmas wishes this year that would be swell. My wishes aren’t for me. They’re for my friends. Pets Alive has been my home now for 11 years and everyone here is my family and I love them so very much that I just want to see some of their wishes come true!


My first wish is for Annie. She is a special girl. She was found abandoned in NYC by a police officer as just a ‘lil puppy! I can’t even imagine how scared Annie must have been! Lucky for her the officer was there to help – and that is just what he did. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep Annie and give her a home, he brought Annie home till he could find someplace safe for her. That is how Annie came to Pets Alive.

Once at Pets Alive, they quickly discovered that Annie couldn’t hear. Was that why her first family abandoned her? Was she not listening to them? Its not Annie’s fault she can’t hear! So, the great people here at Pets Alive started teaching her hand commands and guess what? She’s a really fast learner! So, Santa, if you could bring Annie a special family that will understand it isn’t that she refuses to listen but it’s that she can’t hear and she just needs a little extra patience and the willingness to work with her then all would be wonderful. She is such a smart girl! She promises to learn quick and be the best girl ever.

Rosie and Sam

Rosie and Sam

My second wish Santa is for a very special pair of senior kitties. Being a senior myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find your furrever family. Rosie and Sam have found themselves looking for a new family after being in a loving home for 15 years. Their mommy got sick and her last wish was to make sure Sam and Rosie would be okay. While they are safe and loved by the Pets Alive family, what I really want for them is a new mommy or daddy to cherish, love them and spoil them in their golden years. Rosie is a long-haired beauty who loves to lounge around all day and Sam just wants a lap and someone to love him. Santa…could you please find a way of sending them someone special to love them?

Me and Ms. Becky
~Ms. Becky loves my kisses

And you know what would make a great Christmas present for Ms. Becky? I do! My third wish is if everyone you know would donate just $30 to Pets Alive, Ms. Becky wouldn’t worry so much about us. She thinks we don’t see – and she does a really good job at hiding it – but when she thinks no one is looking, she worries about each one of us. I see it in her eyes when she walks around Camp Tyler as she stops and talks to each of us doggies and give us cookies from her pockets. We all really like cookies. My friend Moe, the barn cat, told me he sees the same thing when Ms. Becky goes and visits Joey, Lone Star and the other horses as well as Penelope and Sully, the pigs. I can only imagine she does the same when she visits the cats. Even though I don’t know any of the cats that live in our cat house, I know they would wish the same thing for Ms. Becky.

Santa, I’ve been a good boy the whole year long. If you need references, you can ask volunteers Maria, Gil, Amy, or Robin. They’re my friends and will vouch for me. So please Santa grant my three Christmas wishes for my friends here at Pets Alive.


Give a gift to the animals today!

ps…I hope you and your family a wonderful holiday season – and thanks for helping me grant my three wishes for my buddies!

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Happy Tails: Who Rescued Who?

Charlie Bray was brokenhearted and not interested in much of anything. In less than two months, he lost his mother-in-law, followed just 4 weeks later by the death of his beloved wife, Joanie, to an aggressive cancer. Shortly before Joanie passed, Charlie also said goodbye to Bella, his 15-year-old Lab/shepherd mix. It was a very low point for the 84-year-old Montgomery resident.

“So here I am, no mother-in-law, no wife, no dog and I’m by myself in an apartment. For a while there, I was a hermit. I didn’t want to go out,” Charlie says. “My children kept begging me, ‘Dad, get another dog. You have to have something to occupy yourself.’”

With their encouragement, Charlie decided to look for another dog. After going to several rescues in the area, he and his son Scott found their way to Pets Alive.

“We went there and I was aghast,” Charlie says, citing row after row of dogs looking for their forever homes. Charlie was guided by Pets Alive’s Volunteer Adoption Coordinator Patti, who worked to find him the perfect match. After looking at all the dogs in their runs, none seemed to be the exact fit. But Patti had saved the best for last.

“We were walking back to the office and Patti said, ‘I have one more in the back. If you want to take a look, I’ll take you back there.’ He was in a run all by himself. I took one look and thought, ‘I think he’s the one for me.’ We just connected right off the bat,” Charlie says.

Duke goes home!

The 2-year-old hound mix named Chance had been found with a back-leg injury alongside a road. “Patti brought him out and he laid right across my feet,” says Charlie. “I just fell in love with him. He was so calm and he kinda stole my heart. I said I’ve got to take this guy home.”

And that’s exactly what he did. Chance has a new name now — Duke, in honor of Charlie’s favorite movie star, John Wayne. “So now he’s the Duke of Montgomery,” Charlie jokes. The leg injury turned out to be an older break, with a bone that had already healed, so the consensus was to let it be.

Duke settled in right away in Charlie’s apartment within a converted old barn. Charlie had made up a bedroom for the new arrival, complete with a doggy bed and old recliner. But from the very beginning, Duke let his adopter know exactly where he planned to sleep: at the foot of Charlie’s bed!

Charlie and Duke in their favorite chair

Charlie has a new recliner now and it’s a favorite spot for the two to rest: “If I sit in my recliner, when I tilt it back, he hears that and the next thing you know he’s on my lap. He’s such a big mush. I just love him.”

He’s also stolen the hearts of the entire Bray clan, which includes 6 children, 21 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, with 2 more on the way. When family members arrive, Duke’s tail is wagging.

Charlie’s daughter Donna finds the connection between her dad and Duke remarkable. “He’s always got either his paw or his head on my dad’s leg,” she says. “The only thing I can think is that my mother sent him to my dad so he’s not lonely. He has a purpose again. And my dad is so happy, he talks to him and I’ve seen him perk up 110% since he’s had this dog. My mother would have loved Duke.”

For Charlie, he feels like he hit the lottery: “He’s just a pleasure to have around. It’s almost too good to be true. I never dreamed a dog would adapt to me. He’s made my life a lot better.”

Charlie encourages others to head to Pets Alive to adopt their best friend. “I just feel like I should yell from the top of my lungs about Pets Alive,” he says. “I felt so good about everything that I made an extra $100 donation.”

Charlie’s car features a dog paw magnet that reads “Who Rescued Who?” In the case of Charlie and Duke, John Wayne would probably call it a draw.

Written by Joyce Washnik, Pets Alive Volunteer

Donate this holiday season and be a partner in rescue so we can find homes for more animals like Duke. Thank you!


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Era’s treatments continue – won’t you help her on #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is an international day of giving back to the causes that mean the most to individuals. You can be part of this and give back to help Era – and so many other animals at our facility.

Era shortly after she was rescued last month

You helped Era last month when she first came to Pets Alive after escaping from an abusive situation. Her owner left her alone for days on end at his home in Sullivan County while he worked elsewhere during the week. Era managed to get her leg caught in a rope and she did get medical treatment, however, she managed to remove her e-collar, which was to prevent her from licking at the wound. She was in such pain, that she chewed off two of her toes. At that point, the owner gave up on Era and she came to Pets Alive.

Era resting in her foster home

Your gifts earlier this month helped fund surgery needed to help heal her toes, however, she still requires her bandage be changed 3 times a week for the next 1-2 months, requiring frequent veterinarian visits. Era is in a foster home and getting the love and attention she needs while she heals. She is doing well, thanks to your generosity. Go here to read more about Era.

Era is ready for the holidays!

Our work continues. Believe you CAN make a difference and consider a donation today, #GivingTuesday. Your donation today will help us to continue Era’s medical treatments. Helping Era is just one example of the life-saving work you make possible with your gifts.

And if you already donated to Pets Alive on #GivingTuesday – thank you so very much!  We could not do this work without you.


ps…are you reading this after #GivingTuesday has concluded? No worries! We appreciate your donation any time!

Prefer to mail us a donation? Send a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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It’s #GivingTuesday and Ayden needs you!

On this #GivingTuesday, Ayden needs you more than ever. Just when Ayden was enjoying things in his new home, he found himself back at Pets Alive. A young, one-year-old Ayden came to Pets Alive on a transport from South Carolina when he was just a puppy. The friendly pup quickly captured the eyes of a visitor and got adopted earlier this year.

Sadly, his mom is no longer able to care for him and he’s now back at Pets Alive. To make matters worse, we discovered he has patellar luxation in not one, but both knees. This condition occurs when the dog’s kneecap becomes dislocated from its normal position in the groove of the thigh bone. If the condition is not corrected, it could eventually cause lameness.

We want Ayden to have the best life possible and therefore, we have scheduled the duel-knee surgery for December 6 to correct this condition. Ayden will then require crate rest for a period of time until his knees heal. Even with a veterinarian discount, it will cost us about $2,000 for the surgery.

We know you too want the best for Ayden. Will you make a donation to help Ayden – and all the other animals at Pets Alive – on this #GivingTuesday?

Thank you for all you do for the animals.


ps…are you reading this after #GivingTuesday has concluded? No worries! We appreciate your donation any time!

Prefer to mail us a donation? Send a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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Beyond abuse: Helping Era

Era couldn’t help it. Her foot hurt so much, she chewed off her own two toes thinking it would bring her relief. But it didn’t.

Sadly, Era was all too used to pain and anguish. Each weekend, her owner would return, only to throw some horse feed – not appropriate food for the nutritional needs of a dog – in a bucket, then leave again for the week, letting Era fend for herself. Once the feed was gone, Era went hungry. Once the water was gone, Era went thirsty – or drank still water that was quickly contaminated by the elements. This was the only life Era knew.

Era’s leg wound

Already malnourished and thirty pounds underweight, Era’s situation became drastically worse. She got her hind leg caught in a rope that became wrapped very tightly around her leg – for what could have been days, while her owner was away. The resulting wound required daily debriding to remove dead tissue (that could promote infection and impede healing), wound care, and frequent bandage changes.

Era’s paw

While undergoing treatment for her leg injury, Era was once again left to fend for herself. She managed to remove the E-collar that was placed on her head so she could not disturb her leg wound. In pain – with no one to help her – she licked and chewed, until two of her toes were gone. (Due to the graphic nature of the damage to Era’s paw, we are not showing you the full extent of the injury.)

Once returning to Era’s quickly deteriorating condition, her owner gave up on her and no longer wanted the “hassle” of the intense care she needed to heal. Pets Alive saw things differently and intervened after the owner turned Era over to her treating veterinarian. We saw a beautiful and amazingly friendly dog – particularly given all the abuse she has experienced – and we knew we had to help her. Law enforcement was called and they are involved to ensure the safety of any other animals that might be on the property and to determine the extent of neglect so the owner is held accountable.

Era resting at the veterinary hospital

Era is now hospitalized and safe from her abuser. Her leg and foot are bandaged and she’s being carefully supervised so she can no longer hurt herself. She will require multiple surgeries along with months of intense medical care. We are committed to do everything in our power to save Era’s leg. We made this promise to Era knowing that you would want us to provide this love and care for her.

You have helped us in the past, and we need you now more than ever so that we can provide the care Era needs to restore her body and reveal that playful dog we know lies inside her. We estimate her medical expenses into the thousands, although it is too soon to tell as the healing process will determine the course of treatment. If we cannot save her leg, it will have to be amputated.

Could we ask you to give a gift to help Era? No dollar amount is too small.


Prefer to donate by check or cash? You can mail us a check to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 or drop off your donation to our facility.

We thank you for your kindness,



Becky Tegze
Executive Director

ps…bookmark this blog and come back to get periodic updates on Era’s progress – and please share with your friends and family.  Thank you!

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BREAKING! Hurricane Irma dogs now at Pets Alive

Saved from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey. And now Irma. Pets Alive staff, board members, and volunteers have worked tirelessly over the past two weeks since we rescued 20 dogs that came from animal shelters in the path of Hurricane Harvey. We are now faced with another massive animal relief effort in Florida and surrounding states as Hurricane Irma subsides – and our work has already begun.

Meet this cute 3-month old puppy

Last evening on Sunday, September 10, we took in six dogs – several  pictured here – that escaped the wrath of Irma’s anticipated flooding in the coastal area of South Carolina. We partnered again with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of Ashville, NC, who evacuated nearly 30 dogs and cats from Horry County, South Carolina, ahead of the storm. This area on the inter-coastal waterway historically floods during major storms. It was critical that the Horry County Animal Care Center in Conway, South Carolina, clear their shelter in anticipation of having to take in family pets displaced by Hurricane Irma. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and the Humane Society of Walden in Walden, NY also took in some of these animals on this transport from South Carolina.

Meet Otilia, 6 months old

We anticipate this is the “tip of the iceberg” on intake of animals from storm-ridden areas resulting from Hurricane Irma. Pets Alive will continue to work with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and other animal welfare organizations that are ready to begin rescue efforts once it’s safe for humans to go into the areas affected by Hurricane Irma. There will be an extraordinary need for shelters in the northeast and other parts of the country to take in animals that are in shelters in areas affected by Irma – and eventually animals that find themselves homeless because families whose homes have been damaged can no longer care for them. 

Astro, saved from Hurricane Harvey, was adopted!

As we welcome these six dogs to Pets Alive, we are happy to tell you that at the time of this writing, four of the 20 dogs we rescued from Hurricane Harvey, like Astro pictured here, found their forever homes. Additionally six dogs are being treated for heartworm; Duchess, who has glaucoma, has to have her eyes removed this week; and all 20 dogs were spay/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and treated for fleas. The “Harvey Dogs” continue to be given a lot of tender loving care by staff and volunteers until they too are adopted.

This was made possible because of you. Your donations of pet food, supplies, services and monetary gifts have enabled us to care for the Hurricane Harvey dogs and now, in the days and weeks ahead, so many animals that will need our help as Hurricane Irma subsides. We are humbled by your generosity and kindness. The dogs we just took in last evening will also require vaccinations, and some will require spay/neuter and other basic medical care.

There are several ways you can continue to help us with this life-saving work:

1. Make a monetary donation HERE to help the Hurricane Irma animals.

2. Donate supplies including KONG toys, laundry detergent (he-type) and other items by ordering directly from our Amazon wishlist and have the item(s) mailed to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. You can also reference the wishlist and buy locally and drop off the items at our shelter. We are open 7 days a week from 10:00am-4:00pm Monday-Saturday and 11:00am-4:00pm on Sundays.

3. Consider adopting one of the Hurricane Harvey or Irma dogs – or any of our other dogs, cats and farm animals available for adoption. Check out the latter here and submit an online application. For every animal you adopt, you open up space at Pets Alive for another animal in need.  (NOTE: The Hurricane Harvey dogs that remain at Pets Alive are available for adoption. To inquire, email The Hurricane Irma dogs will be available for adoption in about two weeks.)

4. Volunteer. Contact us at for further information about how you can help us.

We thank you for your generous support. We could not do this live-saving work without you. If you or your loved ones have been affected by either storm, we hope for your safety.

Becky Tegze, Executive Director

ps…Every dollar you DONATE will help us care for these loving animals and find them homes.

pss…Bookmark this blog and our Hurricane Harvey blog and check for updates as the Hurricane Harvey and Irma animals continue their journey.


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Hurricane Harvey Dogs at Pets Alive!


Updated posting as of September 8, 2017

Fourteen of the 20 dogs that Pets Alive rescued from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey are now available for adoption! These dogs were rescued from shelters that were at risk of flooding or were being vacated to make room for displaced family pes.

Iris gets adopted!

Dunkie gets adopted!

And TWO have gone home today! Dunkie and Iris are two of the wonderful dogs that found their forever homes!


You can submit an online application HERE if you are interested in adopting one of the dogs.

The remaining six dogs will be undergoing extensive treatment for heartworm. Once their health has been cleared, they will also be available for adoption.

We thank all of the tremendous support from the community who has helped us with your generous donations of supplies, pet food, volunteer services and monetary gifts. We have used this to care for the animals and prepare them for adoption, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, food, heartworm treatment, deworming, microchipping, flea medication and more.

Here’s a few pictures from our Hurricane Harvey supporters! The list is very long – these are only highlights of the generous people – grownups and kids alike – that offered acts of kindness. We thank each and every person that has helped us. We could not have saved these dogs without you! Check us out on Facebook for more pictures and acknowledgements of all the wonderful people that helped these dogs. THANK YOU from everyone at Pets Alive!

Supplies arrive via FedEx

Tailorland, Inc. of Newburgh, NY did our laundry



Junior volunteers raise $450!




Rapid Tire Service. in Montgomery NY donated dog food!







Dr. Standish and Ani-Mall Pet Hospital of Middletown, NY donated spay/neuter of 4 dogs!

Dr. Joe and Dr. Megan donated spay/neuter of 7 dogs







Updated posting as of late on August 29, 2017

The dogs have arrived! Check out the latest news flash HERE! Earlier this afternoon, 53 animals that were rescued from various shelters in the path of Hurricane Harvey made their way to New York! ALL OF THESE DOGS AND CATS WERE IN SHELTERS BEFORE THE STORM HIT. It was critical to move them out to either make room for family pets that would get displaced in the storm or in some cases, shelters were in flooded areas and had to be evacuated. None of these animals have owners to go back to so you now can give them hope of finding a new home!

TWENTY of the dogs are here at Pets Alive and the remaining animals went to other rescue organizations including to our facility and the remaining animals went to Hudson Valley SPCA, Humane Society of Walden, Suruluna Animal Rescue and a facility in Vermont. Many of the dogs appear to be in very good spirits.

Tab upon arriving at Pets Alive

Some we know will need extensive medical treatment like Tab, a little guy who has heartworm and a several skin condition. He’s lost most of the fur on his body. In fact, SIX dogs have heartworm, a very dangerous condition if not treated. Heartwork treatment is expensive – it can cost up to $1,000 per animal!

All the dogs we took in are being evaluated for their health condition. We’ll post more information and pictures in the coming days once the dogs settle in and we know more about their condition!

Thank you everyone, for your support, your donations, your sharing our pages, and for caring. We could not have done this rescue without your help.

Want to help? Consider a donation – all monetary gifts will be used to defray the cost of their care.  DONATE NOW!

Original posting of August 27, 2017

As devastating Hurricane Harvey continues to drop heavy rains in parts of Texas and Louisiana, Pets Alive staff and volunteers have been working around the clock for the past several days on preparing to take in dogs from the hurricane evacuation zone.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of Ashville, NC has been working feverishly with 4 different coastal animal shelters on coordinating a mass rescue of animals that are in shelters being affected by the hurricane. The goal is to transport the animals in shelters at most risk of flooding to the safety of northern animal shelters and to make room for animals displaced, abandoned, or lost during the storm.

We anticipate the arrival of dozens of dogs early on Tuesday morning, August 29, as rescue workers drive long hours to reach us. We are working in conjunction with several area rescue groups in Orange County, NY and Pets Alive has agreed to be the staging area for the incoming dogs. Pets Alive will take in about 20 of the dogs to our facility and the remaining dogs will go to Hudson Valley SPCA, Humane Society of Walden and Suruluna Animal Rescue.

Davis has heartworm

As we welcome the new dogs to Pets Alive, we will need your help! We do not know the medical condition of all the dogs we will take into our facility, however, we know some of the dogs have heartworm, an often deadly disease if not treated. Treatment can cost upwards to $1,000 PER dog – and at least three of the dogs are heartworm-positive dogs like 2-year-old Davis. There could be more.

Tab also has heartworm

And then there’s Tab, a 5-year-old dog who’s had a rough life. Tab ended up in a shelter after being rescued from a hoarding situation. He also has heartworm – and he has flea dermatitis, a painful condition causing severe itching of the skin and loss of fur. He will need extensive medical treatment.

Duchess is blind

Duchess, a 5-year-old blind dog, appears to be in great spirits by her picture but we do not know if she will require special care. We anticipate most of the dogs will require vaccinations, microchips, deworming, some may require spay/neuter, flea dermatitis treatment, treatment for other parasites, and other medical conditions. This will cost us thousands of dollars.

You have helped the animals so many times in the past. Can we rely on you once again – our partner in rescue – to help these dogs so we can get them the appropriate medical attention and care they need and ultimately find them all loving homes?

There are several ways you can help:

1. Make an online MONETARY DONATION now or you can mail us a check made out to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

2. Donate supplies including:

    1. Canned dog food (Pedigree is preferred)
    2. Bleach
    3. Contractor garbage bags
    4. 3-lb paper trays
    5. Blankets and linens.

Supplies can be dropped off at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown NY daily between 10:00am-4:00pm or Kristt Company, 369 Broadway, Monticello, NY between 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. You also can order directly from our Amazon wishlist and have the item(s) mailed to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

3. Consider adopting one of these dogs – or any of our other dogs available for adoption. Check out the latter here. For every dog you adopt, you open up space at Pets Alive for another animal in need. You can submit an online adoption application.  (NOTE: The Hurricane Harvey dogs will not be available for adoption for at least two or more weeks as we assess their health and treat them as necessary.)

4. Volunteer. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and do all sorts of tasks from animal care, property maintenance, laundry, to fundraising and more. Contact us at for further information.

We thank you for your generous support. We could not do this live-saving work without you. And for those of you who are affected by Harvey, we hope you and your loved ones are safe.




Becky Tegze, Executive Director

ps…Every dollar you DONATE will help us care for these loving animals and find them homes.

pss…Bookmark this blog and check for updates as the dogs arrive at Pets Alive and they begin their new journey.

More Faces of Hurricane Harvey that we will welcome at Pets Alive

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Friday Needs You!

Updated posting as of August 13, 2017:


Friday takes a stretch back at Pets Alive

Thanks to you, your generous donation is helping Friday, the cat, heal from an acute strain of pneumonia. He spent about a week at Flannery Animal Hospital in New Windsor, NY and is now back at Pets Alive recuperating in our quarantine area.

He is still undergoing treatment and requires a nebulizer several times a day, used to administer one of the various medications he needs. He’s also started to eat again on his own; he’s now off the feeding tube that was required to help him gain nourishment while he was in the hospital.

Friday and his stuffed bunny friend

Friday is in quarantine so he can rest quietly, however, since he requires periodic treatments and food, he gets visits from our staff members who are caring for him – and he’s very happy to have his favorite stuffed bunny back at his side!

To date, we’ve spent about $3,800 on his hospital medical testing and treatments – plus we have the cost of his care at our facility – and with your help, to date, we have raised $2,150 for Friday, so we are still fundraising to replenish our medical fund. Please share his story with your friends and family, or consider making another donation here, so we meet our goal to cover all of Friday’s medical expenses.

We thank you again for caring and for your generosity. Without your help, Friday’s fate would have had a different outcome.  He is available for adoption once he recuperates!

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Original posting – August 8, 2017:

Friday’s story begins with him alone and scared on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. By the slimmest of chances, a kind family found him and could tell in a New York minute that this sweet 3-year old feline needed help! How many people had just walked past, not seeing him, not caring, not willing to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to help this handsome dude? We’ll never know for sure how Friday ended up on the streets of Brooklyn, but luckily for him, on that fateful day somebody did see him, somebody did care, somebody heard his cries for help, and they did not just walk by, but instead gathered him up and took him home.

Intending to spoil him for the rest of his life, this family welcomed Friday into their home and their lives. Sadly, they soon discovered that one of them had severe cat allergies. For weeks they sought another loving home for Friday, with no luck. Determined to do right by the kitty they had rescued and loved so much, trying their best not to fail him, they brought Friday to us here at Pets Alive, knowing that he would be safe.

Handsome Friday  joined our crew in the Library room, where he quickly made fast friends with another one of our kitties, Patches. This charming guy loved everyone he encountered, whether they had two legs or four, but we discovered that most of all, he loved his little stuffed bunny toy, which he would carry around with him as if were his own baby! More times than not, Friday could be found sleeping with his bunny! We welcomed him to our Pets Alive family, knowing that such a dapper and friendly young man wouldn’t have much trouble finding his forever home.

Friday with his bunny at Pets Alive

Friday with his bunny at Pets Alive

One day last week when our cat staff came into work, they found Friday in distress and having considerable trouble breathing. Jumping into action, they immediately rushed him to our nearest vet. At first it seemed that Friday was having an asthma attack, but further testing revealed that his symptoms weren’t an asthma attack, but in fact an acute strain of pneumonia.

We have had to transfer Friday to a 24-hour vet hospital, where he can receive around the clock care, including IV antibiotics as well as being housed in an oxygen chamber. Our brave little fighter is still not responding the way we had hoped: he requires more X-rays to see if his lungs are improving at all, which also means more days of hospitalization. Friday may also need a feeding tube, as at this point he is refusing to eat on his own. Our current bill at the vet hospital has reached $2,800, which doesn’t even include the $500 we spent for his initial examination. It’s looking like our sweet Friday might need many more days of testing, medication, and hospitalization.

Please help us help Friday! Please don’t just walk on by, thinking that someone else will help – let’s come together and be that caring family who stops and helps! Please considering MAKING A DONATION, large or small to help us with Friday’s growing hospital bill.

We thank you, and Friday thanks you.

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