Cocoa Puffs Needs Your Help!

Cocoa PuffsCocoa Puffs has been diagnosed with a rare form of diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus. This disorder affects water metabolism, preventing the body from conserving water and releasing too much of it. The medication is very costly at $500 per month. That’s $6,000 a year! If everyone chips in a minimum of just $5 to help with her medical expenses, you’ll be helping Cocoa Puff’s get the treatment she needs.

Cocoa Puffs has been through so much in her lifetime and yet her love is never ending. She was once used as a breeding dog for some really bad people who were breeding pit bulls most likely for dog fighting or for use as drug dogs. When she was pregnant with still born puppies they discarded her onto the streets – they had no use for her anymore. Still carrying her litter and in distress, we took her in and stayed with her round the clock. She received a cesarean section and her life was saved. We cannot imagine what her life was like, it was likely the unimaginable. But she survived and she still LOVES people. Maybe she knows she will never have to endure all that she had gone through before.

cocoa copyNow we are asking for your help. We love Cocoa Puffs to no end and we are committed to getting her the treatment she needs, but we cannot do this alone. Please make a donation or become a monthly sponsor starting at just $10 a month. Thank you for all your support!


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