A Week Into a Long Journey of Healing

By Audrey Lodato, Executive Director, Pets Alive

It’s been a week since we got the call from Deputy Sheriff Vincent Iannuzi alerting us to an urgent hoarding situation in Minisink. A week since we responded immediately to that call and rescued 52 animals from unspeakable conditions. A week since you helped us save their lives.

CuminSo much has happened in that week. Our new cats and dogs are beginning to recover from this terrible experience.

We had five kittens born to a weak, malnorished and very sick mother cat on Wednesday morning. One of the kittens was stillborn, but the remaining four are doing well. Mommy cat is on the mend with the help of antibiotics, extra food and the watchful eyes of long time Pets Alive volunteers Jim and Peg, who are fostering this new family.

kittens2 Staff member Danielle discovered two orphaned kittens found close to death on
Thursday at the property. She raced them back to Pets Alive for medical care, and they are improving each and every day. We’ve been out to the house daily to ensure no animals are left behind.

A young orange cat that had a terribly infected bite wound on his leg and spine is beginning his long road to recovery here at Pets Alive. Cumin, as he has been named, has permanent damage to his spine and will always hyperextend his legs. He spent several days at Middlehope Veterinary Hospital getting the infection under control. He’s now comfortable for the first time in many months, and he’s enjoying the attention he’s getting from our dedicated caregivers.

beforeandafterMolly, one of two dogs removed from the property, is at Wurtsboro Vet as I write this, getting her chest x-rayed. She’s having a hard time breathing and we’re trying to find out why. She’s under the watchful eye of Veterinarian and Pets Alive Medical Director Joseph D’Abbraccio, who has donated so much of his time to this rescue effort. Years of neglect have taken a toll on this elderly dog.

Bodie, Molly’s companion, was groomed at Flawless Paws Pet grooming yesterday by Shay Roda. Shay donates her services to us. Shay found twigs and feces buried deep in Bodie’s coat. Bodie is enjoying feeling much more comfortable.

JohnlooksatfilenamesTwo kittens with ruptured eyes are scheduled for surgery this Wednesday, where they will each have one eye removed.

Although this has been one of the most heartbreaking and exhausting weeks we have ever had, we’ve been rewarded with seeing these animals recover and be happy. There is not much that can compare to seeing the life return to an animal who had lost all hope. We’re so grateful to the ongoing support we’ve received from our community and we want to be sure to offer thanks to each and every person who gave so selflessly to give these animals a fresh start. We would not have been able to rush in and save these lives without the support of our donors.

Our expenses from this rescue continue to rise, so if you would like to make a gift, you can do that by clicking the donate button below.

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