Heaven Can Wait!

missy4Missy was diagnosed with a large bladder stone and her owner decided that it would be best to bring her to New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC). The staff there instantly fell in love with her and we just so happened to be there to pick up some kittens the day of her arrival. We were asked if we could take her back to PAW so she could receive the necessary treatment that she desperately needed.

Missy ACC picUpon arrival at PAW Missy wagged her tail happily but she looked like she’d been through a lot! She reeked of old urine and sadly she had urine burns on her hind legs and belly from laying in it for an extensive period of time.

It is always heartbreaking to see an animal that was neglected. The best thing her owner could have done was to surrender her and the best thing NYCACC could have done was ask us to take her to Pets Alive Westchester.

missy1There have been some really great changes that we witnessed happening at NYCACC. They seem to have a new enthusiasm finding rescues to take animals instead of having them euthanized. They also seem to be doing more to get animals adopted. We receive calls from them often (sometimes daily) to see if we can take kittens or bottle babies. They have successfully placed well over 500 kittens this season and not one of them made it to their kill list. (This is a list of animals that will be euthanized the next day that is updated on a daily basis so that they can hopefully find rescue before their time is up.)

Yes, they still do have a long way to go with many things, but they are making some great strides toward becoming a “No Kill” animal shelter, and they saved Missy’s life by asking us to take her that day.

By the end of Missy’s first week with us she was already feeling better. She received medicated baths and got started on antibiotics. By the end of the week she had surgery to remove one of the largest bladder stones we had ever seen in a dog her size. This is the stone that was in her bladder compared to the size of a quarter.


We understand that the cost of surgery is expensive for most of us, but it was very evident that she was not taken care of for quite a while before being brought to ACC.

joy and missyHaving had a full recovery, Missy now has a chance to have a great life. She even got a forever home! Missy (who is now named Mitzy) was adopted by a wonderful family who is madly in love with her and giving her the life she has deserved to have for so long.

Some people say that a dog that has been rescued truly appreciates their new home. They don’t forget what their lives were like before they came to us – often times they come to us when they are given up on entirely. They remember what they went through. It’s not forgotten and your love for them gives them a renewed hope that life is good.

Missy5When we said we would take Missy, we made a promise to her, just as we do to all of the animals that come through our doors. The promise is that they will be safe. They will be cared for. They will receive all the medical attention that they need. And they will be loved. We make a lifetime commitment to all of the animals that come to Pets Alive Westchester and Pets Alive Middletown.



They need all of us. Without your support, we could not save them. Without you, many will die. Help save animals in need like Missy. You are all they have.

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3 Responses to Heaven Can Wait!

  1. Vicki says:

    If I recall correctly, I think I met this wonderful girl one day while I was volunteering at PAW. She wagged her tail so hard, I thought it was going to fly right off. She is a darling and I am so happy she is in a forever home with a family who appreciates her.

  2. PomskyWiki says:

    I can’t imagine how painful that stone must have made life for Missy. Great work!

  3. Greg Smalley says:

    Hi Erin–

    While acknowledging recent NYCACC progress, there remains an urgent need for significant improvement as you mention. Recent reports are detailing a toxic mix of infectious organisms currently challenging NYCACC’s already stressed pups and cats. Many arrive healthy on intake but quickly become exposed and infected. And those pulled by rescues or adopted out are all too frequently developing severe, persistent upper respiratory infections that may quickly progress to life-threatening pneumonia. Some have not survived after their “live release.”

    Due to the extraordinary expense of hospitalization/treatment for severely sick shelter animals, several New Hope rescues have suspended all intakes. Others will no longer pull from NYCACC. This is obviously very unfortunate. Urgent/PODR recently posted on this issue: http://urgentpodr.org/the-nyc-acc-is-hiding-a-dirty-secret-thats-killing-our-animals/

    What can be done? Perhaps, if New Hope partners (including PAW) combine their leverage, NYCACC and the NYC Department of Health will actively listen and build needed new borough shelters, while cleaning up (literally and metaphorically) the ones currently in operation. Supporting NYCACC as rescue partners also entails advocating remedies, fundraising, and championing improvements, without fear of reprisals.

    Please consider attending the NYCACC Board of Directors meeting this coming Wednesday (6/24/15). Among the New Hope rescuers planning to attend and advocate for shelter improvements is a new association group, Uncaged New York. Details of the meeting are included in the latest SRAC post: http://conta.cc/1MQo5ja

    Greg Smalley
    NYC Rescue Liaison
    Friends of Homeless Animals

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