Broken in Body But Not in Spirit

becky jadaWritten by Becky Lyn Tegze, Acting Executive Director

You’re like an angel too good to be true, but after all, I love you, I do, Angel Baby, my Angel Baby…  And just like the song Angel Baby by Rosie and the Originals, we do so love our Angel Baby here at Pets Alive!

angelbaby_blog01Angel Baby had what some would call a bumpy start in life.  Her story begins in Westchester where she was dumped in a box in the middle of the night.  Luckily for her, she was spotted almost immediately by an animal loving rescuer (who also happens to be one of our volunteers!) who snatched her in that cardboard box right up.  Once home with his new charge, it was immediately clear that Angel Baby could not walk and something was terribly wrong with her back legs as she was unable to move them.  So back out they went to the all night emergency vet hospital, where it was quickly discovered thru x-rays and an exam that Angel Baby had a broken pelvis!

Through it all Angel Baby purred and chirped for attention, somehow knowing that she was now finally safe and in loving and caring arms.  The emergency veterinary hospital stabilized Angel Baby and started her on pain medication.  What she needed now was cage rest and time to allow for her broken body to heal.  Angel Baby was transferred to our sanctuary in Middletown, NY where she started the healing process.  angelbabydouble

Fast forward six weeks and Angel Baby’s broken bones are now healed.   She still can’t walk but she is getting stronger and better each day.  Now that her bones are healed, we have started daily physical therapy to help her build up the strength in her legs and rebuild the muscle strength she has lost. We are hoping that one day very soon, she will surprise us and walk on her own – but  we are not certain how long that will take and whether she will have continued complications from her injuries.  She has already started to support herself on her hind legs even if only for a few seconds, so that is a good sign that she is getting some function of her legs back.

angelbaby_blog02Angel Baby needs help expressing her bladder as she does not have the muscle control to empty her entire bladder.  This complication leaves her prone to other medical issues like bladder and urinary tract infections.  True to her nature, she has been a trooper through it all and continues to purr, chirp and ask for cuddles and kisses from staff and volunteers.

Even though Angel Baby came to us with a broken body, her trusting and loving spirit has never wavered.  How Angel Baby ended up with a broken pelvis we will never know for sure – hit by a car, injured, a fall, stepped on by accident or perhaps not by accident?  What we do know is that the moment we laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight.  With your support we can help animals like Angel Baby recover and live a healthy life.  Pets Alive is about going that extra mile to make sure every animal that passes through our doorway knows nothing but unconditional love and strong arms to hold them.  We give them the time and understanding they need to heal whether it be physical or emotional healing.  You give us the ability to make that happen.

We invite you to make a donation to Angel Baby’s medical fund.  We are uncertain exactly how much therapy she will need to walk again or if other complications will arise but your support is important so that we can get her the best care possible.  Thank you for your lifesaving gift.

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