Lone Star gets a second chance

LoneStarLone Star was living in excruciating pain resulting from laminitis, a disease that affects hooved animals when they aren’t being cared for properly. His owners, who could no longer care for Lone Star, wanted to euthanize him.

This weekend, the veterinarian contacted us, knowing that Pets Alive is one of the few no kill rescues in the area that has the facilities and expertise to care for horses. A few hours later, Lone Star was on our trailer, en route to Pets Alive – a much happier ending!

LoneStarxraysInitial x-rays show significant rotation of his coffin bones, which is extremely painful. He’s receiving medication for his pain – and ice baths are required three times a day for his feet. He will be examined by the farrier this week.

Pets Alive is committed to providing Lone Star with the long term veterinary and farrier care he needs to make a full recovery. Proper feed, veterinary and farrier services are extremely expensive.

Please help us care for this sweet pony!


Thank you for your generosity and caring.

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