The cats lived in darkness


We will continue to provide updates to the cats’ progress on this blog so check back often!

IMG_4146Animal Control left our facility late on Friday afternoon, May 27, 2016, leaving us with 15 cats in desperate need of care. They rescued 21 cats from a condemned home in New Windsor, NY.

The cats were living in darkness for a lengthy period of time, in a home with no electricity, boarded up windows, and standing on a feces-lined floor. Animal Control was only able to place 6 cats with another rescue group. Knowing we often help in hoarding situations, they called Pets Alive.

We agreed to take the remaining 15 cats and assess their condition to determine next steps. Our team was at the sanctuary late on a Friday evening doing triage to feed them and assess their immediate needs.

IMG_4156At first glance, they appear to be infested with fleas, ear and eye injuries, malnutrition, some will require dental work – and other possible medical conditions. We gave each cat a clean crate to rest in complete with litter box, blankets, food and water. Some cats ate in a swift fashion; others weren’t quite so hungry. Some were “talking” to us; some were very quiet. Each cat was then examined for immediate needs and given a name.

IMG_4178Given it’s Memorial Day weekend, we chose a beach theme for names. Some cats even allowed us to hug them, desperate for love.



An update as of May 28: The three in the worse shape were at the veterinarian this Saturday morning, May 28. 

IMG_4148Summer was among them. He has only one eye – one appears to have been  removed from a prior injury – and now he has a heart murmur, needs dental work and has a severe ear infection – on top of fleas and malnutrition.


Beach BallBeach Ball is in really bad shape. He has a severe ear infection, dental disease, fleas – and additional testing is being done.



Surf (BW) and SandAn update as of May 29.  The cats rested well overnight and most gladly ate their food. Several however, are now showing signs of depression and are cowered into their cage, whereas others like Sand, the yellow and white cat pictured here with his buddy, Surf, just wants to play. Our volunteer TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) team is helping us with evening caregiving. Additionally, we are incredibly thankful for so many who have donated monetary and in-kind gifts to date. This will help us in the days ahead as we continue assessing each cat’s needs.

An update as of May 31. All the cats are starting to respond to their medication! We are already starting to see improvement with their ear infections and upper respiratory symptoms. While they still have a long way to go, it is so nice to see they are starting to feel better.

kory and sun screenSunscreen, one of the cats having a hard time adjusting to all the changes in his world, enjoyed some cuddle time with Kory.

048We knew the cats had come from a horrible situation. They had been living in filth and darkness for over a year. Even we were taken aback when we received the pictures today on where they had been living.


But this is only the beginning.  We estimate we’ll need at least $15,000 to properly treat and care for them before they can be ready for adoption. We anticipate most, if not all of the cats have flea dermatitis – a few cats have almost no fur – ear infections, dental disease, anemia and malnutrition and other illnesses yet to be uncovered. The dental work alone could cost upwards to $800 each – and most of the cats will need some formal of dental work done.

YOUR HELP IS URGENCY NEEDED so that we have funding to further help these cats.  – medical care will continue to be required. Please click the following link and help us help these cats!  We’ll continue to update this blog as we find out more about their conditions and needs.


You can also donate the following items which we’re in most need of to help the cats: wet / canned cat food (Friskies brand preferred), bleach, paper towels, he-type laundry detergent, and black contractor bags. You can refer to our Amazon wishlist (use Amazon.Smile and they will make a donation to Pets Alive) and have it mailed, or drop it off at our sanctuary at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY. We’re open 7 days a week.

Thank you for your generosity.

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