Linda can walk again pain-free with your help

Can you imagine being born with a congenital defect causing instability in both of your legs that made them give out when you walked – and you lived with that pain for years? Enter Linda, a 5-year-old Chihuahua mix dog.

DONATE HERE and be part of the team that pays for Linda’s surgery so she can walk, run and play again without pain – and  your dollars will be matched for double the impact. Read on…

Linda Cute

Linda resting at Pets Alive

Linda and Nicholas are deeply bonded dogs that were abandoned when their former owner moved.  After living together for what appears to be their entire life, they were left to fend for themselves. How anyone expected these two little gems to survive on their own is beyond us, but lucky for them, a good Samaritan temporarily took in the two dogs and  recently approached Pets Alive for help as they could not keep them.

Once we received the pair, we almost immediately realized that Linda had a serious issue. She has suffered through the pain from patellar luxation for Linda’s entire life.

Linda legsThis congenital defect causes instability in both of her back legs – basically the grooves where her kneecaps rest are not deep enough, causing them to pop out as she walks.  The defect has progressed to the point where she can hardly use one of her legs.

But there’s good news on the horizon! Linda is scheduled for surgery on Friday, July 29th to fix this extremely painful condition.

Nicholas in the Pets Alive play yard

Nicholas in the Pets Alive play yard

Even better – the pair will go to a wonderful adoptive home TOGETHER! Nicholas went to his new home on July 18 and Linda will be reunited with Nicholas after her surgery and recovery period. Linda’s surgery however, is intricate and it is estimated to cost about $1,800 – and you can help.

At Pets Alive, we will go to great lengths to rehabilitate an animal. In 2015, we spent over $150,000 on medical expenses including microchips, routine vaccinations, spay / neuter surgeries, medications and surgeries that often meant a better, pain-free life for an animal – or those required to save a life. Now, in 2016, we are faced with similar expenses and need to replenish our Medical Fund. On July 5, we entered the Saving Pets Challenge, a fundraising campaign by Michelson Found Animals for organizations focused on reducing shelter euthanasia. The Challenge runs through August 4th and a total of $150,000 will be given away by the sponsors.

We now invite you to donate to the Challenge – and help Linda get her much needed surgery as well as helping all the other animals at our sanctuary. All money raised will be used to replenish our Medical Fund.

Double your impact by donating – thanks to a generous match!

And it gets better! We are thrilled to announce that Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based, not-for-profit organization founded in 2003 by Grammy Award Winning Artist Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol Thomas, has pledged up to $25,000 to Pets Alive as a matching donation in the Saving Pets Challenge! Sidewalk Angels Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $25,000, for every donation made online as part of Pets Alive’s Challenge website through the end of the Challenge period on August 4th.

That means your donation is doubled and even more animals are helped:

  • $10 for one microchip ==> $20 for TWO microchips
  • $25 deworms 2 canines ==> $50 for FOUR canines dewormed
  • $45 pays for a spay/neuter surgery for one feline ==> $90 for TWO spay/neuters
  • $75 pays for a spay/neuter surgery for one canine ==> $150 for TWO spay/neuters
  • $500 pays for one dental surgery ==> $1,000 pays for TWO dentals
  • $1,000 pays for a critical surgery ==> $2,000 pays for TWO surgeries – or it would cover Linda’s entire leg surgery!

There are two ways you can help – and remember, your impact will be doubled thanks to the generosity of Sidewalk Angels Foundation:

1. MAKE A DONATION NOW to help Linda all the other 300+ animals currently housed at Pets Alive. Simply go here: and click on “Donate”. Every dollar counts.

2. Please consider JOINING OUR TEAM as a fundraiser now through August 4. By reaching out to your network of supporters, you can help us make an even bigger impact. It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser. All you have to do is go here: and click ‘Fundraise for This Campaign”. Any money you raise will also be included in the matching gift and your impact will be doubled.

If you’ve already donated to this campaign or formed a fundraiser – THANK YOU! Together, we’ve been able to raise over $3,300 – but this is short of our $25,000 goal that will help to replenish our Medical Fund. With your help however, we know it’s possible.

And remember, to be eligible for the Saving Pets Challenge and matching gift, your donation MUST be made online at the above Challenge website by August 4 at 1:59pm ET.

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