Seconds From Death

Written by: Becky Tegze, Executive Director becky jada

The right place. The right time. The right vet (thank you Dr. Joe!). The end of what we can only imagine was a long, hard and painful journey.  Just like Sacagawea endured many hardships on the trail with Lewis and Clark, our Sacagawea has endured and overcome.  Her long, tough journey to safety is finally over and Sacagawea is safe in our care here at Pets Alive. They say timing is everything and Sacagawea is living proof of that. pic1How Sacagawea’s story began we will never know. What we do know is that she found herself living in a home with far too many cats and far too little care. At some point in her short life, she suffered a trauma to her right eye. This damaged her cornea and allowed her iris to come through the cornea. Since medical treatment was not sought at the time of the injury, the damage is now irreversible.  Luckily, she is not in pain from this injury but it does cause some visual impairment and her pupil is forever distorted.  She is also underweight and infested with fleas. She is being treated for her fleas and time (plus some hearty meals!) is what she needs to get up to a healthy weight.

The bigger problem and the reason for the call for euthanasia was Sacagawea’s left eye.  What started out as a viral eye infection that could have been easily treated with antibiotics and eye drops was left untreated and had become an enlarged, infected eye.  The eye infection was so bad that her eyelid was stuck to her cornea.  Her eye ruptured while being examined!  She now needed emergency surgery to remove her eye.pic2

Sacagawea is resting comfortably at Pets Alive and receiving the medical treatment she has been deprived of for years.  It is amazing to watch the transformation of Sacagawea as she goes from being terrified and in pain to an affectionate attention seeking kitty. We are sure in no time at all, she will be ready for a true and proper furrever home where food and care are taken for granted…as it should be by all of our furry loves! img_0639Thanks to your support we can give her everything she needs and then some to get back in sync with the future she is meant to have: one filled with love. Please help us in our journey with Sacagawea. Her days of adventures are meant to be over and put behind her. A life filled with comfort is the only journey we will plan for her future.

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