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Updated posting as of August 13, 2017:


Friday takes a stretch back at Pets Alive

Thanks to you, your generous donation is helping Friday, the cat, heal from an acute strain of pneumonia. He spent about a week at Flannery Animal Hospital in New Windsor, NY and is now back at Pets Alive recuperating in our quarantine area.

He is still undergoing treatment and requires a nebulizer several times a day, used to administer one of the various medications he needs. He’s also started to eat again on his own; he’s now off the feeding tube that was required to help him gain nourishment while he was in the hospital.

Friday and his stuffed bunny friend

Friday is in quarantine so he can rest quietly, however, since he requires periodic treatments and food, he gets visits from our staff members who are caring for him – and he’s very happy to have his favorite stuffed bunny back at his side!

To date, we’ve spent about $3,800 on his hospital medical testing and treatments – plus we have the cost of his care at our facility – and with your help, to date, we have raised $2,150 for Friday, so we are still fundraising to replenish our medical fund. Please share his story with your friends and family, or consider making another donation here, so we meet our goal to cover all of Friday’s medical expenses.

We thank you again for caring and for your generosity. Without your help, Friday’s fate would have had a different outcome.  He is available for adoption once he recuperates!

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Original posting – August 8, 2017:

Friday’s story begins with him alone and scared on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. By the slimmest of chances, a kind family found him and could tell in a New York minute that this sweet 3-year old feline needed help! How many people had just walked past, not seeing him, not caring, not willing to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to help this handsome dude? We’ll never know for sure how Friday ended up on the streets of Brooklyn, but luckily for him, on that fateful day somebody did see him, somebody did care, somebody heard his cries for help, and they did not just walk by, but instead gathered him up and took him home.

Intending to spoil him for the rest of his life, this family welcomed Friday into their home and their lives. Sadly, they soon discovered that one of them had severe cat allergies. For weeks they sought another loving home for Friday, with no luck. Determined to do right by the kitty they had rescued and loved so much, trying their best not to fail him, they brought Friday to us here at Pets Alive, knowing that he would be safe.

Handsome Friday  joined our crew in the Library room, where he quickly made fast friends with another one of our kitties, Patches. This charming guy loved everyone he encountered, whether they had two legs or four, but we discovered that most of all, he loved his little stuffed bunny toy, which he would carry around with him as if were his own baby! More times than not, Friday could be found sleeping with his bunny! We welcomed him to our Pets Alive family, knowing that such a dapper and friendly young man wouldn’t have much trouble finding his forever home.

Friday with his bunny at Pets Alive

Friday with his bunny at Pets Alive

One day last week when our cat staff came into work, they found Friday in distress and having considerable trouble breathing. Jumping into action, they immediately rushed him to our nearest vet. At first it seemed that Friday was having an asthma attack, but further testing revealed that his symptoms weren’t an asthma attack, but in fact an acute strain of pneumonia.

We have had to transfer Friday to a 24-hour vet hospital, where he can receive around the clock care, including IV antibiotics as well as being housed in an oxygen chamber. Our brave little fighter is still not responding the way we had hoped: he requires more X-rays to see if his lungs are improving at all, which also means more days of hospitalization. Friday may also need a feeding tube, as at this point he is refusing to eat on his own. Our current bill at the vet hospital has reached $2,800, which doesn’t even include the $500 we spent for his initial examination. It’s looking like our sweet Friday might need many more days of testing, medication, and hospitalization.

Please help us help Friday! Please don’t just walk on by, thinking that someone else will help – let’s come together and be that caring family who stops and helps! Please considering MAKING A DONATION, large or small to help us with Friday’s growing hospital bill.

We thank you, and Friday thanks you.

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