The Twelve Strays of Christmas – Paris

Three months old, scared, cold, unsure of the world and surviving on the streets of Middletown, NY. That was Paris four years ago before she found her way to Pets Alive.

Paris slowly started to grow and feel more comfortable in her new, safe surroundings of the Pets Alive Kitten Nursery, but still a shy girl who was not sure of the humans who were trying to fuss over her. Adopters would come and go, and Paris would watch as her feline friends left to start new lives with their new families.

Paris turned a year old, happy and content but still not strutting her stuff to potential adopters.

Paris turned two years old, and every adopter who came to Pets Alive was introduced to a shy girl who was getting braver every day and allowing new people to pet her and fawn over her.

Paris turned three years old, and the Pets Alive cat staff voted her the new Weather Cat of Pets Alive, in hopes that even more exposure would bring a family for our sweet quiet girl.

Paris turned four this year….please don’t let Paris turn five at Pets Alive. We know there is a family out there for her, searching for a calm, slightly plump girl to complete their home. We love our Weather Girl Paris, but we dream and hope every single day that her family will walk through that door and give her her happily ever after in a home to call her own.

Help Paris, one of our 12 Strays of Christmas, find her happily ever after this holiday season. Can’t adopt at this time? Share her story. AND GREAT NEWS!  Paris is one of three animals that have been chosen by a supporter who will donate half of Paris’ adoption fee! So your adoption fee is 50% off!

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

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