The Twelve Strays of Christmas – Kalamazoo

A stray pig! We kid you not. Our loveable, big boy Kalamazoo somehow found himself wandering the streets of the Bronx! New York’s finest knew right away that this adorable stray needed to get out of the big city and off to a country life ASAP.

After an overnight stay at NYC Animal Care and Control, Kalamazoo hitched a ride and took what might have been his first sniff of country fresh air as he was welcomed into the Pets Alive family.

So if you squeal in delight at the thought of piggie kisses, think there is nothing better than a pig in a ball pit rooting for lettuce, have strong arms for lots and lots of belly rubs, and a big heart then Kalamazoo would like to canoodle with you!

Help Kalamazoo, one of our 12 Strays of Christmas, find his happily ever after this holiday season. Can’t adopt at this time? Share his story.

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

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  1. Terri Layton says:

    Just saw you’d post.Have been looking for a pet pig for 2 years but am finally ready .please contact me if you still have one..I live in upstate N.Y.

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