UPDATE: Meet the Dorian 10!

Meet Mikey, one of the Dorian 10 in Delaware, getting ready to load our van to come to Pets Alive

After loading up the van, late Wednesday evening, we arrived back at Pets Alive after the long trek to Brandywine Valley SPCA in Delaware to pick up 10 homeless dogs that were evacuated from shelters in Hilton Head, the Outer Banks and Jasper Animal Rescue Mission in South Carolina. The trip was long, but so worth the effort of 4 Pets Alive staff members who took the day – and night – to transport these dogs to safety.

Once the dogs unloaded from the van (see the video), they spent the night in our quarantine area and we are now evaluating each dog’s needs and treating any medical conditions required. Several dogs have tested positive for tick-borne diseases that we will treat. Some will need to be spay/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and put on special feeding schedules due to their condition.

For instance, June Bug, pictured here, is emaciated and will require special feedings to ensure she safely gains to a healthy weight.

June Bug as she awaits to load into our van for the trip to Pets Alive

June Bug takes in the fresh air at Pets Alive

Your support is needed now to help these dogs acclimate to their new environment and get them any medical attention they need. Please help us care for these dogs!

You can also mail us a check made out to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

Alternatively, you can also donate supplies including:

  1. Dry dog food (Pedigree is preferred)
  2. Canned dog food (Pedigree is preferred)
  3. Bleach
  4. Contractor garbage bags
  5. 3-lb paper trays

Supplies can be dropped off at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown NY daily between 10:00am-4:00pm. You can also order directly from our Amazon wishlist and have the item(s) mailed to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

Already donated? THANK YOU so very much! Your gift will help us get these animals ready for adoption and care for them until that magical day happens. They will be available in 7-14 days or more, depending on their medical condition. Inquires can be emailed to adoptions@petsalive.org.

Frog, out and about yesterday morning at Pets Alive, sits with her new friend and thanks you for your support!

BACKSTORY:  Here is our original blog about how this came to be. In summary, these were dogs in animal shelters awaiting adoption. In anticipation of a possible impact from Hurricane Dorian, many shelters in various southern states evacuated their animals – shelters at risk of flooding or ones that had to make room for local pets that might be displaced during the storm.

Thanks to the ASPCA disaster response team, in coordination with Wings of Rescue, who did air transports and Best Friends Animal Society, who did land transports, they transported nearly 400 animals over the past few week from these southern shelters.  All animals were brought to Brandywine Valley SPCA, who acted as a staging area for shelters like Pets Alive to come and pick up dogs, and take them back to their shelters for adoption. While there, we met shelters from NY, NJ, Pennsylvania and more doing the same thing we were doing – saving animals.

You can read more about the origins of the mass rescue operation by clicking on the links of the various organizations involved:  ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Brandywine Valley SPCA, and Wings of Rescue.

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4 Responses to UPDATE: Meet the Dorian 10!

  1. Bonita goldstein says:

    I can foster a small dog must get along with my dogs and a cat

    • Mary Ann Bopp says:

      Thank you Bonita, right now, we do not need any fosters for these dogs but if we determine we do, we’ll keep you in mind. Thank you for offering!

  2. I sent a 12-pack of canned food. Thanks for going all the extra miles for these sweeties.

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