Pumpkin Spice has a broken jaw

Hit by a car? Kicked? Abused?

We may never know how Pumpkin Spice found himself all alone on the streets to fend for himself – with a broken, dislocated bottom jaw. Imagine the pain he must’ve been in while wandering around looking for scraps of food that he could eat with a broken jaw, a source for water, and safe shelter from the elements.

Lucky for Pumpkin Spice, a good Samaritan finally came upon him yesterday and called the town of Wallkill police, who then went to pick him up. Subsequently our town of Wallkill Animal Control Officer called upon us for help – and finally, Pumpkin found safe refuge at Pets Alive.

One look at Pumpkin Spice’s jaw and we knew he needed medical care right away. We sent him directly to our veterinarian, Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC yesterday afternoon for immediate treatment of his injuries.

X-rays confirmed his bottom jaw is indeed broken and dislocated, but what we didn’t expect is that it is not a recent injury! Pumpkin Spice has been fighting to survive for a lengthy period of time until he could find help. He is also emaciated and dehydrated – but wants nothing more than to be loved and cuddled.

X-rays of Pumpkin Spice’s broken, dislocated jaw

X-rays of Pumpkin Spice’s broken, dislocated jaw







He was stabilized late yesterday and today Pumpkin Spice will undergo surgery for repair to his jaw, which will then be wired back into place.

He’s got a long recovery road ahead of him. We’ve been hit very hard with multiple expensive medical emergencies in recent weeks but we could not turn our backs on Pumpkin Spice. Can we count on you for your support with yet another unexpected medical emergency to help us pay for his expenses? No donation is too small. Every dollar will help.

Pumpkin Spice will be available for adoption once he heals from his injury. Email us at adoptions@petsalive.org for information about adopting Pumpkin Spice. Thank you once again for your help!

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