URGENT: 54 companion animals and birds rescued from horrific conditions

Feces-packed stalls with little light; dark, dirty dead animal bones strewn throughout the barn; a dead goat was being used as a compost pile. This was just a small flavor of the horrendous living conditions that 34 animals and 20 birds endured. But no longer will they have to live this way.

On Thursday, July 30, the Pets Alive team started out early in the morning to work with the Ulster County SPCA Humane Law Investigations Division and rescued 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 2 turkeys, 2 geese, 28 goats, 1 sheep, 1 duck, and 15 chickens. Our friends from Catskill Animal Sanctuary were also on the scene and at the end of the day, they helped us transport 28 goats, a sheep, and a duck to Pets Alive. The remaining animals and birds were taken in by Ulster County SPCA, Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, and Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

It was a long, slow process of getting the animals and birds to safety. The stalls where the goats lived were beyond dirty; the rescuers had to climb up on top of four feet of packed-down feces and urine-soaked hay to reach the goats. In some places, there were less than three feet of space between the feces-packed stalls and the ceiling, making it impossible for some of the larger goats to stand up. The duck was living in a dog crate, laying next to a dead duck.

Each animal and bird was documented by law enforcement and examined by a veterinarian as they made their way to the transport trailers. One goat was unable to walk because the goat’s hooves were overgrown by 6+ inches.  The veterinarian administered immediate aid to the farm animals, including trimming their hooves so they could walk without pain. Additionally, one of the baby goats has an infected umbilicus (belly button), was treated at the scene, and now continues treatment at Pets Alive.

The team made it back to Pets Alive late on Thursday, after a 12+ hour day of getting the animals to safety. In total, 29 farm animals and a duck are now freed from their abuse and are safe at Pets Alive. One by one, they came off the transport trailers unsure of where they were but gleefully followed our staff as they offered feed to the goats to coax them to their new living space.

Some goats were placed in our pasture; they immediately ran through the field enjoying the fresh, green grass beneath their feet.

Others were placed in the barn, finding fresh straw and feed for them to munch on.

The condition of the animals that we took in is varied. The goats are in various stages of emaciation, with hip bones protruding.

Another goat is close to giving birth any day now – we are watching her very closely.

Several goats appear to be in different stages of pregnancy.  A few other female goats were still nursing several young kids (baby goats).

The sheep has not been sheered, with wool almost down to the ground.

The duck is temporarily being fostered by one of our staff members as we don’t have the facility to care for ducks, and we’re working with a wildlife rehabilitator for ideal placement.

As the animals were getting settled, however, an emergency arose on Friday. When our team went to feed the animals, they noticed that two of the young goats were coughing, and one goat was lethargic and barely moving. They were rushed to Catskill Veterinarian Services, PLLC for emergency treatment. Two of the goats were examined and were given an antibiotic injection for an infection. They were sent back to Pets Alive after their condition improved; the antibiotic treatment will continue until they recover.

A third goat, however, was hospitalized. She had a low body temperature, was treated with IV fluids, and was tucked under a “bear hugger” blanket warmer to raise the goat’s temperature. Blood work was also drawn.

One of the goats that was rushed to the vet on Friday undergoes an examination.

She is now hospitalized

In the days ahead, the veterinarian will be doing an examination of all the animals to determine the extent of their abuse and prepare needed treatment plans. Meanwhile, the animals are adjusting to their new living space and will have access to fresh water and nutritious food – and a pasture where they can graze. We are also anxiously awaiting the birth of some young ones so the family of goats will grow!

It will be a long haul for these animals before they are healed from their abuse. You can make a huge impact on their journey by donating today. No gift is too small.

If you prefer to order supplies for the farm animals, please contact us at info@petsalive.org for information about our daily needs and where you can order supplies.

Prefer to send a donation check? Mail it to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Please write “Goats and Sheep” on the check.

Thank you for helping these precious animals. All they want is love. Your gift will truly make a difference in their journey towards good health.



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Sugar needs surgery

Sugar, a four-year-old Beagle-mix, is a rock star in our books! She recently came to Pets Alive through our transport network. She is now adapting to her new environment at our facility – but it isn’t the first time she had to adapt to her environment.

What this sweeter than Sugar girl has endured during her 4 short years is heartbreaking. She was hit by a car as a puppy and was left with an untreated broken leg. No medical help was provided and her leg healed but without function. She adapted to the injury however the resulting nerve pain lingered.

She was then allowed to roam the streets and she became pregnant. She had her puppies however this precious family was then dumped at a shelter by their owner.

We now need to correct the mistakes of the past by amputating her leg so that Sugar can live pain-free.

You can give Sugar the chance she deserves by donating today to help fund the surgery. Additionally, check out Sugar’s video and see how sweet she is!

Sugar will be available for adoption once she heals from her surgery. Thank you for your everlasting support! Your help truly makes a difference for the animals.

ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Sugar” on the check.

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Lola’s Story

Today we tell Lola’s story. A story of isolation. A story of neglect. A story of cruelty.

After a lengthy investigation by the Hudson Valley SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division, Lola has finally been liberated. Our Pets Alive team met Humane Law Officers and New York State Troopers in Campbell Hall, NY, to give Lola her freedom ride to Pets Alive — leaving behind hands of cruelty and moving forward to hands that will show her nothing but love, compassion and understanding.

Because of the neglect and abuse Lola had suffered, what our team found was a scared and confused older girl who wasn’t sure if we were there to help or do more harm. Our first goal was gaining her trust and, luckily for us, this girl has a sweet tooth and we quickly won her over with some German Minty Muffins Horse Treats.

Her body tells her story. Scars on her back from rain rot (equine bacterial skin disease) left untreated. Patches of missing hair, scabs and skin so damaged hair may never grow there again.

A corneal scar in her eye; Corneal scarring occurs when there is an injury to the eye that is left untreated, which then ulcerates and left untreated again forms scar tissue. The scar tissue now impairs the vision of her eye.Without proper farrier care, Lola’s hooves were allowed to grow to lengths that she had trouble walking.  Then the ultimate cruelty: Someone took a saw to them. No pain meds, no sedation, no training, no care to the pain that they inflicted on Lola, or that they left her barely able to walk for a week.Lola’s days of cruel hands and mistreatment are now behind her. At Pets Alive, she will know nothing but loving and compassionate hands. We are working with our vet and farrier to correct and heal the damage to her hooves.  Lola will require x-rays and extensive work to her hooves that could take many months.

Not only do Lola’s feet need attention, she needs blood work, vaccines, deworming, dental work and supplements to bring her back to health. All this costs money, which is why Lola needs your support today.The past weeks have not been kind to animals in our area and, now more than ever, they need your support. Lola, Cailan, Lt. Dan, Milo and so many more are depending on you.

Thanks to Sidewalk Angels Foundation your donation today will be doubled! They have generously pledged to match your gift up to $20,000!

THANK YOU for all you do for the animals and making a difference in their lives.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Cailan” on the check.

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Milo is in critical condition

We are kicking off “May of Giving”, a month-long series of opportunities for you to join us in making a difference for the animals at Pets Alive. During this time period, we are honored that Sidewalk Angels Foundation will match your gift up to $20,000 for double the impact!

As we kick off this campaign, how fitting that today is #GivingTuesdayNow, a new global day of unity and giving as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. While this pandemic has shut down the country, our work continues. Just this past week alone, we took in several animals with medical needs. We invite you to stand beside us so these homeless animals have a second chance.

Milo gets examined by our veterinarian

Milo, a young Beagle just shy of two years old, was brought to the veterinarian when he became gravely ill. Initial blood work showed dangerously high liver enzyme levels. The owners could not afford treatment and wanted Milo euthanized, however, we could not turn our backs on him and knew he deserved a second chance.

He is now at Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC where he is undergoing a variety of tests, including a liver biopsy, to determine the cause of his illness. In the meantime, Milo is on IV fluids and supportive care.

Milo is safe at Pets Alive

Then there’s Lieutenant Dan, a young male cat that was found in a busy commercial parking lot. He is friendly – but also scared, cowering into the corner of his quarantine enclosure.

While he looks normal while lying down, when he stands up, it becomes obvious something tragic happened to him early in life. His back two legs are severed at the knee. They are healed over which leads us to believe he may have had an accident when he was a kitten, but he seems to have adapted to his deformity.

Lieutenant Dan will receive a complete examination by our veterinarian to ensure he doesn’t have any other underlying conditions. He will also need to be neutered, and requires vaccinations, a microchip, deworming, and flea application.

Lastly, we have an update on Cailan, our Warrior of Life, a horse we rescued on Saturday from near-death. He lived in a muddy field with his mother with no access to grass, feed, or fresh water. His mother succumbed to this abuse just a day prior, but Cailan, emaciated and starved, is now safe at Pets Alive.

Yesterday our veterinarian came to Pets Alive and examined Cailan, estimated to be 16 years old. He has a body score of 2.5-3.0, a numerical scale used to evaluate the amount of fat on a horse’s body. It is half of what it should be; 5.0 is considered normal. He also suffers from muscle atrophy, the result of starvation and lack of space to move around. Cailan got vaccinated, had blood drawn, and will require x-rays on all four legs. He also has parasites so we ran a test to determine the severity of this condition and we will treat him appropriately. He is now on the road to a better life and is enjoying the green grass in our pasture.

Cailan gets examined by our veterinarian

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live, but Milo, Lieutenant Dan and Cailan are living proof it hasn’t changed the need for our life-saving work. Be part of this journey and donate today to make a difference in the lives of all the animals at Pets Alive awaiting their forever home and those that will come through our doors tomorrow.

Your gift will be doubled for twice the impact up to $20,000.

ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Giving Tuesday” on the check.

Thank you for your everlasting support.

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Left to Die

An “island” in the middle of a black dirt farm, with no grass for grazing, no water to drink except for what fell from the sky, some trees for shade, but electric fencing was holding them prisoners just inches from life-saving grass and a way to escape their living hell.

A living hell is the only way to describe what our Pets Alive Team walked into yesterday, after receiving an urgent phone call from Hudson Valley Humane Law that our help was needed immediately.  One horse was dead. One was still alive but emaciated in Goshen, NY.

Freedom Walk

Officers from the Goshen Police Department and Hudson Valley Humane Law met us in the middle of an onion field and walked us through the black dirt mud to the “island,” where a beautiful young horse waited for us. He must have sensed salvation was near, as this gentle, muddy boy greeted us eagerly, ready to escape his living hell.

Please welcome Cailan – Warrior of Life to Pets Alive. His ribs are showing, his hip bones are sticking out, and he is hundreds of pounds underweight, but his better life starts today with your help!

Our Warrior of Life needs bloodwork, farrier care, dental work, x-rays, vaccines, deworming, months of rehab care, a slow refeed regimen that will take months. All this costs money.  Cailan needs your support today!Sadly, we have seen abuse before and, sadly, we will see it again. What makes this case that much harder for us to handle is that on their “island,” there is evidence that humans were there watching them starve and suffer. The location is littered with broken glass, empty soda bottles, car parts, broken chairs, a makeshift shed, and what one might call a tree stand. How does someone stand by and watch the suffering?

To Cailan’s beautiful mother: Our hearts are broken, and we shed tears for your life gone too soon. We are sorry we were too late to save you; we promise to cherish and heal your baby boy — he is in good hands now.

With your support today, we will fulfill the promise we made to Cailan’s mother as we stood over her yesterday, shedding tears for the pain and suffering she endured.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of this precious boy.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Cailan” on the check.

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Help Us Heal A Broken Heart

As a nation and as a state, we mourn the loss of thousands to the horrible beast called COVID19. This past week, the sorrow came home to Pets Alive.

Eight years ago, a sweet gentleman by the name of Charles came to us looking for a feline companion to dote on. He found Tara, a long-haired torbie beauty, shy but sweet, and perfect in Charles’ eyes. Tara became Tabitha, and a loving bond was formed between a man and his faithful feline.

Fast forward to a world ravished by a pandemic, and Tabitha has lost her longtime companion and dad. You see, Charles passed away at home, and a frightened Tabitha fled out the door when all the first responders arrived to take her daddy away. Thankfully, Charles loved to talk about Tabitha, so when he passed, one of his friends contacted us right away. He needed help to make sure Tabitha would be safe.

I am happy to report, Tabitha has been safely trapped and is now back at Pets Alive. We are giving her time to decompress from her ordeal of losing her beloved dad and spending seven days and nights outside, scared and confused. Then it is our mission to find her a new loving home to help heal her broken heart.

One heart that has been healed is our girl Cupid’s. Love can conquer all, and no one has a bigger heart than Cupid. The love she shares with her foster mom is proving just that! Cupid is beating the odds. She is halfway through her chemo treatment and we are thrilled to share that her lymph nodes are normal size! Her blood counts have remained normal and she is handling the chemo treatment like the champ she is. Her leg wounds are just about healed to boot. We are cautiously optimistic that she will go into remission, but we need your help to get her to that finish line! Please donate to her chemotherapy today.

Then there’s Little George, the tiny Yorkie poo puppy who came to us a few months back with not one but two heart conditions, Pulomary Stenosis and a hole in his heart. George is doing better than we had hoped; the drug regimen we have him on seems to be working. His checkup with the cardiologist was put on hold when New York State went on a pause (the recheck wasn’t considered essential to lifesaving). We are counting the days until restrictions are lifted and he can once again see the cardiologist.

During these difficult days, weeks and months, our work doesn’t stop, our lifesaving doesn’t stop. What has stopped are donations. Now more than ever we need your support! Please help us continue our lifesaving work and help us keep our doors open for those animals most in need. You — our supporters, adopters, friends — are our community, and now more than ever we need our community’s help.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940

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Frontline Heroes

Thank you to the Doctors. Thank you to the Nurses. Thank you to the EMTs. Thank you to the Police. Thank you to the Firemen. Thank you to the Paramedics. Thank you to the Medical Housekeeping Staff. Thank you to those working in Grocery Stores and Pharmacies. Thank you to our Veterinarians and their support staff. Thank you to all of you, the frontline heroes in this Coronavirus battle.

At Pets Alive, our frontline heroes wear muck boots, gloves, and bleach-stained shirts. They wield litter and pooper scoopers, hoses, mops and squeegees. And they give their everything to the animals they care for.

During these difficult days, everything at Pets Alive is the same yet different in some surreal sense of normalcy. Every day starts with a buzz of activity of feeding, medicating, cleaning and caring for the animals, but there is a quietness to it all.  The laughter, the hum, the heartbeat is muffled by the fear of what the day’s news will bring.

In a world where most of us are afraid to leave the safety of our homes, our frontline heroes are facing those fears and giving more of themselves than ever before. They worry not only about themselves and their families, they worry about the animals in their care.  They worry about how we will afford medical care, food, and supplies. They worry about fulfilling their emotional needs, now that our volunteers must stay away. They worry what will happen if one of them becomes ill. In a world of daily worry and fear, they continue to stand up and stand strong for the animals they love and care for.

Imagine if every single one of you donated just one dollar. That dollar from each of you would alleviate some of that worry from our frontline heroes as they continue to show up for the animals day after day.  Will you show up for them today?

Thank you for your everlasting support!

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940

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Challenges – And a Ray of Sunshine

One of the headlines I saw this week was – COVID-19 has presented MAJOR Challenges to Animal Welfare. But…this is not our first crisis nor is it the first time we’ve faced serious challenges. Dealing with challenges is what we do best! Yes, it is and this week the Pets Alive staff took that challenge and hit the ground running.

To begin with, we are closed to the public. How do we continue to fulfill our mission and get homeless animals adopted into loving homes? We get creative and move quickly.

In just one week, we started virtual meet and greets for our dogs, social distancing hand-offs, and zero contact drop-offs – and it is working! In the first two days, five – yes five dogs are now sleeping in homes they call their own and enjoying endless belly rubs and kisses from their new families.

We are now working on a similar program for the cats, but we are discovering quickly we have some camera-shy as well as lazy kitties here at Pets Alive! Most of them are sleeping through their big moment or doing what cats do best – ignoring us!

Friendly Visitor Program

Last week Pets Alive teamed up with the town of Wallkill as part of their Friendly Visitor Program. Through our Pet Chow Pantry, we were able to deliver over 750 lbs of dog and cat food and almost 250 lbs of kitty litter to the Jewish Family Service of Orange.

In the next few days, we will also be delivering dog and cat food and litter to the Family Church of Middletown, NY. Both of these organizations have volunteers who will be delivering these pet supplies along with other essential supplies they collected to at-risk seniors and families in need in our local community.

Helping our neighbors to the north through our Sullivan County Pet Chow Pantry program, we are working on getting needed pet food to our friends at Action Towards Independence in Monticello, NY. They reached out to us that they have families with pets in need. During these difficult times, we must do everything we can to keep pets where they belong – with their families.

Want to help keep pets and families together?

1. Make an online donation



2. Want to donate food? Email us at info@petsalive.org for instructions on where / how to drop off in-kind donations. We have a “zero contact” drop area for in-kind donations.

A Ray of Sunshine 

Click on the graphic for a view of the conceptual design of the new dog kennel building

In these uncertain and tough times, we have to remember to stand strong and stand together. Our ray of sunshine came this week when we learned we have been awarded a $500,000 matching grant from the New York State Companion Animal Capital Fund to be used only for the construction of the new dog kennel! This is a huge win for the dogs at Pets Alive, moving us that much closer to the start of construction on a new kennel for them. Learn more about our Dog Kennel Transformation on our website HERE.

In it Together

Pets Alive, like many other nonprofits and businesses in our area and around the country, is suffering as a result of COVID-19. We rely and depend on private donations from supporters like you! Donations have slowed down and almost stopped entirely, and we are postponing and canceling in-person fundraisers in the months when our calendars are usually packed solid. We are holding our breath and waiting for our country to return to normal but animals in need wait for no one. We are making changes to conserve our resources, but we need YOU!

Please make a lifesaving difference for an animal in need TODAY! If everyone reading this donated even just $5.00, the price of a cup of coffee, you would help us sustain our life-saving mission.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940


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New York takes a pause, Not Us!

While the world around us is taking a pause and we adjust to what we now know is our new temporary norm, some things don’t pause. Caring for animals in need doesn’t pause. Kitten season will not pause. Keeping pets with their families will not pause. Helping animals in need will not pause.

Meet Ricky, a sweet senior boy who arrived at Pets Alive from our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) right before the “big pause”. He was found as a stray roaming the streets of Brooklyn, with severe dental disease. His need for a dental treatment will not pause.

Ricky at ACC

Ricky at Pets Alive, all groomed!







We need you now more than ever. On average, it costs Pets Alive $15 a day to provide a single day of care for just ONE animal. We have 208 animals in care at Pets Alive at this very moment. That equals $3,120 a day!  

There is so much more than just food and water behind each one of our animals. The shelter requires electricity, heat, staff, cleaning supplies, medications, maintenance, dental treatments, lab work, farriers and general veterinarian care. That is on top of every single animal getting appropriate vaccinations, microchips, species-appropriate testing, deworming and being spayed/neutered.

With New York on pause, like so many parts of the country, fundraising events are being postponed or canceled – right when we need them the most headed into kitten season! Every year Pets Alive takes in close to 300 kittens from our local community. We are scared of that wave of kittens that will not pause without these fundraisers that see us through the never-ending calls for help. 

We need your help and we need it now! There are many ways to help:

  1. Donate an item through our Amazon Wish List. We are updating it daily with the most urgent needs.
  2. Create a Facebook Fundraiser and get your social networks involved.
  3. Become one of our monthly sponsors through our monthly giving program. Monthly giving helps us count on a certain amount of revenue each month to help us care for these 200+ animals. And it helps you with your budgeting by spreading out the costs over time. Even a $5.00 monthly sponsorship goes a long way.
  4. Donate a one-time gift to show your support for the animals in our care.

Pets Alive has been helping animals in need for over 30 years and by working together with your everlasting support, we will continue to answer those calls for help. Thank you for all you do for the animals!

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive





ps…prefer to send a donation check? Mail us a check to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940

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COVID-19 Update and Pets Alive

Because of them, we can’t close, we can’t stop

As the world around us seems to be turning upside down and our lives are disrupted in ways none of us could ever have imagined, the amazing Pets Alive staff is doing what they do best – standing strong and not stopping because lives depend on them.

Just this week, staff spotted two individuals by our dumpsters taking stuff out of their car – a bag of cat food, a bag of litter and two innocent cats in a cat carrier to be left behind. The cats are safe at Pets Alive and are being cared for. They will go up for adoption, business as usual – but business as usual is not the world we are in at this moment in time.

These 2 cats were left on our property earlier this week but are now safe at Pets Alive

We have temporarily closed to visitors and volunteers

To our volunteers and visitors who work on the front lines in health care, police officers, firemen and women, grocery stores, warehouses, truck drivers and others that must keep going, we want to say THANK YOU. 

We love our volunteers and visitors. You are the lifeblood of our organization, but we now must take these actions.

  • We will not reopen to volunteers for at least another 10 days. We need to protect our staff and our volunteers. If our staff becomes sick, we will be calling on our volunteer force, like never before, to help with every part of the daily feeding and caring of our animals. Think of our volunteers as our “relief pitchers” to be called in during the bottom of the ninth inning to bring us all home!
  • We are also closed to all casual visitors until further notice. 
  • New Volunteer Orientation has been suspended for at least the next few weeks.

We are still doing adoptions – but by appointment only

  • If you have been thinking about a new addition to your family, we really encourage you to consider adopting at this time. What better time to adopt a new best friend than when you are working from home and can help them acclimate to their new home and family!
  • You can view all our animals on our website. We have over 200 wonderful animals looking for a home.
  • We also will be highlighting our adoptable dogs, cats, sheep, and horses on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.
  • Have a question about an animal you see? Please email us at adoptions@petsalive.org and our adoption team will gladly respond.
  • See someone you would like to meet? Please fill out our adoption application HERE and wait to hear from our adoption team about coming in. We are also working on setting up Facetime and Skype meetings with potential adopters and animals. Chico and Mia are just a few of the animals available for adoption!

Four-year-old Chico is a master at playing ball! He’s an active dog looking for a new home.

Mia is a friendly senior looking for a new home after her prior owner died. She needs to be the only pet in the home.

Here’s some information for pet owners

  • Wondering about your pet and COVID-19? Click on the link HERE for useful information for pet owners published by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Have a plan for your pets in case you get sick.

To all of you, we would not be here without you and your continued support which is essential to saving lives now more so than ever. This global pandemic will impact all of us, but we can only continue to help the innocent, voiceless animals with your help and support. We are grateful to have you all in our corner, ready to help us continue to fulfill our mission of helping animals in need.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive

You can also mail us a check at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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