Caboodle needs your help

Caboodle at Pets Alive after her surgery

When Caboodle went for a ride on Easter Sunday, he figured he was going someplace fun with the family to celebrate the day. Little did he know, he was being returned to Pets Alive after living in a household for 8 years. Caboodle, a 10-year-old senior, didn’t take to the new 2-year-old pup the family got. The young dog was rambunctious and too excitable for Caboodle’s more laid-back style. Seniority didn’t matter. Caboodle lost out and back to the shelter he went.

When Caboodle came in, we noticed a growth under his eye so on Tuesday, he had surgery to remove the growth. He’s now back at Pets Alive and out and about, waiting for his new home! But now we are faced with the surgical expense.


Then there’s Candella, a 6-year old dog who came from a shelter in Georgia in 2015 along with her puppies. Candella got adopted a few months later but then came back shortly thereafter. She has now been at Pets Alive for over 3 years awaiting her forever home. She prefers a quiet household but once this sweet girl gets to know you, she loves belly runs and snuggling by your side.

Kelly Sue

And finally, there’s Kelly Sue, a 7-year-old cat, was adopted and lived in a home but came back to Pets Alive after the daughter went to college and the family no longer wanted the cat. She’s now looking for her forever home once again.

All three of these animals have something in common. Adopted…and returned by a family that would not or could not care for them any longer. Pets Alive makes a life-time commitment to an animal. Once they are adopted, if it doesn’t work out, we will take the animal back and care for him or her until they find another home.

But all this takes money. Won’t you make a donation today to help pay for Caboodle’s surgery and care of Candella, Kelly Sue and all the 200-plus animals here at Pets Alive?

Sidewalk Angels Foundation has pledged up to $20,000 as a matching gift to help us raise money! All donations made in the Fund the Shelter’s Challenge now through May 9 will be DOUBLED up to $20,000 and will be used to replenish our medical fund.*Hundreds of animal rescue organizations are entered into the Challenge; the organization that raises the most money by May 9 will win a $50,000 grant from sponsor, Michelson Found Animals! To learn more about the Challenge: GO HERE.

Prefer to send a donation check? Mail it to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Please write “Challenge” on the check. Check donations will be doubled and get the matching gift, however they are not eligible towards the sponsor prizes. Only online donations count towards the sponsor prizes.

We thank you and so do the animals! Your support is crucial to preparing animals for adoption and keeping them healthy as they await their forever home.

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BREAKING! Double your impact with our matching gift opportunity

You have the opportunity to make miracles happen! For a limited time, supporters like you have the opportunity to have twice the impact when you make a gift to the animals in our Fund the Shelters Challenge*, a month-long online fundraising event.

Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based, non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Grammy Award Winning Artist Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol Thomas, has pledged up to $20,000 as a matching gift to help us raise money in the Fund The Shelters Challenge! All donations made in the Challenge now through May 9 will be DOUBLED up to $20,000. Check out the video below for a special message from Cam, a Pets Alive long-time canine resident, and Sidewalk Angels Foundation – and make your donation now!

*Hundreds of animal rescue organizations are entered into the Challenge; the organization that raises the most money by May 9 will win a $50,000 grant from sponsor, Michelson Found Animals! And this week, the sponsor has a special “bonus” mini-challenge. The group that raises the most money online between April 16-23 will win $5,000! With your help, that could be Pets Alive! To learn more about the Challenge: GO HERE.

Prefer to send a donation check? Mail it to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Please write “Challenge” on the check. Check donations will be doubled and get the matching gift, however they are not eligible towards the sponsor prizes. Only online donations count towards the sponsor prizes.

We thank you and so do the animals! Your support is crucial to preparing animals for adoption and keeping them healthy as they await their forever home.

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We need your help! Fund The Shelter Challenge launches

Jack, Lonestar and Tom the Tabby are three of the nearly 250 animals currently living at Pets Alive.

  • Jack and his mate, Jill, both stray dogs, were rescued as they were running down a country road. They are both friendly dogs but continue to deal with occasional skin issues that requires treatment.
  • Lonestar, a pony with personality, was saved from euthanasia when his owners could no longer care for his laminitis, a painful hoof disease. Treatments over time have healed his laminitis, however, Lonestar now has Cushing’s Disease, a dysfunction of the pituitary gland. He is now on medication for life and is doing well.
  • Tom the Tabby, an extremely affectionate cat, was rescued from euthanasia and is now being treated for incontinence issues resulting from an injury to his tail.

They are three of the nearly 800 cats, dogs and farm animals that will call Pets Alive home this year until they get adopted, no matter how long that takes. Whether it’s routine vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchips, deworming, flea treatment, dental treatment, surgery, injuries or illnesses, it all takes A LOT OF MONEY to provide for their medical care. In fact, we spent about $110,000 in medical expenses in 2018.

Please help us raise at least that much in the Fund the Shelters Challenge*, a new online fundraising campaign that kicks off April 9 at noon and runs through May 9. Our goal is to raise at least $110,000 to replenish our Medical Fund. The organization that raises the most money will win a $50,000 grant from sponsor, Michelson Found Animals!

Please help us replenish our Medical Fund so together, we can continue to save hundreds of lives:

  • Make a donation. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS.
  • Sign up as a team member and help us fundraise. Click on “Join” button on our Challenge page.
  • Share this with all your friends and family!

*To learn more about the Challenge, please go to their website and click on “About the Challenge”: GO HERE.

We thank you and so do the animals! Your support is crucial to preparing animals for adoption and keeping them healthy as they await their forever home.

Prefer to send us a check? Mail it to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Challenge” on the check. While only online donations on the Challenge webpage count towards the sponsor prizes, ALL donations will be used to replenish our medical fund.

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Heroes Wanted!

Help us heal their broken hearts.

Becky, Executive Director

We make a promise to every animal that comes through our doors and becomes part of the Pets Alive family: You will always have a place, you will always be loved, and we will do everything we can to see you happy.

The past few weeks have been hard on staff. In some worlds, that would mean workloads and deadlines. In our world, that means seeing a senior dog losing their family, being given away without even a backward glance from the people who were supposed to love them. Watching their spirit leave them as the only family they have known for years turns their backs and walks away. Each day a little bit more hope vanishing from their eyes, as it starts to sink in that their family is not coming back for them, even as they sit and watch at the front of their kennels. Listening to their whimpers as they spend another night in a kennel instead of at the foot of a bed. The confusion in their eyes as their “owners” hand off their leash and they are walked from their world of warm beds, cozy carpeting and their own human into the world of a homeless pet: concrete, steel and barking dogs.

But this story is not about the people who failed Lexi, Kara and Heath. This is the story about their next chapter that we hope will include you in their corner, fighting along with us to find them a family who will love them — gray muzzles and all.


“Just Love Me” Lexi was a beloved pet for 8 years with a family and children to call her own. Now she is looking for a true hero as she enters the last part of her life. A victim of divorce and financial struggles, Lexi’s medical care was not a priority for her family. Now back with us, we are making it our number-one priority and are hoping for the best for this lovable senior. Lexi leans in to us, as if she just can’t get enough love. Lexi is housebroken, walks great on leash, and has lived with children, another dog and two cats. She does have an ugly looking mass on her back that we were told has more than tripled in size in the past few months. While we work on her medical needs, we are looking for a hero to step up and take this sweet 10-year-old senior into their hearts and home. Will you be Lexi’s hero?


Sweet, gentle soul Heath just wants to be loved. You can see his eyes light up when someone gives him the affection he is craving. He walks great on leash and is so happy when it is his turn for a walk. He does fine with low-energy dogs his own size and would do best in a home with older children, as the young ones seem to scare him. Heath was adopted as a puppy 5 years ago and had a great life until his owner moved away and left him behind; now, after living in a home, he finds himself living in the whole new world of a dog kennel.


Don’t let those gray hairs fool you! Kara is just 7 years young and can keep up with the youngsters. This lady loves everyone she meets. Kara is that girl who wants nothing more than to be the center of your world! She will reward you with a gentle paw, many kisses and her unconditional love. She does have just one request: that she be your one and only four-legged friend, as she just doesn’t like to share the spotlight and affection, but can you really blame a girl?

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? We think you do! Lexi, Heath and Kara are waiting at Pets Alive for their heroes. Please don’t make them wait long — they need you! Wonder if you have what it takes? Email our adoption team at, who will happily answer any and all questions. Pets Alive is open 7 days a week. Just come on in and tell us you are ready to be a HERO!

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No Horsing Around — It’s Time For School!

Joey when he arrived at Pets Alive

Written by: Joyce Washnik, Pets Alive Volunteer

Joey came to Pets Alive in 2015, a victim of severe neglect. Sadly, the 8-month-old horse had been living on an abandoned property by himself. Scared and malnourished, Joey was rescued and brought to Pets Alive to be rehabilitated.

With patience and persistence, the staff helped the young horse overcome his fear of humans and start to trust. It helped that Joey was naturally curious and very willing to learn.

Joey this past summer

Now a healthy and happy boy, Joey is headed for 3-4 months of intense training. Pets Alive has teamed up with a Middletown-based professional trainer, who will work to get Joey ready to be started under saddle. Everyone is optimistic that our boy will thrive, as he handles well in halter and enjoys experiencing new things.

No one knows that better than Barbara Whyte, a local trainer who worked with Joey last summer. She gives high praise to the Standardbred gelding, who she describes as sweet-natured and smart: “He will benefit from a professional training program. He is still young, so he can be a little opinionated at times, but with a professional program, he will excel. He does want to figure it out but he’s just confused because he’s never had to do any of this.”

During her time with Joey, Barbara would visit him 3-4 times a week, gaining his trust and focusing on ground work. Now, she adds, he is ready for the next stage of his training. “He has not had anybody up on his back yet. That is the goal: to have him able to be ridden.” She adds that Joey’s natural curiosity will help, as he learns to trust his new trainer and feel safe around him.

Even after he completes his training, Joey is going to be a work in progress, known as “green broke” in the horse world. “But at that point he will be far more adoptable than he is now,” says Barbara.

Because of that, he would do best being adopted by an experienced horse person. “He’ll make a connection with somebody and be able to do what they want. I think he could really go in any direction,” adds Barbara, from jumping to dressage.

The plan is for Joey to reside off-site at the professional facility, working with his new trainer most days and getting accustomed to his surroundings. The intense program will be expensive, which is where you, our generous supporters, come in. Estimates for training and board are approximately $4,000-$5,000.

Joey spreading the news he is going to school!

Can we count on you to help cover Joey’s “tuition” so our beautiful Bay-colored boy is ready for his final adventure: a forever home?


Alternatively, you can mail us a donation check to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Joey” on the check or call us at 845-386-9738 to call in a credit or debit card donation.

Thank you, in advance, for helping Joey thrive!

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What a Week!

Where do I even start. The loose dog running down the highway? The two dogs found on the coldest night of the week with no food or water? The three cats found wearing collars huddled together in a school yard? The scared house cat found under a bush? The sweet pitti running loose, lost and confused in zero-degree weather? The poor cat injured at a recycling center? The call for help with a cat hoarding situation?

So the good news is the happy, goofy lab found running down the side of Route 17 is just fine! He is a big boy who loves everyone he meets (which tells us he once had a loving home). Sadly, we have not been able to find his owners, and no one has come looking for him. How he found himself running down the side of a busy highway will remain one of those mysteries.

Enter Wiggle Butt, a young pitti found running loose in a local neighborhood in ZERO degrees! But this girl is smart — she turned on her charms for the first person she found out in the freezing temperatures, who called our local animal control officer. As of now, her owner still hasn’t been found.

If the dogs weren’t keeping us busy enough, let’s talk cats! How did three sweet, very young cats wearing bell collars find themselves huddled together for warmth in 5-degree weather outside one of our local schools? Were they lost? Dumped? Did they follow their family’s children to school, and no one noticed? If ever you wished cats could talk! Luckily, they were spotted and scooped up before hypothermia or frostbite could set in. We are searching for their owners but, so far, we aren’t having any luck. Sadly, none of them are microchipped.

Now let’s talk about Cole, a sweet, biscuit-making kitty who was found by a man out walking his dog. At first the man thought nothing of seeing the cat underneath the bush as he walked by with his dog. But when the cat was still there on his return trip, he knew something wasn’t right. So he took his dog home and walked back to the bush and Cole was still there meowing. The kind man scooped up Cole and brought him to us. Thanks to Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley, we may have found his owners. They are on vacation but contacted us right away, believing that Cole is actually Eric and has been missing since November. Everyone please think good thoughts that we might have a happy reunion taking place very soon!

Sadly, not all of our days have happy endings. Some days we get there too late to save them. To the kitty injured at the recycling center, we are sorry we couldn’t save you, but know that in that short moment of time you touched our hearts and, if nothing more, we ended your suffering. Though we only knew you for a few minutes, we hope you understood the kindness of strangers who tried so hard and who will not soon forget you.

We ended our week with a call for help from our friends over at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital. They had been made aware of a hoarding situation in Sullivan County, where the caregiver had been put in the hospital leaving thirty cats in the house with no one to care for them! Twenty of the cats are now at Ani-Mall receiving much-needed vet care for severe upper respiratory infections, parasites and fleas. To start, six of these sweet angels will be coming to Pets Alive with the hope that, as we are able to find them loving homes, we will be able to take more from this sad situation and finally give them the lives they deserve — loved and spoiled.

It truly takes a village.



Becky Tegze
Executive Director

Our dog kennel building project Matching Challenge continues, therefore your monetary gift to help will be doubled, with the matching funds helping our dog kennel project!

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URGENT: 15 dogs rushed to Pets Alive now need you!

Racing against time, we worked diligently with one of our transport partners, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC, who transported dozens of animals from an animal shelter in Tennessee. The shelter’s Director was arrested on charges of animal cruelty last month, and was subsequently fired by the shelter’s board of directors. Since that time, 3 others associated with the case were also arrested on animal cruelty charges. Overcrowded conditions at the shelter led to an unsanitary and unhealthy situation for the animals. In late December, a newly hired Director of the no-kill facility sought help to reduce the animal population through transports to other shelters and adoptions.

The timing of the transport was tricky. It was wedged between a minor snow storm Wednesday evening as Brother Wolf’s transport van drove through the night to arrive at Pets Alive on Thursday morning prior to winter storm Harper bearing down on the Northeast this weekend. Fifteen dogs found a home at Pets Alive and are now on the mend from living in deplorable conditions. They will be available for adoption in early February.

Eight shepherd-mix young dogs were huddled together, looking fearful but relieved to be in the warmth of a spacious kennel. They came in at the last minute and Pets Alive agreed to take these scared pups. Four of them are pictured here hanging out in the corner of their kennel shortly after they arrived at Pets Alive.

Star, Dawn and Phoenix pictured here are three Chihuahua puppies who were dumped on church stairs and experienced bite wounds to their heads. They like playing with their new toys as our medical staff member checks them out.

We continue to assess each dog’s medical condition and are working to acclimate them to their new surroundings. Each dog will require vaccinations, microchips, deworming, blood work, spay/neuter and a lot of tender loving care. This will cost us several thousand dollars. Won’t you help us care for these precious animals so they heal? There are several ways to help:

Our dog kennel building project Matching Challenge continues, therefore your monetary gift to help the 15 pups will be doubled, with the matching funds helping our dog kennel project!

Donate Pedigree brand puppy chow and canned food from our Amazon wish list – or buy from any online or local store and drop off the donations. We will also accept Purina ProPlan puppy food as well.













Prefer to send us a check? Mail us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10490 or call us at 845-386-9738 and we’ll take your donation over the phone.

Meet Kimber!

Meet Belle!










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Holiday magic. Theo finds happiness after 6 years.

Theo resting at home!

A warm and cozy bed. A yard to run around in and play. Endless hugs. That’s how Theo will spend New Year’s Eve. But it wasn’t always that way.

Theo, a yellow shepherd, arrived at Pets Alive from a shelter in Georgia when he was just barely 4 months old. That was in January, 2013.

He got adopted a short time later but within 2 years, he was back at Pets Alive because of behavior challenges. Several other attempts at adoption over the next 2 years also failed – but with your help, we never give up hope on Theo.

Theo was entered into our Improving Adoptability program. It is run by a team of trained volunteers that work with a dog to help them overcome behavior challenges and increase their chance of successful adoption. Several members of the team worked with Theo for months and he eventually learned to play with other dogs in play groups, he overcame his behavior challenges, and he became more dog-social.

Theo loves his new mom!

Hard work paid off. One of Theo’s holiday wishes came true! He hit the jackpot yesterday when one of the volunteers from the Improving Adoptability team adopted Theo! He’s a real love bug with his new mom and he likes hanging out with his new sibling Lilly.

Your generosity helped care for Theo all these years, but over 250 of Theo’s friends are still at Pets Alive awaiting their magical day when they get adopted. And there will be hundreds more that will come our way in 2019.

Please give Theo his final holiday wish and make a 100% tax-deductible donation in 2018 so together, we can continue this important work. AND YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED!

When you donate to our general animal care fund by 11:59pm ET on December 31, a wonderful couple, Joe and Kelly Sicari, will make a matching donation to our kennel building project fund up to $250,000. Help us reach this goal!

Learn about our Matching Challenge here.

Thank you once again for helping animals like Theo.

Already made your year-end holiday gift? Thank you for your support!

Theo (left) and his new sister Lilly

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Thank you!

Daryl was treated for severe injuries after being hit by a car, and then got adopted

THANK YOU! The 48 stray dogs from Orange and Sullivan Counties we helped in 2018 say THANK YOU. The 219 stray cats rescued from our local streets say THANK YOU. The 159 community cats who were spayed, neutered and vaccinated in 2018 because of our local Trap-Neuter-Return Program say THANK YOU. The 18 dogs who were rushed to safety at Pets Alive as Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas say THANK YOU. Kalamazoo, a pot-bellied pig found roaming the streets of the Bronx and now up for adoption at Pets Alive, says THANK YOU. The 200 dogs pulled from danger at kill facilities say THANK YOU. The 11 calves who found safety and a new lease on life say THANK YOU.

Alien recovered and got adopted

Alien, who received lifesaving medical treatment after being poisoned, says THANK YOU. Fiona says THANK YOU for making it possible for her to receive lifesaving emergency surgery. The Pets Alive staff and board of directors say THANK YOU because without your continued support, none of these precious souls would be here to say THANK YOU.

Millie with her adoptive family after 6 years at Pets Alive

To all our adopters, THANK YOU for giving the older, shyer, outgoing, younger, not so well-behaved, wallflower, in your face, oversized and undersized pets a second chance. THANK YOU for believing that each and every one of them is perfect in their own way.

Volunteers walk the dogs

THANK YOU to our volunteers for giving of themselves selflessly and tirelessly, and for loving our animals unconditionally. THANK YOU to our volunteers who come in all kinds of weather to walk and train our dogs. THANK YOU to our volunteers who come in every week and clean and scoop litter boxes. THANK YOU to our volunteers who go out at night every week to humanely trap community cats so they can be altered, vaccinated and returned to their colonies. THANK YOU to all our volunteers who take our animals to adoption events, foster bottle babies, greet visitors, take pictures, run special events, do laundry and work behind the scenes.

Donations arriving after Hurricane Florence dogs arrive

To our supporters: THANK YOU for always hearing our pleas for help and jumping into action dropping off needed supplies of bleach, dog and cat food, KMR and linens. THANK YOU for always hearing our pleas for monetary donations. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to help Gladys, Pearl, Fiona, Alien, Jack, Jill, and Daryl, all emergency medical cases. It is because of you, our supporters, that Pets Alive will be there when the call comes in to save the animals that need us most. We can only cover the front lines because we know you have our backs. THANK YOU!

On behalf of the entire Pets Alive staff and board of directors, I want to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy New Year. Stay warm. Stay safe. Hug your pets tight. THANK YOU for being part of the Pets Alive family.

For the animals,

Becky Tegze
Executive Director

p.s…when you donate to our general animal care fund by December 31, a wonderful couple will make a matching donation to our dog kennel building project fund up to $250,000! Prefer to send a check? Mail it to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. You can also call in a donation by reaching us at 845-386-9738.

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Hi. I’m Cam!

Hard to believe 2018 is coming to an end. So many wonderful things have happened since I wrote you last year. Ms. Becky tells me that over 500 of our friends here at Pets Alive have found loving homes!  Some of her long-time friends finally have homes to call their own — including Millie, Oatmeal and Josie, all who waited over five years. Did you have a hand in making this happen? I think you did, and don’t tell anyone but Ms. Becky shed a few tears when she told me, she was so happy. She very much wishes we all would find families to call our own.

Santa, since I’m pretty sure you had a hand in helping Millie, Oatmeal and Josie, I was wondering if you could help me with a few more Christmas wishes this year? And in the true Christmas spirit, not even one of them is for me.

Hi! I’m Willy!

My first wish is for Willy. Willy is a big boy with a big heart. When I asked Ms. Becky how such a handsome fella like Willy could still be at Pets Alive waiting for his family to find him after five years, she sighed and said, “Sometimes I just don’t have the answers, Cam.”  Ms. Becky told me Willy is a good boy, he is sweet, a little bit of a wallflower, but if you give him a little bit of attention, his love for you will light up the room. Ms. Becky said Willy was found in a kind person’s backyard with no note or any clue as to how he found himself there, but was just looking for someone to love him. So if you could find a kind family to love Willy, he promises to light up their world with his love.

Hi! I’m Nala!

My second wish is for Nala. You see Santa, Nala is breaking Ms. Becky’s heart. Nala is the victim of divorce and, instead of her family fighting for her, they gave her up. Now this slightly grey-in-the-muzzle 11 year old is finding herself spending the holidays in a kennel instead of sleeping in front of a fireplace surrounded by family. She is the perfect girl, loves everyone she meets, both human and canine, but so many people come in looking for puppies or young dogs. Ms. Becky worries that Nala is going to get overlooked because of a few grey hairs. Santa, could you please bring a family for Nala who will appreciate the love of a senior pet. Speaking as a senior myself, I can tell you we have a special kind of love to share with our families.

Santa, my third and last wish this year is for Ms. Becky and Pets Alive. 2018 marks the 30th year Pets Alive has been in operation, and it has been an amazing 30 years with many ups and some downs. Ms. Becky sometimes worry how we will make it through even one more month, especially when one of us gets sick or something breaks (and given how long we have been around and how old our buildings are, lots of things break). Ms. Becky and everyone at Pets Alive has been working hard, and right now something special is happening: When someone donates to our general animal care fund, a wonderful couple will make a matching donation to our kennel building project fund up to $250,000! So Santa, if you could please spread the word about this amazing opportunity for all of us at Pets Alive, we know it will help guide the way to our next 30 years.


ps…prefer to donate with a check? Mail it to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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