‘Oreo’s Law’ Would Give Dogs a Second Chance at Life

Oreo just before her euthanasiaTonight (Wednesday), as animal lovers hold a candlelight vigil outside the ASPCA offices for Oreo, the miracle dog killed by the ASPCA, we are thrilled to let you know that we received word that a bill to allow animal welfare organizations the right to request animals be given to their care when a shelter is planning to euthanize them will be introduced in the State Legislature this week by Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner and State Senator Thomas K. Duane.

The bill is modeled after a similar law in California (the Hayden law), and would have saved Oreo and brought her to us. This is a MAJOR step in the right direction for ensuring the safety of the animals in the care of organizations like the ASPCA. It must pass.

We expect that there will be shouting and foot stomping and doomsday predictions (as there was in California) from the ASPCA and the big money organizations, and it is VITAL that you help us keep their feet to the fire. Support this bill, and support the legislators who introduced it. Write the Assembly members and/or State Senators and let them know what’s going on and that they need to support this bill. Call them if you are so inclined. Spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

Send your expressions of support to:

Assembly Member Kellner at kellnerm@assembly.state.ny.us
State Senator Tom Duane at duane@senate.state.ny.us

Read the press release here:

Please take just a second to email them and thank them.
Then spread the news. Post this to your Facebook and Myspace pages. Twitter it. Digg it, Reddit. WHATEVER social network you use, please use it. Let’s get everyone involved.

Kerry & Matt

Unfamiliar with the Oreo case?
You can read a great summary here in the L.A.Times.
You can also read our own page here, and check our press page.

Be the difference. YOU are all the have.

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8 Responses to “‘Oreo’s Law’ Would Give Dogs a Second Chance at Life”

  1. Diana Sharp Says:

    If this dog had any aggression whatsoever, this guy, leaning over her and pressing onto her back, would have suffered a horrible bite. This is crowding a dog, a normal dog only lies there not bothered by this crowding, as you can see, she is fine. Very, very sad that she didn’t get the chance that she was offered, so many times.

  2. Sharon Kennedy Says:

    Why is it that mercy can be extended to the most vicious killers but when an animal is involved there is only one solution….extermination?

    We have slaughtered other nations, caused extinction to species that beautified the world with their presence, and now we are bombing the moon….we leave the poor in despair, the hungry famished, we drag animals into wars and bloodshed and then we reward their loyalty and devotion with cruelty and disdain.

    In the case of Oreo, an animal that loved the sweetness of life and deserved full patience and love, was betrayed because someone didn’t want the inconvenience of letting this dog her repair trust in humans.

    If a human got thrown off a building how long would it take the victim to regain their faith in humanity..would we put a limit on their healing time?

  3. Laura Bonavia Says:

    There are trainers we use that have corrected such behaviors and allow dogs like orea to live. ASPCA should seek to hire such behavorist and do what they say they do, save lives. What a beautiful dog. Food aggression doesn’t mean this dog couldn’t have a long happy life in the right home. My tears and prayers for Oreo are many.


  4. Aubrie Kavanaugh Says:

    As soon as I heard about Oreo’s Law (outside of my own head, that is) I wrote to the Senator and Assemblyman to thank them for such speedy action and to ask them to fight for the statute. Every state should have a statute which makes it illegal for a “shelter” or “humane society” to kill an animal when a rescue pull has been offered. (just typing those descriptions makes me angry – talk about poor use of vocabulary to describe real function…)

    I know Oreo would have had a great life at Pets Alive. And I know what it’s like to love a true red zone dog. More than three years ago I had to say farewell to my four legged child of 16 years – had she ever ended up in a shelter, she would have been killed as Oreo was.

    I hope that Oreo’s untimely death and the fallout from what occurred not only results in a statute to keep this from happening again, but also opens the eyes of some who have blindly followed (and donated to) some of the mega-animal “welfare” organizations who have strayed so very far from their roots.

  5. Honor Kirwan Says:

    I hope Oreo’s Law passes. I wrote to the two gentlemen (and that is a term I use with care) to thank and congratulate them for their efforts in putting this legislation forward. I also thank all of those who have written, called and otherwise gotten the message out that this was an unacceptable conclusion to a VERY easily resolved situation for poor Oreo. Please keep the calls, comments and support for Oreo and others like her coming and support all groups who truly are no-kill, especially Pets Alive. ( Disclosure: I am biased, having two wonderful if sometimes problematic dogs who were previously destined for death until they were rescued by Pets Alive).

  6. Janet Curry Says:

    The murdering Muslim that killed defenseless soldiers lays in a hospital not 5 miles from my house. All I have heard is how he is “troubled” and “crippled”, but this sweet dog only wanted to be left alone while she ate and she was killed. What is wrong with these idiots? Put her food down and leave her in peace to eat, NOT rocket science! There is a place in HELL for some and I am sure they will find themselves there for killing an innocent animal.

  7. Connie Curnow Says:

    The ASPCA killed a dog that should never have been murdered.
    They broke a trust of the public and especially my trust. They beg for donations to save so that they can turn around and kill with them. Many dogs that have agressions have been rehabilitated, though Oreo, only showed slight food agression, as many dogs do now, living in households across the country. Food agression is a trait that can be changed through training and rehab, something I thought the ASPCA touted. I will never trust the ASPCA again…they lie and mis-represent their true philosophy.

  8. "Cat" Says:

    A bitter, rotten end! I wonder just WHY an outfit can euthanize an animal instead of letting a True rescue organization take the animal. They may talk about “liability” and “responsibility,” but I believe there are waivers for this.

    The ASPCA’s policy – and the ASPCA – should come under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Thanks to the Senator and Assemblyman!

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