Oreo’s Law redux – Jersey Shore Animal Center kills kittens

Here is the Jersey Shore Animal Center in Brick, New Jersey:

Looks like a nice place.

They kill innocent animals that other reputable organizations ask them for.

cat3We’re all familiar with the story now…it’s the same one that 70% of the rescue groups surveyed are familiar with. Same thing the ASPCA did. Same thing that happens day after day after day in this business. In this case a mother cat and her 5 kittens are going to be killed when they could be here at Pets Alive lounging in a cat room or living comfortably in someone’s home.

Same old story. Ignorance and indifference on the part of the people who have a moral responsibility to those animals and were trusted by the people who brought them there. Here’s the full story:

cat4A very nice woman from New Jersey found a mother cat and 5 kittens under her garage. She took care of them for a few days and decided that they were better off in good homes than under her garage. She called many organizations trying to find someone to take them. She struck out until she called Jersey Shore Animal Center. JSAC agreed to take them. And if you read their mission statement it seems like a good fit:

The JERSEY SHORE ANIMAL CENTER is committed to the rescue and care of unwanted, abused, abandoned, sick animals and to the adoption of these animals to responsible, loving homes.

So she brought the cats to the shelter.

She called the next day to ask how they were doing.


She was told the mother tested positive for FIV (Feline Aids), and the mother and kittens were being killed tomorrow.

She told them she would take the cats back. She was told she couldn’t have them back. Sigh. So we come to the first alternative to death. But Jersey Shore Animal Center had decided that killing the mother and the kittens was better than letting the person who saved them have them back.

So she called us.

cats2Again…as we always do, we thought this was a no-brainer. Maybe we just don’t get it. JSAC is, frankly, a group of people who are appallingly ignorant about caring for animals in general and about feline FIV specifically. First off, JSAC never tested the kittens before deciding they needed to die. Mother cats don’t always transmit FIV to kittens. So if that was the reason for putting them on the death list it was not necessary.

And even if they ALL had FIV, it’s hardly a big deal. Here are a couple of articles that they obviously didn’t read:

Good Article here

And here too

Here’s some interesting stuff:

A long term FIV Monitoring Project was carried out at Glasgow Veterinary School over a number of years and the results indicated that a higher percentage of FIV negative cats died during the period of the study than FIV positive cats!

cats1But Pat Wallace, Director of the shelter says that they are better off dead, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

We were deeply offended by this lack of respect for the lives of these animals, so we started calling around. That’s when things really got ugly. I called Ms. Wallace and asked her if we could just work this out. Simple…give us the mom and the kittens and they can live out their lives in our FIV room. She said it was their policy to euthanize FIV cats (same thing she said to Kerry) and NO they wouldn’t make an exception. She and their lawyer backpedaled later in the day under pressure from the press, but she didn’t return my call to say come get the cats…we’ve decided not to kill them.

Kerry and I both asked her for the names of the members of her board, information we are entitled to under federal and New Jersey law. She refused. I formally requested a review of their financials and board meeting minutes at their office. She told me that they would call the police if I showed up. This is a direct violation of Article 15A:5-24 of the New Jersey state statutes.

cat6These people are amazing. They are ignorant of the law that applies to their businesses. They are ignorant of the disease that affects their animals. They are morally reprehensible to a person.

So I did some research and came up with the person who I thought was the President of the organization. Her name is Rosemary Todino. She lives in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ and she’s in the book. So I called her. She returned my call this afternoon and it’s obvious that this fish stinks from the head down, as my grandfather used to say. She assured me that she knew what was going on and when I asked her point blank if she condoned the killing of these cats she said “absolutely” without hesitation. She mumbled something about their being strays, [so they deserve to die].

Any relation to Ed Sayres? There is no moral relativism. If you say these cats deserve to die, then all animals deserve to die. She dismissed me when I dared to state that, heaping derision upon me. Then she hung up in my face, something that seems to be the corporate mantra at JSAC.

cat7So the board believes these cats should die. The director believes the cats should die. How do I know? THEY TOLD ME.

When a reporter for the local paper called them for comment they, through their attorney of course, insisted we had misunderstood what they said. “We don’t euthanize FIV cats as a matter of policy” he crooned. “And no decision has been made on whether to euthanize these cats.”

And my attempt to exercise my right under both state and federal laws to view their books was considered a threat by their hired shark. That’s funny.

So here we are my friends in another quest to save innocent animals from the stupidity, arrogance and ignorance of those entrusted with their care.

If these cats were in Delaware or California they would be safe. Not so New York thanks to the ASPCA and not Jersey either.

Let’s change that.

Oh, and by the way…all the kittens pictured in this blog?
They are all FIV positive kittens, living happily in our FIV room.
Did THEY deserve to die too?


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  1. Amy Boyle Says:

    These people are beyond the word idiot but if using logic and reason on them in regard to animals isn’t getting through their thick skulls what about that poor woman who brought these animals to them expecting them to be cared for? How horrible must she feel? It’s certainly not her fault, she did the right thing, how was she to know they are the pure evil. Why won’t they at least take pity on her plight? She already said she wants them back let her have them. If they won’t be kind to animals (pretty pathetic for a shelter) can’t they at least be kind to humans?

  2. Multi-ShelterVolunteer Says:


  3. FELECIA Says:

    I also spoke with Pat Wallace early on in this and asked if we could try and place these kittens. She said “they are our property and we have rules” I did say that considering them property may be the problem. She also said that the woman who found them should have done her research prior to dropping them off. Very frustrating for those of us trying to help these pets.

  4. Deb Says:

    How disgusting!! Will share and let everyone know what kind of shelter this is. I hope the cats were saved :(

  5. Treats on the Internets « YesBiscuit! Says:

    […] The lady said she’d take the family back but the shelter refused.  She then contacted Pets Alive in NY for help.  They also offered to take the cats but again, the shelter […]

  6. Marissa Says:

    I went onto their website and sent them a somewhat rude e-mail.

    This is horrible..

  7. Bonnie Makofsky Says:

    I asked my cousin who lives in Pt. Pleasant to read this blog …this is his reply:

    “Hey, we send those people money every year plus make donations of blankets, food etc. Not any more. Thanks.”

    Can JSAC really believe that negative press won’t affect their “shelter” (I use the term loosely)? They should expend more energy defending the animals in their care than they do in trying to justify/defend their “kill policy”.

  8. Judy Cantin Says:

    Wow. I’ve just been forwarded this info. We’ve placed many FIV+ cats in homes as only cats or with other FIV+ cats and they are living long, quality lives with good care. You are right, the kittens may not even be pos. and if they are could very well test out neg. later. This may be a shelter that euthanizes cats/kittens with treatable illnesses. Aside from writing and calling the director and board members what else can we do? Sad. The Board’s job is to set policy and they certainly could change their outdated policy. If they don’t want to place them for adoption they could transfer to a rescue or shelter that will.
    Cape-Atlantic C.A.T.S. Ocean City NJ

  9. Daniela Says:

    I have an FIV+ cat and I am sure he would be very surprised to learn that he is not living a normal, happy and full life. To learn more about the disease I joined an FIV forum and one of the members runs and FIV sanctuary in England. They have between 20 and 25 FIV+ cats at a time. About 4 years ago through various circumstances an FIV- cat came to live with them and they put him in with the other cats. So one FIV- cat eating/drinking from the same dishes, playing, grooming, sleeping with around 30 FIV+ cats. Last month they needed to do blood work on him so decided to check his status. He is still FIV-. I know this is just one case, but if FIV were easily transmitted he would have had it long ago. It is not like distemper where an outbreak can devastate your population in weeks, if not days. If the cats aren’t aggressive it probably won’t have much of an effect at all.


  10. Kelly Says:

    I just called and got a harsh “NO comment” and they hung up. Doesnt look good for the little family! Makes me really sad!

  11. Tongs Says:

    What a horrifying story…I had a cat who lived with FIV for 14 years, mostly healthfully and certainly happily. This was especially disturbing to me because my kittens were both very sick when I first got them, and had they been brought to a shelter like the JSAC they may well have been put down, even though they are both 100% well now.

    It’s terrible that these people masquerade as caregivers working in a shelter when it seems like they’re far more interested in the bottom line of keeping costs down by killing what they must perceive as the “hopeless cases.” Who are they to declare the poor woman who brought them in has no right to take them back? It doesn’t even make any sense – the JSAC would be removed of the burden of their care, or even the expenses of putting them down. This seems to go beyond heartless cost-cutting. I hate to label anyone using the word “evil,” but I also don’t know how else to describe the actions of these people.

  12. Barbara M Says:

    Please don’t stop your donations to the shelter. The animals need us and need our help. The people in charge are not what matter, the animals are.

  13. DoryD Says:

    The women who run that place are the nastiest bunch of peole ever.
    They are so strict about who can adopt it is almost as though they want to dicourage adoption.
    I went there a few years ago with my doughter and grandoughter who live in another county.
    My daoughter had called the day before and related that they would be down to select a pet, she had the adoption form download and filled out.
    They told her she would have to come back after they reviewed the application in a day or two.
    We left there, went to a legitamate adoption canter, adopted a lovely cat and they took her home the same day!
    My granddaught loves her pet and sleeps with her every night!
    I suspect something else is going on at the shelter. The days that they are closed to the public the parking lot is full of cars. What are all those people doing there all the time and why are the township animal rescue vehicles always parked there?

  14. Sheila in NJ Says:

    I know someone in Texas who has an FIV-positive cat integrated into her multi-cat household, and NONE of the other cats has become infected during the 9 or so years that this cat has been living with her.

    JSAC has a stupid, infexible policy, and either their management should be replaced with reasonable people, or the “shelter” should be closed down. We do NOT need to support shelters that don’t care about the animals first, last and always.

  15. Jesse Says:

    I have had mixed dealings with them. Sometimes they are plain and simple rude and sometimes they sound reasonable. Nice shelter but all you seem to hear from them is money, give us your money (HSUS must have been a good mentor). I have heard plenty of bad stories around town.
    Now they hired security.
    It’s all about the money, not the animals.

  16. Kathi Reid Says:

    Is there any update on these kittens? Has anyone posted this article on FaceBook or other sites? Is there anything we as the public can do to stop this madness? Any suggestions would be appreciated, they are in the same category as the ASPCA & HSUS.

  17. Kelly Chaffee Says:

    Shelters are certainly different. Our shelter in Catt. Co. fosters and/or adopts FIV cats all the time. Recently, one of our fosters (Chuck) became ill. Between his wonderful foster mom and the SPCA, Chuck was seen by all the best vets (including Cornell University). Sadly, they found an inoperable tumour but the point is we would have done anything possible just to save his life! I mourned for him as if he were my own because that’s just how we feel. Even though our shelter struggles financially, Chuck’s life was still a priority.

  18. WinsLuke Says:

    You guys have it all wrong, you are not being objective. Shelters and this shelter in particular to so much good. For those of you, who have decided not donate, you will ultimately be hurting all the animals that walk and/or carried through those doors. Please remember fosters and rescue organizations do much good, but fosters and rescues are not obligated to take everything that walks through their door. Please all be very careful before you slam shelters. Be very, very careful. If this shelter did not exist in the area it does, these animals may suffer much, much more. We in America must be very careful not to condemn the works that may seem unfair at times. Please be logical and humane in thought. Many of us continued to eat meat and eat fish, these animals are raised and killed in very inhumane conditions. Also, the economic conditions in this country and other certain G7 nations may warrant eutherize those animals that are terminally ill. They may be adopted and ultimately have to suffer because those animals adopted may not receive the medical attention they require and suffer and miserable prolonged deaths. As Peter Singer says, Princeton University, all animals ultimately deserve to live a dignify
    life when possible. And for those of you, stating that money is a motivation, well for those of us who have animals and care understand that good veterinary care costs money. Veterinarians are highly trained and the animals are benefiting tremendously from advances in the last 30 years.
    Also, do not condemn ASPCA or Humane Society like many organizations in this worst downturn since the 1930’s are doing what they can. Honestly where would these animals be without these organizations. There are animals all over the world that do not have the benefit of such organisations. Even international organizations such as IFW are faced with daunting tasks of helping those animals, for example Haiti.
    For those of you complaining, that there is no same day adoptions, please remember, the shelter cares deeply for ALL their animals in aggregate. They conduct background checks. Do you want an individual to walk in the shelter and take home a pitball same day and introduce him into a fighting ring in the middle of pine barrens that very same night??? Do you want an animal adopted same day for scientific or other horrific experiment…please think. These policies may not suit you but think they are for the welfare of ALL animals. Please think of the aggregate whole not the individual. I realize in America, it is taught that individual freedoms are paramount sometimes, we must think of good of SOCIETY.
    And one last comment, for those of you who are commenting about the workers at the shelter. These people care first and foremost for the good of animals IN AGGREGATE. Unfortunately, the public is not particularly intelligent, they adopt animals and should not have. They do not understand that dogs require exercise. They adopt dogs and literally put them in the back yard and wonder why these animals have behavior problems. Some animals suffer from not getting vet care. The general public adopt dogs that do suit their lifestyle. All these dogs ultimately end of in shelters. People continue to buy animals coming from puppy mills. In conclusion, seek out both sides of the situation. The public is generally very silly.

  19. Admnistrator Says:


    Oh brother. Yes. We should compromise and not only ALLOW organizations like the ASPCA and Jersey Shore to kill animals, but we should fund them. Wrong.

    We MUST NOT ALLOW moral relativism. These cats have the same right to live as any animal in Haiti. And as far as not being “obligated” to take in every animal that comes through the door, that’s debatable. What IS NOT debatable is the moral responsibility for the lives of the animals you DO take in, meaning YOU CAN’T KILL THEM WHEN THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION. PERIOD. DO YOU WANT YOUR MONEY TO GO TO ORGANIZATIONS THAT KILL ANIMALS?

    I condemn the ASPCA and HSUS wholeheartedly. THEY ARE ANIMAL KILLERS. They have abdicated their moral responsibility to creatures that are helpless and innocent. And sentient.

    And the rest of your nonsensical post is the same old crap about there being worse things than death. My answer to that is tell that to the dead animals.

    And now we’re dumb. And it’s the public’s fault. You are totally part of the problem. You need a copy of Nathan Winograd’s Redemption. Send me your name and address and I will send you back one.

    You need to rid yourself of your ignorance.

  20. Debbie F Says:

    I agree with the heavy sigh of the administrator in response to WinsLuke’s comment. There are so many things wrong with that comment I don’t even know where to begin. I WILL NEVER give any of my donation dollars to organizations that willingly and knowingly kill for no reason other than their own ignorance, mismanagement, and incompetence. Should we apply this same philosophy to elder care, hospice services, etc. I’m certain the response would be “absolutely not because that would be inhumane!” Is it any less inhumane when it is an animal involved? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

    As for their adoption policies…yes, policies exist to weed out bad adopters and bad adoption situations for the animals, but that is not really what is in question here. What is in question is the ability of this “No Kill” shelter to manage and care for the animals so that they are adopted and rescued by good adoptors and rescue facilities. I cannot excuse them their cruelty and ignorance. They are killing animals needlessly that can be adopted and/or sent into sanctuary situations. Shame on them and shame on you for actually justifying and condoning their actions. It is comments like yours WinsLuke that keep these killing chambers, backyard breeders, and puppy mills in business.

  21. amanda Says:

    the people at this shelter are rude obnoxious and just unkind. we adopted a dog from them and they are idiots. we had to bring my dog in to meet the new member of my family that we were getting from them . while in the waiting room with my dog they said he was barking to much and i should take him outside..did i mention it was 100 degrees that day. and when i went back inside to ask for water for my now overheating dog they made it sound like a chore. like i was asksing for somehting special

  22. Dawn Says:

    I’m just posting what I’ve experienced and what a few of residence in Brick have relayed to me. I personally wanted a cat, I had put mine to sleep 6 months earlier (tumor in his throat) I have two dogs that are an animal friendly breed. This one cat caught my eye, so I went in to sit with him. I went over to the counter and explained my situation and they told me that I couldn’t sit with him and that they would not let him go to a home with dogs. They told me to look at other cats. But I was interested in this specific one that made me want a cat again, I wanted an older cat and was willing to work through any issues with the cat. After I left I was upset that because one person said that. Figuring that it was an issue with an employee, I emailed and explained what I experienced and said I was very interested in this cat. I gave an explanation as to why I was so interested (which was a wonderful story) and explained I’ve had cats all my life and I knew if he didn’t like dogs it would be some work, the cat would have the house to himself all day cause my dogs travel back & fourth to work with me. They still were not willing to do anything. I emailed again and finally got a rude answer of please stop emailing the cat was adopted. This was only a matter of 2 days????

    Sounds strange to me….My one neighbor went there to adopt a puppy, they asked if she had ever raised a puppy, she replied when I was a young girl with my parents, they told her she couldn’t have a puppy since she had not raised one and that she should look for an older dog! this is a fourty year old lady with 3 children and her own house!!! Again strange right?????

    Then today I spoke with a co-worker that lost her dog to cancer, she also spotted a dog on-line and went to take a look and sit with him, She was told that she couldn’t adopt because she worked 8 hrs a day and no one would be home?????

    Can someone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Do they really adopt animals there????

    Who can afford to adopt an animal if they don’t work???? I wonder about this place…..something just isn’t right? None of these people heard my story until after they told me theirs. I wouldn’t donate a thing….I have found others to donate to instead!

  23. John Says:

    As a child in the 60’s, I spent man a day raising money with friends to help build “The Shelter”. We would meet in the Community Room of STEINBACH’s in Brick Plaza (Now BonTon) What I have read here is very upsetting. My family, over the years, has adopted many dogs and cats from there. If she were still alive, Mrs. Jessie Manuel, would be very disappointed in the current leadership of JSAC.

  24. FIV info Says:

    Support & info for FIV cat parents:

    U.S. FIV forum link is on Bud’s FIV Therapy site, http://fivtherapy.com/

    Several helpful articles are also on Best Friends Animal Society site.

  25. Sheila Jeffery Says:

    Animal abuse makes me furious It has to stop

  26. Lynne Says:

    I realize your post is a bit old now but wanted to let you know the saga continues with this shelter. I tried to adopt a kitten this week and was turned down because we were unable to provide documentation for ONE annual vet visit in the last nine years for my fifteen year old cat (although the vet records showed she was there the year in question but not the reason), and our other cat recently went fourteen months between appointments. In questioning them, they kept telling me that I had demonstrated a “gap” in care. I couldn’t figure out how – pointed out that the cat had just been seen in March of this year. The lady repeated several times “But before that he wasn’t seen since January 2011.” Um, yeah, last year. I said “You mean fourteen months is a gap?” And she said they were unable to establish a pattern of yearly veterinary care and were denying my application. I spoke with three people there yesterday in all, the last was director Pat Wallace, and when I questioned their policy of giving priority to people with NO prior pet experience, and people who would let their cats roam outdoors, she hung up on me. I guess she hasn’t changed her style.

  27. Another dissatisfied client Says:

    Just stumbled upon this blog. The issues with this shelter go back at least 20 years. The rudeness described by so many others here has been a constant. And lies, too. When I went there in the early 1990s to adopt a kitten, they put me through the ringer. Demanded all kinds of records, told me they would come do a home inspection — I was a single woman who, at the age of 25, had bought my own home by myself and had grown up with cats and dogs. They finally agreed to let me have a kitten — this adorable calico ball of fluff. The card on her cage said she was 8 weeks old. The first couple of days she bounced all over, doing what kittens do … and then she got sick. Long story short, she spent Memorial Day weekend with the vet, then made another trip to the emergency vet. The poor baby was just 5 weeks old and hadn’t been weaned!!! She was sick and dehydrated and I spent $600 keeping her alive because they lied to me about her age. Had I known she was still trying to nurse, I would have cared for her differently. Thank god for IVs and great vets — she survived and brought joy to my life for 15 years. But I made a vow after that second trip to the vet that I would never adopt there again. How dare you treat me like a criminal when you have the audacity to lie about an animal that way! Their board of directors needs to clean house.

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