Terrorists, Red Herrings and Dead Kittens

kitty13Just wanted to update everyone on what’s going on.

We are currently waiting for the vet from the Jersey Shore Animal Center to examine the kittens and determine if they are too sick to live.

Our attorney is going to get in touch with their attorney in the next day or so.

Other attorneys are getting involved and there will probably be a lawsuit.

Pat Wallace, their Executive Director, is a liar. My impression of their board is that they are weak and don’t challenge what Ms. Wallace says. Been there. It never ends well. Ms. Wallace is an arrogant tyrant who views animals as “her property.” Here’s what she said to one of our supporters:

“they are our property and we have rules.” I replied that considering them property may be the problem. She also said that the woman who found them should have done her research prior to dropping them off.

kittens2That’s gonna make a great deposition, isn’t it?

They are misinformed about feline FIV, feral cats, and how to run a shelter. That’s not unusual. What I guess amazes me is that their arrogance and indifference to the lives of these animals.

I’ve spoken to three members of the board. I email or call Ms. Wallace every day to ask her not to kill the kittens, but rather to hand them over to us. The disgust and contempt in her voice when she hears my name makes this all worthwhile. She’s an animal killer. I don’t like her. I’m happy we’re making this difficult for her.

She called us terrorists in the press. One of their board members called us terrorists today. Terrorists? Wikipedia says terrorism is

“violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for an ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians).”

Let’s play a game I like to call who’s the terrorist?

mamakittyviolent acts – Our acts so far are words, via phone calls, faxes and this blog. Unless you can die from a paper cut, there’s no violence. They intend to kill, violence of Biblical proportion.

intended to create fear – They are certainly telling us over and over that they don’t fear us. Pat Wallace’s famous words to me are “HAVE AT IT.” So we are. Wonder if those innocent kittens waiting to die fear for their lives.

Perpetrated for an ideological goal – This one we are guilty of. Not killing innocent animals is sort of an ideological goal, though I just consider it an act of morality. Their ideological goals seem to be control and the triumph of arrogance over right and wrong.

Deliberately target or disregard the safety of innocents. Hmmm. Who are the innocents here? Certainly not these hard hearted rubes. It’s the animals.

DSCN0393So the terrorists here are actually the Jersey Shore Animal Center management and board, and the terrorist acts are against innocent kittens, though honestly calling these people terrorists is an insult to terrorists worldwide.

One of the board members said to me today that we are “ignoring all the good they do and focusing on this one incident.” For some reason at that moment an old joke one of my former bosses used to use all the time popped into my head…”other than that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?”

This is what we call a Red Herring., which, again according to Wikipedia is a rhetorical tactic of diverting attention away from an item of significance.

This was the defense of the ASPCA in killing Oreo as well, and Best Friends remaining neutral with Oreo’s Law. That is called Moral Relativism, which states that morals and ethics can be altered from one situation, person, or circumstance to the next. Uh, no. One animal’s life is not better or worse or more or less important or worthy of saving than the next. Period. Nice try though.

kittens4Perhaps the most amusing conversation through all this was a “gentleman” by the name of Peter Campione of Kindred Souls Canine Center who harassed Jen this morning and then threatened me. He told me that everyone in New Jersey knows that Pets Alive is a bully, and all we want to do is fight with them. He also told me that “we’re going down.” If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I was going down I’d be rich. Hmmm.

Yeah…I’d much rather be talking to this meathead from Jersey than be home in my hammock sipping a cold drink and reading my book. You betcha.

So we’re bullies. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner. Hmmm. Not sure I have a defense on that one. The thing everyone misses is that we always start off asking nicely. Then we offer a way out. Then we call in the troops. Shrug. Sorry. That’s what it takes sometimes.

Apparently Mr. Campione has some information about my male anatomy of which I was not aware. I’m not really sure if that’s relevant to this argument, but it certainly is a big red herring. My apologies to the ladies who follow this blog but I just couldn’t help myself.

So let’s see if our friends in Jersey find the truth. Honestly it’s going to have to find them.

This is their chance to do the right thing. If they don’t the gloves are coming off.

Thanks for your support and thanks for helping us save these innocents.

Oh, and by the way. Remember how in my last blog I posted picture of  our FIV kittens and cats playing in our FIV room? Happy. Healthy?
Now THESE pictures? These are all of FIV positive kittens and cats that have been ADOPTED from Pets Alive. All still alive, and all still happy and healthy.


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  1. Dee Says:

    As I’ve stated on your Twitter, I think it’s rich that people call us terrorists for calling and emailing. We should all just sit back and academically discuss the merits of killing an animal needlessly. What’s there to get worked up about?

    I think the best way to get at JSAC is to get at their pocketbooks. The Harley Davidson of Ocean County is hosting a fundraiser for them called Hogs 4 Dogs. I called HD and spoke to a very nice lady who gave me an email address: motorclothes@hdoceancounty.com

    I urge all people who care about this issue to email Harley Davidson and to express that as animal lovers, we would hate to see their fundraising go to a shelter that kills needlessly. Remember, HD loves animals, and if we respectfully explain the situation to them, perhaps they will give their money elsewhere.

  2. Sandy Armor Says:

    Beautiful, Matt. (And I did laugh at the anatomical humor.)

    One thing I wanted to add was that the beautiful kittens in these pictures will grow up to be beautiful adult cats, playing and loving and just doing cat stuff. Those adults will grow up to be sweet seniors, enjoying sunbeams, snuggles, good meals, and the occasional romp with a toy mouse or feather. Those seniors will someday pass on, leaving their people, either at a shelter like Pets Alive or their very own family, with holes in their hearts only time can begin to heal.

    You know I know this from experience. There have been quite a few FIV cats that have grabbed my heart and soul since I first brought Max home from Pets Alive in July 2002. So many in fact, I tend to rattle them off by initials, MRADCAQBDB: Max, Rosie, Allie, Domino, Clyde, Attenborough, Quiri, Bobby, Dusty, and BearBear. Quiri had 2 days to live at a very prominent shelter near my home. BearBear was saved by caring souls at a place where they euthanize FIV cats by policy. (Hmmm…. sounds familiar.) Dusty moved around from different foster homes because no one was willing to give up on her until she found her forever home. I’ve lost 4 of my darlings over the years, to typically senior diseases, cancer and renal failure. The biggest problem FIV has caused us over the years? Extra dental issues, stomatitis. Big fat deal.

    I gave up praying that this woman and this “shelter” will do the right thing. Bring it on, indeed!

  3. YesBiscuit! Says:

    I’m having trouble reconciling two details of this story: the woman had a hard time catching the kittens (I presume because they were rascalling about, the way kittens do) and the Jersey Shore “shelter” says they’re on death’s door.

  4. Angela Says:

    Matt…. Well said, beautifully written and I couldn’t agree with you more…. The truth hurts when someone is brave enough to rip the facade of these so-called rescue organizations who would rather MURDER innocents when a happy LIFE is an option. Just keep being you, Matt, and stay gold. I have the utmost respect for you, for Kerry, and for all the staff at Pets Alive. The angels fight on your side.

  5. Joyce Robison Says:

    I sent the following email to Jersey Shore Animal Clinic –

    I’m suburban Chicago – yes, we’ve heard about it here to and are passing it on – avoid Jersey Shore Animal Center as they’re in the dark ages.

    I’m 74 years old and have lived in Illinois and Texas, and traveled a lot, in my lifetime. Volunteered a lot and have seen a lot just like you – arrogant, opinionated, and know everything there is to know about animals – but really don’t have a clue about the real world. My opinion is that there are two types of people involved with animal work – those who care about the animals and those who are in it for their own egos.

    How about getting out of the latter category and giving this little family a break and releasing them to Pets Alive or to the lady who found them? If not, you’ll be writing your own ticket to oblivion from the landslide of publicity you’re generating with this.

    P.S. Laying it off on the vet is NOT going to change anyone’s opinion – the world isn’t that stupid anymore.

  6. Joyce Robison Says:

    I did get a response to my strong email of 7/30 from JSAC – see below:

    7/31 – They said — “Thanks for your concern about these cats. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misinformation circulating about them and we refuse to lower ourselves to the level that some other organizations have. The cats are currently being transferred to a local, reputable cat rescue that we have worked with in the past. We have an active Partner Placement program in which we use to help us either take in animals or transfer out some that may be hard to place for many reasons, such as health issues, temperment, etc. Please feel free to visit our website to see what it is that we do. http://www.jerseyshoreanimalcenter.org.”

    7/31 – I responded — “Sounds arrogant – and defensive – to me. I’ve been to your website (that’s where I got your email address). Just checked again and I don’t see a word about your side of this story, so I take it you are above it all. How about the name of the “local, reputable cat rescue” that you’ve transferred this little family to?”

  7. Maureen K. Says:

    My family & I are long time supporter of the Jersey Shore Animal Shelter & will continue to do so. The folks at the shelter work very hard raising funds & taking care of our furry & feathered friends. Also, we have been associated with Pete Campione for many years. Pete is a terrific dog behavorist, trainer & humanitarian. People please know what you are talking about.

  8. Ute Casalman Says:

    Do you think the training methods used in It’s me or the Dog are any good? I tried a few of her techniques.

  9. Alex Says:

    I think Maureen K. above is with Jersey Shore Animal Shelter.

    I’d like to see the update on this. What happened?

    Also, there is a fund raiser coming up for them with the NJ Road Runners Club

    Please contact them and let them know that they are supporting a shelter that kills animals for no good reason when others would take them in:


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