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Kerry’s Update – February 23, 2011

Sanctuary animal updates:

Since my last update in November, the following dogs were adopted: Patriot, Daphne, Goldie, Princess, Nikita, Kiana, Dixie, Adam, Zip, Bear, Kelsey, Einstein, Eddie, Indiana, Waylon, Chowder, Zamba, Murphy, Georgia, Roscoe, Harley, Cherokee, Princess, Kimmie, Tyler, Buster, Sheree, Blossom, Bozo, Tyler, Twinkie, Kelsey, Chelsea, Gardenia, Rosanna, Elf, Mistletoe, Lilly, Sugarplum, Silverbell, Klondike, Romeo, Butters, Blizzard, Maximillion, Zeus, Dio, Lillie, Frosty, Daniel, Luna, Woody, Jupiter, Willie, Mona Lisa, Rose, Otis, Posh, Buddy, Jade, Joshua, Scruffy, Winston, Clarence, Holly, Charlie Chaplin, Ivy, Maggie, Coco, Chuck, Dusty, Blake, Luna, Gracie, Petunia, Tyson, Roxy, Goldie, Samantha, Duke, Boston, Daisy, Shadow, Dixie, Bartey, Foster, Harper, Charlie Brown, Shorty, Lulu, Sonny, Fluffy, Littleman & Princess (together!), Katie, Sunny, Wilford, Walter, Wilbert, Marley, Abel, Holly, Jada, Olive, Pea, Suzy, Chico, Willow, Honey, Stuart Noble, Parsley, Isis, Annie, Jack, Kitsche, Moonie and Red (together), Honey, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pickles, Onyx, Noble, Duncan, Jenna, and Rufus.

The following cats were adopted: Vivian, Ventura, Gigi, Tootles, Angie, Momma, Spunky, Splish, Chloe, Blizzard, Cuddles, Garcia, Beauford, Victoria, Sammy, Indigo, Spazzy, Buffy, Abby, Spanky, Cici, Splash, Ness, BeBe, Spooky, Mimi, Rami, Boots, Sheba, Lucy, Pinwheel, Tiger, Sharon, Chloe2, Boychek, Ramos, Miss Priss, Angie, Tootles, Black Gold, Sasha, Leslie, Buddy, Roberta and Frankie.

Noteworthy adoptions:

The stand out adoptions of the past few months would be Stuart Noble, Moonie & Red, and Sheba.

Stuart Noble had lived on the end of a chain for 15 years. His name was originally “Stupid”. Imagine being tied to a dog house and left outside for 15 years of your life and being called Stupid. It broke our heart. We brought him here, he was adopted, and now he will spend his twilight years living inside where he is warm, has had a name change and is well loved. It has touched our hearts a great deal that his new family appear to love him so much. We are really grateful to them for welcoming him home.

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Best Friends turns their back on NY – AGAIN

OreoSo we were able to get Oreo’s Law put forth again to the Agricultural Committee (Thank you Micah Kellner).

This is just the first step of getting this bill passed.

Truly none of us felt it would be a problem, initially, to get it through this first committee.  It was later we thought we’d have the true battle.  But we underestimated the ASPCA – they have done this before, we were neophytes.  They recognized that the best way to make sure it never saw the light of day was to influence the first committee to can it…and they did.  They didn’t actually shut it down, they were just able to get it “tabled”, which meant that months ago they just all agreed NOT to vote on it until next session.

So in that time, we estimate that 16,629 number of animals have died in New York Shelters as a result.

Well here we are again.

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