Santa and Pets Alive team up for the holidays!

santadogYou’re not gonna believe this but Santa Claus called us this week.

We couldn’t believe it.
Santa?  Calling US?
HERE?? From the North Pole?????
Oh my goodness.

We immediately started to think about the previous year.  Had we been good?  Are we on the good list this year?  Was he calling because we were on the naughty list for fighting with some big organizations this year?

I admit it.
We were nervous.

We gathered all the staff around and put Santa on the speaker phone.
The first words of of his mouth were:  “HO-HO-HO Pets Alive!!”

We all laughed with glee at his jolly voice!

Santa said that indeed we had been VERY VERY VERY good this year.  So good that he had selected us for a very special mission.
He was making us all “honorary elves”  and empowering us to help him deliver some Christmas cheer!

We were shocked and delighted.


He went on to say that he had a lot of little boys and girls that were getting dogs and cats for Christmas, but that he didn’t want to leave them in a box under the tree all night! He asked if there was any  way that Pets Alive could help him this year.

Well, when Santa calls you, and asks you to help him, you do NOT say no! EVER.

So this year, Santa will visit Pets Alive on Christmas Eve. He will leave with us, all the dogs and cats, and puppies and kittens and rabbits that are going into new homes this season.

magicbus1If you are a parent and you have already told Santa it is ok for your children to receive a pet this holiday season all you need to do is fill out our application, get approved, come down and select your pet (within a week of the holiday). Pets Alive will tell Santa and we will drive up to your house on Christmas morning, (with the Pets Alive MAGIC BUS) and knock on your door.

::door opens, little boy looks up. There we stand in Santa hat, with clipboard, big MAGIC BUS behind us::

Us: “Hello, is this the house of Susie and Timmy So-and-So?”

Little Boy:
“Yes. This is. I am Timmy So-and-So”.

Us: “Well, Timmy, get your sister, because we have a very special delivery from Santa for the two of you!!”
santapets::We turn, whistle and out of the bus comes Santa’s Elf with Fido!! ::Us: “Timmy and Susie – Santa asked us to take care of your new dog, Fido. He stopped by Pets Alive so that Fido didn’t sit under the tree in a box all night! He asked us to deliver him to you this morning! Merry Christmas Timmy and Susie from Santa and Pets Alive! ….. and Merry Christmas to YOU , Fido, for you my sweet little furry friend, have finally  found your forever home!”

See you on Christmas morning!

Click below to see available animals – more added every day, check back frequently:

(Some restrictions apply, must be within a reasonable travel distance from Pets Alive Middletown or Pets Alive Westchester)

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  1. christie Says:

    Oh-my-goodness! I have tears of joy in my eyes! Pets Alive, you are just the best!! :)

  2. Honor Says:

    If anyone takes you up on adopting a dog for the holidays I can come give a going-home bath (if facilities are available) during the week before Christmas. Don’t do cat baths…will leave that to the experts in the cat house!

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  4. Natalie Benvenuto Says:

    Hi! I am looking to do some volunteer work on Christmas Day. If there is anything I can help with please e-mail me. Thank you so much! -Natalie

  5. JoAnn Says:

    I’m a volunteer at the shelter and would be happy to provide any help delivering pets for Santa. Please contact me with details, otherwise I will follow up on my next visit to the shelter (once I shake this awful cold)
    Thanks for all you do.

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