Rescuing Robert

princessWith rescue work you have really busy days – like helping to unload 100 dogs from a mass rescue, document them, get them settled, fed, warm, up on pet finder, into your database, vetted and cared for – and then there are other days when you can sit in your office all day paying bills or answering the phone and emails.

Today was a busy rescue day for Pets Alive. Today is a day that I will always remember as the day we rescued Robert.

It all started when I was going through the kill lists for the CACC last night and I saw a cat that my heart just went out to.  She was an 8 year old cat named Princess and she had been dumped at the very high kill CACC for reason stated “new husband and baby allergic”.  The CACC tested her and gave her one of their highest temperament ratings meaning that this was one VERY sweet cat.  I read her “thread” on Facebook and no one had stepped up to take her in.  Older cats are more difficult to place and many of us are filled with older cats. I will tell you that Pets Alive has a population of about 90% of our cats that are considered senior and so adoptions can be slow…taking in another one wasn’t really in the cards.  At this point we need to try to take in some “highly adoptables” to help fund all the seniors we care for that may NOT get adopted.  That’s just the way it is.

So looking at this cat had me shake my head with sadness and move on to the next.  But something about her, and the fact that her owner had her for eight years and dumped her in a place where she was almost sure to die because of her new husband’s allergies really had me pissed off.  I mean didn’t she date this man before they got married?  Couldn’t he have gone for allergy shots?  Didn’t they have anyone that could care for the cat or take it in, or could they keep it in the guest room or SOMETHING other than just abandoning it to die amongst strangers?  Ah, but I digress.  Anyway, I decided to call and pull Princess.  “Pull” means put a commitment on her that our sanctuary would accept her in, so that she would not be killed the next morning. The CACC then notes that and holds her for us.  So while I was there I saw Jose and pulled him too.  What the heck.  What’s one more?  I have faith in our cat staff to place our cats (our cat manager Becky does a great job with this) and so I was happy.  Two cats lives would be spared in the morning.

tunechiBut then I started wondering, oh heck, what about the dogs – wonder if there are any there that might find a place with us.  There was one real cutie.  His name was Lincoln and he was adorable, but then, sigh, oh then I saw Tunechi.  A little BLIND shitzu.  Oh no.  She was dying tomorrow?  Ugh.  No.  Ok, let me pull the both of them.

Went to bed feeling good.  John Sibley was going to go and pick them up in the morning for us.  John is an amazing animal activist, animal lover, blogger and friend.  He lives in the city, but it was still a lot to ask him to go first to the Manhattan shelter to get the cats and then to the Brooklyn shelter to get the dogs, but he didn’t even bat an eye – he was on it and out there early in the morning.

In the morning I checked online for confirmation that the cats and dogs were coming and I found out that Jose was pulled by another rescue.  Yay!  That’s great.  But on the dog page I saw a dog that was dying that morning that was NOT THERE at 10:00 the night before!  A dog named Robert.  My eyes were immediately drawn to him.  It was a terribly poignant picture.  He was crippled and holding himself up by his front legs.  His face had the most amazing expression on it that I had ever seen.  I can’t really describe it.  I put the picture here for your to see and determine what that expression is for yourself.


For ME it was an expression that I couldn’t turn my back on, but my staff is terribly over worked.  Every single one of them works more hours than they are paid for, they are dedicated, they work HARD, I never see them hanging around or lounging – they are so committed to the animals here and taking this dog in would put a lot of extra burden on us all.  I asked for Janet, our medical staff person, and Sue our adoption and intake coordinator, to come to my office.

When they got there they said “What’s wrong, your voice was terrible”.  I said “Look” and turned the screen to then.  Instantly their faces changed and they said “awww” and then “Are we taking him“?  At that point I wanted to cry.  I really did.  This staff is just astonishing.  We all know what taking in a serious medically difficult dog means to us all, and we all know how expensive it may be too, and we all know how much time it will take to help and handle a crippled dog. But thy didn’t hesitate.  They thought we should reach out to help him.

And with that, I called and pulled Robert and sent follow up emails to the CACC staff asking for him.  I worried it might be too late.  Why would he have NOT been on the CACC death list the night before and yet put on it that morning?  It was 9:45am and they usually kill earlier than that.  Was it already too late?  I called John and asked him to rush to the Brooklyn center and try to save him before it was too late.  He was already on his way.  A few moments later though I received a confirmation email that Robert was “held” for us.  He was safe.  He was coming.

I looked over the thread in his Facebook post and there were so many comments from so many people that cared and were pleading and begging someone to help Robert.  There was even an offer of a wheelchair from Eddie’s Wheels – a great organization that makes and fits crippled dogs with a wheelchair to get around! Here is a sampling of some of the Facebook posts.

samOf course while he was there, John texts me and says that there was only one cat on the death list the night before that was not pulled by rescue.  His name was Sam and he had a fractured front leg.  Did I want him too?

Sheesh.  At this point I have a senior cat, a senior dog, a blind dog, a crippled dog – what the heck, throw in a broken legged cat!

And so Sam was saved too.

John gently put Robert in the back of his car, along with our two other dogs and two cats and headed up to Pets Alive.  Over an hour and a half drive in a snowstorm.  I told you he was dedicated, didn’t I?  GREAT guy (hey girls, he is single too – just sayin!)

After speaking to him, and to Janet we decided that the best thing to do would be for John to go directly to our vets office.  Dr. Furman is a great guy and his staff is fabulous and they made room for us to come right in with the broken legged cat and our crippled dog.

I took this little video of Robert at the vet office:
and another of our vet with him:

I met John there and after examination Dr. Furman said that Robert needed immediate care.  His bladder was full and he was unable to express it himself. (Dr. Furman did that for Robert to make him more comfortable) and he also felt he was in considerable pain.  It was undetermined from the X-rays and medical reports from the CACC if Robert was hit by a car, or if this was an old injury of some sort, but Robert also had lacerations on his face and legs.  Dr. Furman felt that he might have had a very serious condition to begin with and then being hit by the car exacerbated it and made him a complete paraplegic.  He did note that Robert DID have some feeling in his back paws so if we were to have ANY chance of operating on him, he could not lose that feeling entirely.  So he wanted him to go immediately for an MRI, and surgery, as it would be Robert’s best chance of survival and recovery. He also said that his bladder was very full and if we did not have someone round the clock to help him express it then there was a chance of it bursting or causing him a lot of discomfort and pain.  He needed critical care and he needed it asap!

robert4Ouch.  A snowstorm.  Hazardous road conditions and it was 4:30 pm now.  How were we going to get him over an hour away to Oradell?

I called Janet to try to figure out what we should do.  Many people think Pets Alive is this huge organization, with this immense budget, but the truth is that we are about 10-12 people strong (and some of those are part time) and our budgets is such that we run in a deficit every month until our annual Furball fundraiser and our smaller fundraisers all year that help to fill in the holes.

So looking at $8,000 to $10,000 worth of costs for Robert, a dog we didn’t even KNOW and the care he would need did stop my heart for a moment.  How the heck were we going to manage this?  Then I looked into his face, and I smiled at him, and he thumped his tail at me.  Thump.  Thump. Thump.

My heart melted and I called Janet – “What are we going to do?”.  She said that she was going to call her fiancé and that she and he were going to leave right then, come and pick up Robert and head to Oradell with him.  Right then.  At night.  In a snowstorm.  For a dog she hadn’t even met yet.

She is one of the more astonishing and amazing people I know.  Janet is everything you would hope for in a person that works for you, but more than that she is so amazingly caring and giving and loving to the animals of Pets Alive. She is irreplaceable.  I admire her so much, and more than that I respect her, her work and the person that she is.  I was so touched.

I left Robert in Dr. Furman’s care, while I took Sam back to Pets Alive.  Oh, and Sam the cat with the broken leg?  Yeah.  No.  Nothing wrong with the leg.  Dr. Furman did an X-ray and it was completely clean.  Sam has a little bite wound in his leg, and it is sore..that’s all. And his temperament is not hissy and aggressive as his sheet says.  He is a total sweetie.  A very nice cat.  I handed him over to Becky for intake and came home to write this blog.

robert2Robert is on his way with Janet to go to Oradell.  I don’t know what his future holds.  In the end if we can’t manage his pain and we can’t help him we may be forced to let him go, which would kill us all after all of this.

We have a connection to Robert, and a commitment now.  We looked into his eyes and we made him a promise.  I wish he had not lain at the CACC for days when immediate surgery could have maybe saved him, but that is the state of our city run shelter.  We will do the best that we can by him because this dog after being treated horribly, after being not cared about, after being hit by a car, after laying in his own filth, after not being able to release his own bladder, after living in pain for days…this dog looked at us …. and thumped his tail.

Pets Alive asks you to please help us with costs for Robert.  He is worth saving.  He is worth having a life and having someone to love him and having a chance at walking again.

We’re all pulling for you Robert.  Please keep fighting.  We are all fighting for you.

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  1. monica Says:

    aw man, what a guy (and story). hope he gets better real soon. this motivates me to scrap the pet-sitting biz and start a dog rescue!!!

  2. Beth Gallagher Says:

    Words cannot express my gratitude to you for saving Robert and everyone else. I have donated $50 to his care and I pray that he makes it. Thank you so very much.

  3. ToolGal462 Says:

    I just made a doation for Robert. I just love him and thank you all for rescuing him along with the others! God bless you all for your compassion and har work.

  4. Lori Hoffman Says:

    Bless your hearts! Robert is gorgeous! Good job guys!

  5. Cindy Carlone Says:

    Typing through tears~just can’t thank you enough for saving this guy–and the others–today. Just an amazing effort on your part! May Robert’s tail continue to thump for a good, long time :-)

  6. Denise Mira Says:

    Gave what I could and shared on my FaceBook Wall. Praying for Robert, his face just melted my heart. God Bless you all for caring so much and doing such great work. I call it God’s work.

  7. Amy Says:

    GOD bless you! We all worked so hard to share and cross-post him! I am so happy :)

    Thank you so very very much!

  8. Jennifer Olszweskk Says:

    God bless you all!! You did the right thing. Robert’s sweet face just breaks my heart. You are safe now, sweet boy!

  9. Mara Comitas Says:

    Dr. Carberry, at Oradell Animal Hospital, saved my little dachshund, Chico, not once, but twice. although he has many issues that can befall a dachshund, he has made it to age 13+ and is not just hanging in there, but doing well. He was unable to walk for a few months after his surgery, but he did. Don’t give up hope and give Robert time. Chico also has Cushing’s Disease which is controlled by expensive oral chemo drugs. I am unable to send $ for a chip-in but Robert will be in my prayers. Dog bless you for pulling him.

  10. Leslie Says:

    Are you familiar with Leggings for Life? They might be able to help Robert if he doesn’t regain the use of his back legs. They make custom crocheted “leggings” to protect the legs of pets whose hind limbs are paralyzed or deformed. Here’s a video showing how they work:

    While the video shows a cat, they make them for dogs too. Since the organization is not-for-profit, the leggings are provided to pet owners free of charge through the Leggings for Life Facebook page.

  11. Laura Says:

    Unbelievable story. As many as I have rescued and rehabilitated over the years, these animals never cease to amaze me how they still trust people. Good luck to Robert and thank you for all that you do for these animals. God bless.

  12. Lori Scinto Says:

    You’re wonderful people and bless you all. Thank you thank you thank you for what you did for Robert. Donation forthcoming!

  13. Shenayah Says:

    Can’t stop thinking about this sweet soul languishing in pain at the ACC. Thank you so, so very much for saving him! I’ve sent in my donation and I’m sharing his story.

  14. Mary Ann Curtis Says:

    I don’t even have words to express how I feel about everyone involved in trying to help Robert and the others. Seeing Robert’s photos is almost too much to bear. I have to hope and pray he didn’t get this far without a chance at life. I donated and hope others can.

  15. cymbre gudal Says:

    i cannot say thank you enough for saving roberts life.. His pic in the shelter last night tore me apart.. i donated a little wish i could give more.. praying for robert

  16. Melissa Mariner, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Network Says:

    This story brought me to tears and tugged at my heart. I thank you all so much for saving this gentle soul. I can’t even find the words to thank you enough. We need more people like you in this world! I sent a small donation, not nearly enough to cover the vet bills you will have with this baby, but I wanted to help be a part of his recovery. Every little bit helps, right?

  17. Mark Says:

    I saw Robert’s post last night and asked all my furangels to send an angel to help this little guy, my babies came through. All I can do is pray for and share these precious babies, being disabled and tons of medical bills I have no money to give. I do volunteer at the only no kill shelter here in Houston,TX and when I got home tonight and saw he was saved it was the best part of a bad day. Thank you for pulling them all these precious ones. Please keep us updated on Robert. I know how terrifying it is to lose the use of body parts and Robert’s eyes show that terror.


    I’m one of them that pleaded for Roberts life last night, his picture broke my heart. I can not find the words to express how thankful I am for your warm, loving beautiful heart and your wonderful staff. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and may God Bless you all

  19. Judy Iannone Vicenzo Says:

    Reading your recent Blog on Robert was one of the most heart touching things I have read in a long time, thank you for your compassion to you and your staff you are amazing and saving Robert and giving him the chance to recover while being loved warms the heart. Not only did you rescue Robert but all of the animals that you took as well that same night takes a special person. God has to bless your efforts you are truly an amazing person!!

  20. Donna Bullen Says:

    Please keep us posted – will be praying for him. I don’t think that I could have looked him in the eye and let him go either.

  21. Leah Says:

    You asked what we saw in his eyes?

    I see pride. I see him saying “Look at me. I’m so ashamed. I’m better than this. I don’t want you seeing me like this. This isn’t what I used to be.”

    And you loved him anyway. Thank you.

  22. Janice Doty Says:

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt blog–even with the tears!
    Donation–and very likely volunteering-will be headed your way!!

    What I saw in Robert’s eyes was initially forgiveness–but then Hope–thank you!

  23. Gari-Ann Says:

    Angels, all of you!

  24. claire Says:

    I feel so proud there are people like you in the world. Good kind people who are able to help those animals in need.
    I saw Robert yesterday on the website and was struck by his big beautiful eyes and his hopeless situation.

    When I saw you had taken him in I shed a tear or two of relief.

    You want to know what I see in his eyes?
    The first picture taken in the ACC I see a dog who has given up and the second picture I see a dog with hope in his eyes, there is a spark which was not in the first picture. Its as if he is saying “Thank You”

  25. lori Says:

    donated a wee bit and reposted on you Robert

  26. Suzy Says:

    Gotta love a vet named Furman. God luv you all.

  27. Ashley Says:

    Just donated a small amount, caring for 3 rescue Danes and helping our rescue too I know how hard it is, but every little amount helps. I hope he is able to rehabilitate his legs and live out his days surrounded by love.

  28. Renee Says:

    I have tears running down my cheeks as I read this. Robert is a beautiful soul and has been fortunate enough to have the ANGELS of Pets Alive come into his life. There are not enough words to be able to thank you. I am sending my donation now and hope that many more will too. How can anyone not be deeply touched by Robert “thumping” his tail when he is suffering so much??? Again, thank you, thank you, thank you and PLEASE keep us posted!!!

  29. Eileen Says:

    Robert has touched my heart so deeply….I have been bawling since I read this!! As soon as I get my paycheck I will be chipping in for his care. God bless all of you at Pets Alive for all you do and for trying so hard to save Robert. Please post updates whenever you are able….you are all heroes and I am so grateful to all of you!! Stay strong Robert….we are all praying for you!!

  30. Justine Says:

    I have just made a donation for Robert in memory of my dogs Sienna & Chulo who I lost just a yrs ago within 2 months of each other. Roberts story hits very close to home as Chulo has a resuce who was hit by a car & ended with a shattered pelvic & severe hip displasia in both hips. After multipule surgeries & lots of tlc he was my baby for 13yrs!!!! After his sister Sienna died of cancer his old bones & broken heart gave up & he crossed the rainbow bridge to be with her. So to Robert, my prayers & thoughts are with you every day in hopes of a good recovery, your story has touched my heart & soul & will be routing for you!!!! xoxoxo

  31. Justine Says:

    And to all the staff at Pet’s Alive: You truly are ANGELS!!!! God Bless you all!!!!

  32. Mary Helen Says:

    Just donated for Robert and shared his story on Facebook. Thank you for saving him.

  33. Laura T. Says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do. I sent a donation – I wish it could be more. There is a special place in heaven for you all.

  34. Shelley Says:

    Just donated!!! Hope everything works out well for sweet Robert!!

  35. Kim Says:

    I saw the posting on FBook and it broke my heart, but thanks to you wonderful people Robert has a chance! I donated a little and will be looking for updates

  36. Meggan Says:

    God Bless you and your organization, as well as Robert. The story was beyond touching and Robert deserves a good life. I just donated $50. Seems like so little compared to the amount needed, but with each paycheck, I’ll continue to donate. I’ve also shared this with various friends and family as well as posted on my various social network accounts. Thank you for doing what you did.

  37. Samantha Says:

    Just donated. Will forward this on to everyone in my address book.


  38. Kasia Says:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Keeping our angel Robert in my thoughts and I will donate towards his care. <3

  39. Barbara Says:

    You are truly amazing people. I just want to take Robert home myself and snuggle him up. My only regret is that I can’t donate more. Hopefully you’ll reach your goal for Robert. We need more people like you fighting for animals.

  40. Linnea Says:

    I just made a $75 contribution for the care of Robert and I pray he survives and that his life becomes a comfort and joy to him and whomever takes him into their life. Thank YOU folks for taking care of these gifts from God and doing what you do so that we can also help. Healing and LOVE and JOY to Robert! Linnea

  41. Stephanie Says:

    When you have days that seem dark and dreary the universe always shows you hope. This is hope… you people give hope… you remind us all there is hope and goodness in a world where somedays you’re not so sure. From my four bully breeds, Angus, Maggie, Dakota and River and myself, we applaud you and sent $50. Please keep us posted. And thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for having hope for all creatures great and small.

  42. Louisa Says:

    Reading this story yesterday broke my heart. Have sent a small donation from London, UK and will be sending as many healing vibes as possible for a good recovery for Robert. To know he is in caring / loving hands now is a blessing. Thank you.

  43. Kirsten Says:

    My favorite line in this post is “there was only one cat on the death list the night before that was not pulled by rescue.” Great job, rescuers of the NYC area! When I was volunteering at CACC I had no idea what an incredible rescue community exists in the area. Lots of love to Robert and I’ve donated to his fund.

  44. Brandi Says:

    Oh my! I am crying for Robert, hopefully he is “fixable” to at least a comfortable level. I have seen many dogs like this in my years at vet clinics, so I have hope for him. He looks so much like our Pit Bull mix we lost in December, it is uncanny. Our Gator(who was also a rescue) went down with hind limb paralysis, but quickly progressed to front limb paralysis with suspected Botulism poisoning, so we had no choice but to euthanize with the grim prognosis. I will be watching for updates, and THANK YOU for helping him!

  45. marylynn Says:

    I’m only sorry I couldn’t donate a little more – His story broke my heart -prayers and well wishes for this strong boy! <3

  46. Louie's Mom Says:

    Thank you so much for wanting to help this sweet guy. I always fall for the hardest of the hard luck ones, have donated to try to help Robert with the hope that he can be saved and brought back to a state of happy and reasonable health. I have donated to help many special needs, serious health problem rescues. Some make it, and some do not, but they all touch many hearts. I hope and pray that Robert will be one of the lucky ones. <3 Thank you for caring about him.

  47. Michelle Says:

    I donated as much as I could and posted on Facebook…I hope everything goes well for Robert…he looks so sweet! Sending him good vibes…

  48. Jen Says:

    Oh. Reading this broke my heart into tiny little pieces. Thank you for saving him, and for being there to show him that we humans aren’t all bad. Knowing that he will get the care he needs, and the love he deserves from you guys is the ONLY reason I was able to bear reading this. I don’t have much right now, but I’ve sent as much as I can spare. Lots of love to poor Robert, and to the staff there for being the kind of awesome people you are.

  49. Celeste Orduno Says:

    Good luck, Robert. Hugs, kisses, love and prayers from me!! I donated!! :)

  50. Susan Levinson Says:

    I’m crying so much after reading this; it breaks my heart. Just made a donation and will be hoping fervently for a good outcome.

  51. STella Says:

    I am beyond impressed and inspired by you and your staff. My heart and my prayers go out to Robert, and I am making a donation towards his care. I want his tail to keep thumping, I want him to heal, and I want him to feel loved…I know he already is! I am, however, so disheartened and angry about the BACC…I volunteer with adoption and rescue here in Brooklyn..and I know this goes on all the time at the ACC…the neglect is rampant, it borders on abuse; in the outside world, it would be considered criminal. The shelter system must be reformed. Till that day…I cant thank you enough for saving Robert and the others..and for all you do…these animals dont have a chance at the ACC…I am so grateful for your compassion and your efforts. Pls keep up updated on Robert…and the kitty that didnt have a broken leg. He would have been doomed there too. Thank you.

  52. Sandra Birnhak Says:

    Robert spoke to me – donate sent. May the angels watch over this sweet baby. Please keep us posted.

  53. Sandra Birnhak Says:

    Robert spoke to me – donation sent. May the angels watch over this sweet baby. Please keep us posted.

  54. Tara Says:

    Donation has been made for Robert. I hope and pray that he makes it though and finds his true family. Just wish I could take him myself! Smooch the pooch for us!

  55. Heather Says:

    I am just crying reading this. Thank you for your wonderful writing and the unending love you and your group have for these animals, especially Robert. I’ll donate what I can and please keep us posted. He finally will have the love and support that all animals and people deserve.

  56. Love Animals Too Says:

    Robert looks to be such a sweet dog. I am posting in as many locations as possible in order to help this beautiful animal.

  57. Marie Brancaccio Says:

    Thank You Pets Alive for saving Robert , I have been a volunteer at ACC since 1999 , and have seen first hand the sadness that take’s place in this place , I Thank You for all the work you do and making a life saving difference in the lives of many animals !!!

  58. Allison Says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for all the furbabies. Ten months ago today, I went looking for a senior cat because I know how they’re always the first to go and too many people were giving up their pets. I have 2 male cats who moved with me to CA from NJ four years ago. It was time to save another life. My (11 yr. old) Tiffany was given up by her owners at age 9 for chronic UTI. They took her to the vet to be put down. He said she just needed surgery and she’d be fine. They weren’t interested and thankfully the vet and Cat Connection took care of her. Almost a year later, I came knockin and she’s purrrfectly sweet, talkative, playful and joyful. In honor of Tiffany, Robert, Jose, Sam, and all the senior pets, neglected pets, abused pets–I love you all and wish I could make more than a little donation. Be well everyone :)

  59. Caroline Says:

    I love you Kerry – and I also enjoy reading anything you write. Who could look at Robert and pass this little heart by? You amaze me – I remember what Pets Alive was when you stepped up and took over – I have seen the progress Pets Alive has made with you at the helm. Thank you for all you do – you are blessed in heaven already and I am certain all of the animals you have helped will be there waiting for you.

  60. Kathy Precht Says:

    My prayers go out to Robert. One look into his eyes and he is asking for help and so wants to live.
    He is a gorgeous baby and deserves all the best. I have made a donation towards his care.
    Thank you so much for saving Robert and the many others! I know he can win the fight to live and have a loving home with people that will give him the love and care he truely deserves. His furry guardian angels are watching over him and the many others that do not want to die due to humans. God Bless Robert. Please keep us updated on Roberts recovery and the others who were saved.

  61. Suzanne Says:

    I made a donation this evening on behalf of Robert and other pups who need help. My next dog will be one just like Robert … a dog that needs me the most.

  62. Jaime Says:

    This FB update is true though,yes?

    Pets Alive
    ROBERT UPDATE! There is a 70% chance that Robert WILL WALK AGAIN after SURGERY and REHAB!!!!!

  63. Martha Says:

    Donation sent……poor Robert, hopefully he will walk again! What a wonderful job you all do!! Thank you!!

  64. Donna Says:

    To Leah… post #27. You nailed it.
    Thank you… from Robert, and me. People like you make the world a better place.

  65. Ginny Says:

    Oh, he’s going to make it. You can see it in his eyes. Fantastic work by you and the Oradell Animal Hospital. Today is my birthday and Robert gets my birthday wish for health and a safe, loving home. We’re pulling for you, Robert my boy, and sending a little money for your care. Now that you know you’re safe, you can put all your energy into getting well. Hugs and lots of extra pep from my border collie rescue, Jack.

  66. Donna Says:

    Shoot, I meant #21. Leah. You spoke what he has in his eyes.

  67. NYCACC Moving Steadily Backwards | In Dog We Trust Says:

    […] can find out more about Robert in Kerry’s excellent blog about him. Such a sweet boy. The cost of his treatment and surgery is estimated to be between $8,000 – […]

  68. Cindy Emmerson Says:

    Hope is doing just that one more thing, because you just can’t not do it. Hope is carrying on even though things look hopeless & inspiring others to follow your lead. Bless you & thank you. You have shown this beautiful soul that his trust was not misplaced :)

  69. Joan Says:

    You people are amazing. I sure hope Robert pulls through. They are worth all the effort aren’t they? I am sure you will get the help you need to help these precious animals. Praying for a great outcome for Robert. Thanks for having the tremendous compassion and integrity to go above and beyond for these animals.

  70. Jennifer Probst Says:

    Will do everything I can to help Robert…he is an amazing soul who deserves to live.

  71. linda Says:

    Thank You for saving Robert, and for all you have already quickly done for him! Made my donation thru paypal…will be happy to see update:0

  72. Nancy Austin Says:

    What I saw in Roberts eyes initially was close to defeat. I pray that he hadn’t been injured right before he was picked up as a stray and suffered without medical attention and pain medication while he was at the pound. Animal abuse and neglect is illegal whether you wear a uniform or not.
    Thank you Pets Alive for taking him on. In spite of his terrible circumstances he obviously appreciates your kindness.
    I sometimes wish animals could tell us their stories. But, I fear most of them would be more than I could bare.

  73. cymbre gudal Says:

    How is Robert doing today?? Im so curious on his updates.. thank you

  74. Elaine Seberg Says:

    It’s great that Pets Alive is there to save animals like Robert. I melted when I saw his eyes that seemed to say; “Please help me.” I’ll be making a special contribution for him.

  75. Barbara Says:

    Please continue to keep us updated on Robert — I am making a donation for his care and recovery. Dr. Furman and his staff are so caring — he is my vet — very kind people. Hopefully, Oradell will give you a break on the MRI and the surgery — this is a special case.

  76. Tretz Says:

    I sent my pledge for Robert and I would like to thank you all for giving him a chance. I am an ASPCA guardian since 2008 my monthly donation is not too big but I know it can still help somehow. I am touched how much dedication and love you are sharing to these animals especially the injured ones and now I would like to offer a monthly donation to your rescue group. Thank you again. I pray to see Robert gets better.

  77. Tori Vollmer Says:

    Having worked as a kennel worker at a vet hospital where we also did rescue work, I can truly appreciate how difficult it is to have to choose to pull one animal over another at animal control, especially knowing the likely fate that awaits those who remain behind. It was no doubt the right choice to make when you pulled Robert. His sweet expression of trust and anticipation of help is apparent. I am sending my donation as well and ask that we all remember not only Robert in out thoughts and prayers, but the countless others who aren’t fortunate enough to be able to be rescued in time to find their “forever home”.

  78. Karen King Says:

    Thank you for saving this sweet dog, I just donated $100 to Robert, I hope this little will help.

  79. Rose Says:

    There is a special place in heaven for people like you. I also made a donation to help Robert.

  80. Dan Deyo Says:

    Donated but please let us know as soon as you can what Robert’s status is. If more donations for him are required
    send out another mass letter. I will respond. We are pulling for him.

  81. Kelly Offerman Says:

    I donated for Robert. Your post and his picture had me in tears! How can anyone expect a poor dog to live like that! It just hurst me and disgusts me so bad!!! Look at those eyes!!! Unbelieveable. I couldn’t donate much, only $50 but I really hope it helps! I just HAD to do something!!!!

  82. Bill Says:

    Bless this little dog. Thank you for saving him.

  83. Marion Kaselle Says:

    Dear Robert brings back to me the image of my Cocker, Jimmy, the night his lumber disc ruptured. He was only 18 months old (adopted from Elmsford pre PAW). I rushed him to Oradell. I was told the next morning that he was inoperable, the central nerve was dead, he would never walk again and should be euthanized. I said NO, not unless Jimmy told me he wanted to go—he was so young and vital, and now so scared. The doctors at Oradell were shocked when I kept my word and arrived 2 hours later to take Jimmy home. They refused to give me any information about dog carts—thank goodness it was 2003 and I had internet access. Jimmy would not give up. Within 3 days he was able to stand on his own, for a moment. The custom cart arrived within 10 days, and it was a great help to his rehab: the wheels were his hindleg support, but allowed his hindlegs the free motion to properly exercise the muscles and rebuild blood circulation. I have photos of him 3 weeks after the incident: he is running, his hindlegs making the motions that rebuilt his strength. Within 4 months he was out of his cart, wobbly, but walking and eventually running on his own. Yes, he is incontinent, and still wobbly behind, and I carry him up steep stairs, but his beautiful soul is still alive and loving life, and at my side. Thank goodness for people like you at Pets Alive, who recognize the value of each soul and do not give up!

  84. Bill Says:

    Just saw this and told my wife if she wants to give me a birthday present to donate to you to help him. Thank you for all you do.

  85. The Mast Family Says:

    Robert,You are such a handsome boy! We donated to help you and are praying for you.
    Hugs and Love,The Mast Family

  86. Shannon Drean Says:

    Thank you so much to Pets Alive for saving Robert, I just saw on a post above that he has a 70% chance of walking again. That’s AWESOME news! When I first saw Robert’s picture in the TBD list at the ACC I instantly started crying. I hurt my back 5 years ago and just this January have started to get some function back, so I could relate to his posture and knew how much pain he was in. I am so unbelievably thankful that you took a chance on him, people like you restore my faith in humanity. I am in awe of you. God bless you and Robert in your journey together!

  87. Dennis Says:

    We too have sent in $50. What a heart-tugging story! Thank you for rescuing Robert. We too would like to add our increasing number of voices requesting updates – isn’t there any additional word on Rob?

  88. Maureen Says:

    I just saw that this update about Robert was posted on the Pets Alive facebook page…so I am quoting it here for those who are not on facebook…

    “Just spoke to the surgeon at Oradell regarding Robert. He IS eating this morning, which is obviously a very good sign. As far as his mobility, he is no better BUT no worse than yesterday. His progress will depend on how long he sat with this injury. The vet says that he seems comfortable and well managed for pain. She will call before leaving her shift later today for another progress report.”

  89. Geri Says:

    Thank you for saving Robert. I also sent a $50 donation to help with Robert’s care.

  90. Meridth Hammer Says:

    Donated $100 on the PetsAlive website with a note to Robert. He deserves all the good coming to him. Hugs and Kisses. XOXOXO.

  91. juanita Says:

    Can you please keep me posted with his progress? I don’t have the money to help out but this is so sad I really want to know how he’s doing. I hope he gets better soon.

  92. Kristen Says:

    This absolutely breaks my heart. I hope everything works out for this guy.

  93. Donna M Says:

    i cried my eyes out reading this. Donna at pets alive helped me find the love of my life, my 1 & 1/2 year old collie/boxer mix “kip”. I’ll try to donate what i can & spread the word. Everyone at pets alive took amazing care of my baby Kip and they do such an amazing job. Keep spreading the love XoX

  94. Annette & Bob Barletta Says:

    We donated $100 last night and Bob’s office will match 2 to 1 so another $200 coming! Please, please keep us all advised of Robert’s progress. Thank you all at Pets Alive for the miracles you make happen every single day.

  95. Annette & Bob Says:

    Donated $100 last night after reading about Robert. Eyes filled with tears and slobbering through Paypal! Bob’s office will match donation two to one, so another $200 coming! Please, please let us all know how Robert is doing. You are all miracle workers over there at Pets Alive. Love to all.

  96. Maureen Says:

    Thank goodness you pulled all of these animals! Animals who are highly adoptable who were being railroaded to a death sentence…as well wonderful Robert who just seems that no part of him says he has given up on life yet. Like I am sure just about everyone else who has read this blog…I wish I could give more…and yet, I know that no matter how small the amount, it does make a difference.

  97. Meg Says:

    Oh such a story. You’re all heros. Please give updates when you can.

  98. Mia and Remy & Royal Says:

    Thank you for trying to help Robert. He seems to be such a sweet boy. I gave what I could…wasnt alot but my babies can stand a Friday without rawhide treats…no biggie, we’d rather help Robert. God bless you all for helping these beautiful animals.

  99. Lisa Says:

    I was one of the many on facebook pleading for someone to save Robert’s life. His picture got to me so much, and luckily for Robert, it got you too! You are all amazing! I hope Robert gets better and thank you so much for giving him a chance and not letting him die in that place.

  100. Shanna Says:

    We all need to do our part to save the the Animals…they need us all !!!! Thank you for Pets Alive, what an amazing story!! Prays for Robert & all the other animals in need!! Donations coming soon from myself & other family members-

  101. Nana Says:

    All of you volunteers make the world a better place. We need more people like you. God bless you!

  102. Annette & Bob Says:

    Haven’t heard about Robert’s condition. Any word yet? On pins and needles. It is so heartening to see so many people care about Robert.

  103. jules Says:

    Robert’s story broke my heart -I admire every one of you who dedicate your time and love to these precious animals-you are as special as they are-thanks to you you give them meaning- I gladly made a donation and and many prayers-God bless all of you.

  104. Loretta Says:

    just wondering how Robert is doing and where he is.

  105. Maureen Says:

    For updates on Robert, you can follow Pets Alive on twitter &/or facebook…but here is the latest from them as of Monday morning, March 5th…(thoughts and prayers for Robert)…

    “Robert update: Robert is still not eating well. He occasionally eats but not enough to sustain him, so he is still on IV’s to help…

    He still also can not express his own bladder and the doctors feel that because he lay so long without having it expressed, that …

    …that he may have lost the muscle ability to do that and so is on meds to try to help rebuild that.

    He also has not shown much improvement in any sort of mobility or feeling &they would have expected to see more recovery of function by now.

    So, thus far it seems that our attempts to help Robert have not been very successful, I am sorry to say.

    His pain is being managed though and he is more comfortable now, so let’s see what the next couple of days hold for him. :(“

  106. Tania Says:

    Can I adopt him???

  107. Robin Says:

    With so many people behind Robert, he just has to improve. If you can overcome by love & Prayer Robert would be up walking by now. At least he is not alone in his time of need. That brings me comfort. I love you Robert, I can’t get your little face out of my mind. Good luck Buddy.

  108. Annette & Bob Says:

    Oh Robert, please, please make it through. We all love you so and there is a wonderful life waiting for you in a forever home with love and comfort and toys and good food. Come on buddy, please try.

  109. Maureen Says:

    Today’s update on Robert…slow improvement…please keep the thoughts and prayers coming…

    “Update: Robert appears to be in better spirits today. Much happier & calmer. Still no increased mobility or ability to urinate on his own…

    …but the doctors are trying to get him onto all oral meds instead of IV’s so that he can come back to Pets Alive & recover here.”

  110. Cathy Says:

    You guys do wonderful work! I just donated $200 and will speak to my husband about adopting Robert. He looks so sweet! We adopted our Morgan from you, she is the light of our life! Keep up the good work, I’ll say a prayer for Robert, please keep us updated on his condition!

  111. Annette Says:

    Please, please publish update on webite so those of us non-facebook and twitter users can read about Robert’s status.
    And, I would love to come visit Robert when he is more on the mend, just to say hello and cheer him up. Whoever adopts him is an angel and will also be in my prayers. Stay strong sweet baby Robert!

  112. Karen Says:

    I also just donated. I remember seeing a post for this dog a while back. My heart just broke looking at him. Thank you for rescuing him.

  113. Rebecca Says:

    Just donated and I hope that Robert comes through with flying colors. He’s such a sweet dog, and please keep updating his status.

  114. Thania Says:

    Can I adopt him??

  115. Sean Christopher Says:

    You folks are great.. He is a trooper for hanging in there. I will donate. I am the proud parent of a Pitbull and I could never see him hurt in anyway. He has a strong spirit… I feel good about him.

  116. kerry Says:

    Tons of updates on Robert and tons of pictures posted at: – take a look! Robert is here at Pets Alive with us, and yes he IS adoptable to a home that can meet his needs (and right now he has many). If you are that home, please fill out an adoption application at ! Thank you ALL for your support and financial help and most of all your love and good will and hopes for a better future for Robert. Thanks to ALL of you – he WILL GET THAT!!!!!!!! THANK YOU! He was WORTH IT! He IS worth it!

  117. Diana Says:

    Tears are running down my face as I type this…I just donated what I could since i’m not working at the moment. Every penny spent on Robert is worth it!! I WILL have my animal sanctuary soon so I can help every animal and love them unconditionally as they have loved me unconditionally.

  118. Jenny Says:

    Such a wonderful boy. Thank you so much for having BIG HEARTS.

    Next payday…..

  119. Stephanie Says:

    each time I would start reading, I would have to stop because of tears in my eyes. <3 donation sent! :)

    Keep up the good work guys!

  120. Sean Christopher Says:

    Just donated 50.00 in the name of that fantastic courageous robert. TY for caring.. My Pitbull Max told me to do it. Max second the idea.

  121. Erin Says:

    I donated to Robert just now. My dog has had two back surgeries and was paralyzed twice. He couldnt wag his tail when he was paralyzed so hopefully that is a good sign for Robert! Each time my Stanley learned how to walk again. Thank you for giving him a second chance. If you are in the market for a wheelchair check out Eddies Wheels in Massachusetts. They are one of the absolute best.

  122. Cindy M Says:

    I donated what I could to Robert, thanks to one of your volunteers writing about it in Facebook. I hope that every little bit helps.

  123. Carrie Says:

    Can you please update us on Robert’s status? Was he able to have surgery?

  124. Leslie Argo Says:

    Tears & Joy for those so dedicated to save every living, loving creature. As you said, Roberts eyes reached out to you, me to believe that All deserve better care & love. I’m a huge dog, cat, horse, etc loving person. Roberts story brought me to huge tears, thank you for all you & your staff do to save these beautiful creatures! I’ve made a donation for Roberts care, but would like to also know more about the references to wheels for mobility when he’s up & ready to get about on his next joyful adventure. Again, thank you for your brave & giving rescue of Robert!

  125. Leslie Argo Says:

    When can, please update me on Roberts status. If he’s better, I’d like to know about the wheels for mobility. Thank you.

  126. Amy Says:

    I cross-posted and shared this little fellow more than any I ever have the night before he was to be put down. This is the video and webpage I show people who have given up trying to help the animals. You all are the reason I keep foraging ahead. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul.

  127. bonnie Says:

    I follow the blog everyday after having donated towards this brave dog and those loving folks who care for him.
    How is he doing today?
    God bless

  128. Maureen Says:

    Until there’s a moment free to write a new blog about Robert…even if you don’t have a twitter account…be sure to use this link to get to their twitter account and see all sorts of wonderful pictures of how Robert is now…and read on his latest news…

    (including that he is up to having some visitors who might want to come by and sit with him for a while and tell him what a wonderful boy he is!)…!/petsalive

  129. Maureen Says:

    Ugh, trying to post the link to their twitter account again…!/petsalive

    I hope this one will work!

  130. Maureen Says:

    Okay, last try…link to Pets Alive’s twitter account…

  131. Krecia Says:

    It took me about 2o minutes to read this…I could not stop sobbing! I am legally blind and understand how difficult it can be living with a disability and this poor little boy can’t even talk to tell anyone how he was feeling. God Bless you for saving him. I know that with angels like you, he will live a long, happy and love filled life! Donating to help him, I don’t have much but I’ll give what I can.

  132. Christina G Says:

    Pets Alive is very special to me. This reminds me why they are.

    Pets Alive (Sue and Kerry) took in 2 sweet dogs from NC who were locked up for 3 years in a pound that no one knew about the pound does not advertise, locked up with no human contact, with newspaper covering the window, their only light..the story is posted in a blog here below at the link. After a long long progress of me trying to get them out alive, going through the system, courts, District Attorneys, Judges… it was another very long process to find a rescue to take them. They could only be released to a rescue..No one wanted them..and I contacted everyone! almost lost hope until I got that one email from Pets Alive. Pets Alive stepped up to take them in. I couldnt believe it.

    Story of Biscuit and Orka, (their names have been changed from the ones in the article)

    And here they are on their petfinder page



    Robert, Biscuit and Orka, keep on waggin your tails!

  133. Robert Rocks and Rolls | In Dog We Trust Says:

    […] Remember Robert? He’s the dog who was most likely hit by a car and saved from Brooklyn Animal Care and Control by Pets Alive. […]

  134. Annette Says:

    How is Robert? Those of us that don’t have twitter or face book want to have an update too!

  135. Laurie Says:

    Here in Clearwater, FL there was a miracle packaged in a small dolphin named Winter. She gave and continues to give SO many PEOPLE hope and inspiration. A little boy rescued her and with the help of a small, bankrupt aquarium, they gave her new life in the form of a prosteic tail. In turn she gave the aquarium new life as well. A movie was made about her and it was a happy ending… My point is, perhaps this little Robert, like Winter is really the Angel in the story. I hope his tale (pun intended) wags to SO MANY people and there is a surgence of funding coming his way that he is able to help many of the other animals there too.
    God Bless all of you who are donating and caring for this little guy. There was a post commenting about the difference in pictures. I agree and say the first picture showed a helpless animal feeling doomed and seemingly ready for his ‘punishment’ whereas the newer ones show a renewed sense of a dog who knows he is saved and is grateful for it. I hope his story becomes a bigger story with a happy ending = )

  136. Savanna Says:

    Can I please have an update on this poor little guy? Were you able to save him? Are you still needing donations for him?

  137. A Miracle Named Rockin’ Robert | ?????.! Says:

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  139. anna butler Says:

    I just saw this story on Pinterest!!! Can someone tell me if Robert Survived???? I have So much Respect for your Rescue!!! Hope to have my own Rescue someday!!! Please let me know about Robert!!! Thank you!!!

  140. Pamela Wallace Says:

    What ever happened to Robert?

  141. Jenessa Cutler Says:

    Robert was adopted by a loving volunteer and even has his very own facebook page! You can continue to follow him and his story here

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