Spencer Roveto presented with the Kameron Jacobsen Award at the Pets Alive 2013 Fur Ball

The Kameron Jacobsen Award:
Spencer Roveto

Kameron Jacobsen was a 14 year old boy with a very loving and gentle nature. He was kind, giving, and generous. He volunteered with his family at Pets Alive and had a special bond with animals – his compassion truly made a difference in their lives. Kameron lost his life as the result of bullying by some of his contemporaries – bullying that was so relentless Kameron felt he could no longer live in such a world. We grieve along with Kameron’s family at this horrific loss.

This award was named for Kameron and is given by Pets Alive each year to publicly recognize a youth that acts as a positive example for other young people by exhibiting empathy and kindness toward animals and selflessness in helping those animals. Just as importantly, like Kameron, the recipients of this award extend those same qualities toward people – especially peers. Like Kameron, these are young men and women that we want others to look up to.

spencerThis year we are proud to announce the recipient of the Kameron Jacobsen award is Spencer Roveto.

Spencer is a junior volunteer with Pets Alive. He has shown a dedication, commitment, work ethic and responsibility toward all the animals at the sanctuary.

Last year he worked all summer, almost every day as a volunteer. Spencer worked in the kennel cleaning and feeding the dogs, he worked with the dog staff and helped care for and train the dogs. He not only cleaned kennels, but he filled waters, he scrubbed and filled pools, he fed and groomed dogs, he walked and helped train the dogs, he helped maintain the grounds, he painted, and mowed, and weed whacked, and helped in any way requested of him – even for those jobs that were not all that pleasant!

Spencer worked tirelessly to help our animals. He also listened and respected the training offered to him by the Pets Alive staff, he has helped to spread that knowledge to others and he is always courteous and polite to other volunteers or visitors at the sanctuary.

For that, and so much more, we are proud to present him with the Kameron Jacobsen award. Thank you Spencer, for all you have done, and continue to do for Pets Alive.

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