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Some people think we’re superheroes.  I’m serious! They think we all have capes and we zoom in and save animals from certain death while simultaneously providing them with all of the medical care they need and an excellent quality of life and adopting them immediately into perfect homes. People ask us all the time how we do this.

It IS true that we do indeed accomplish all of these remarkable things on a daily basis. We aren’t super heroes, although the zooming part is true.  We do tend to run around a lot. Especially Andrea. Sometimes Juan might even wear a cape. – He’d do it if it helped a dog, anyway. But the real secret to how we accomplish all of these marvelous things is actually volunteers.

Jim with catsVolunteers are what give Pets Alive our superhero skills. They take on complex and difficult projects in a single bound. They walk dogs faster than a speeding bullet. They rewire our laundry room. They file stuff , take kittens to offsite events, promote adoptions and clean. They come in when we need them and make us smile when we are having a hard day. They are a crucial part of the Pets Alive family.  They help us save lives.

While we have many great volunteers at Pets Alive, we could always use more. Right now, we are looking for some volunteers to do a few specific things.

Vol with ShayOur mornings are rough in the kennel and the cattery. Animals do tend to make a mess and most of our mornings are spent cleaning up after them. We could always use some help with this. We would love it if we could get some volunteers to come and clean on a set schedule every week. Just giving us an hour or two in the morning one day a week would directly contribute to our ability to save lives.

Fund raising is also always a challenge. If you are good at video production, we could really use your help right now. We want to tell many stories and video is a great way to do that. We have two great volunteers already who are great at this. I’d love to have an army!

vol with rexxOur improving adoptability team works with dogs to help them overcome their issues and get placed into homes. Each dog needs someone to work with him or her throughout the week.  Improving adoptability is held at 11:30 on Saturday mornings. Why not come pick a dog and commit to them? A few hours every week will make a huge difference for that dog. When that dog gets adopted, you’ll help another dog too because you’ll be freeing up a kennel. Interested in learning more? Contact Robin at robin@petsalive.com.

Do you fix things? Yes? Great. We have a lot that’s broken. Many of our buildings need repair work and if you’re handy, we need you! We’ll provide the materials if you do the project.

Can you foster? If you can help a dog or cat that has just come in, you can make a space for us to save another animal. We need fosters most of all right now. If you are interested please contact info@petsalive.com to learn more!

Please come by and consider being a superhero yourself. Our orientation is held every Saturday at noon. You don’t need an appointment to attend. Just come by. We’ll be so happy to see you that we might even give you a cape!

A. Lodato photoOur mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

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  1. Jane Says:

    There was no mention of your incredible adoptions team. They also wear capes.

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    Thanks a lot for the great article

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