We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

            If you’re reading this, then you care about animals and you care about saving them. You already understand what it means to be an advocate. So I’m going to get straight to the point.

We need your help. We’ve been slammed from every side in the last few months with building repairs, medical bills and the mounting costs associated with running a sanctuary. The past year has brought a ton of change and we are scrambling to get our feet underneath us.  We’re getting a little worried.Dicepic

We’ve never stopped saving lives. It’s always been our priority. But we need a steady stream of income to keep us on our feet. So we are asking you for a favor. Donate one hour ‘s worth of your pay to Pets Alive each month in the form of a monthly sponsorship .

Monthly sponsorships allow us to breathe a little.  To know that there will be money coming in. To say yes when we might otherwise have to say no. For just a few dollars a month you can make a significant impact to the animals in your own community.  And it DOES make a huge impact. Every time I see a new sponsorship I cheer inside. I think about how that donation brings us one more step closer to being able to achieve a no kill community.  I think about how we can pull that kitten, save that horse. Get that dog out of a deplorable situation.

When we say we need you, we don’t mean that in the same sense that the bigger rescues on TV say they need you. There are no expensive ad campaigns to pay for or multi million dollar payrolls here at Pets Alive. We need you to put food in the mouths of the animals we rescue and to keep the doors open.

10488081_1038937702788377_1242868735467348935_nFor just a few dollars a month you can make a significant impact to the animals in your own community. We will always spend your money wisely and you can come here any time to see where it goes. I will personally show you around.

A sanctuary is built of brick and mortar, and a sanctuary is built of love. They are two very different things, and both are necessary for us to be successful at saving lives. When you sign up for a monthly sponsorship, you are giving both of these things. You become the hands that hold the power to save lives. You are the hammer and the nail that holds the roof over the heads of those who have nowhere else to go. The feet that take the dog outside when he has never seen the sun before. You are the one kneeling on the floor that calms down a trembling kitten. You are those same tears we cry when we have to say goodbye. You become one of us. A rescuer.

You can sign up for a monthly sponsorship below. Just click the link and check “Make this Recurring (Monthly).” You choose the amount. You make the difference. You help us take a step back from worrying about the bills and focus on how many more animals we can save. Thank you for always being there for us, for them, thank you!

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