An Update on Bennett and Blizzard


benito Bennett, the cat we rescued from the ACC in Brooklyn, continues to be a bit of a medical mystery.  He has gained a little weight, but he continues to weigh less than he should. He spent a week at Oradell animal hospital in Paramus, where they were able to rule out some things like intestinal lymphoma, which is a type of intestinal cancer. Bennett was tentatively diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, which means that he has a very sensitive digestive tract that is subject to inflammation.  We are continuing food trials and Bennett no longer has any diarrhea. He enjoys climbing around in the medical office and is very affectionate. Bennett would love a foster home. If you are interested in fostering Bennett, please contact Audrey


11041797_1093471640668316_5667987929674747180_nBlizzard is recovering nicely from his multiple bb wounds and his kidney and urinary tract infection. Our medical team has been working diligently to control his discomfort and keep him pain free.  His leg is on its way to healing and he is able to stand and walk well. Blizzard should be available for adoption in the next few weeks. If you are interested in adopting Blizzard, fill out an application at

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  1. Rawn Patt Says:

    I just feel :( for this cat.

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