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Memorials and Tributes

Some of our Pets Alive sponsors and supporters have asked for a place to memorialize their lost loved ones, and make a donation to the sanctuary in their name. In response to that request we have started a page to commemorate their passing. They are here with us for but a short time, and their passings leave a great hole in our heart.

We must of course start with our own, beloved Sara Whalen. Without her, none of this would exist. To see her memorial page, please click here.
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Sookie Sookie
Sookie - From a truck stop in Arkansas to the North Shore of Long Island, she saw and lived more (e.g. buckshot under her coat) than we knew. A shoot first and ask questions later kind of girl, she never missed a chance to let passerby know whose street they were on. She turned a cat guy into a dog lover, and even let me break up a brawl that she started with a yapper half her size. We know you lied on your adoption form when you checked the "Gets along with cats" box, but Jinx will get over it. With a bark that could stop a theif, and a cry that would destroy your street cred, you were a beloved member of the Katsikas family, and made us all proud. Run free Mama Sookie, we'll catch you later.

Remembered by Diane, Bob, Nikki, Jess, JT and Greg

Koko Koko
We keep looking to your chaise lounge, missing you and wishing you you were there. Your passing broke our hearts and although you only weighed five pounds, you were a tremendous presence with a beautiful spirit. Thank you for blessing and enriching our lives for the past twenty years. Until we meet again, sweet baby!

Remembered by Sylvia, Jim and your cat brothers and sisters

Hannah Hannah
Hannah, aka Sweet Pea, was adopted from Pets Alive in 2006. She went to the Rainbow Bridge in March, at an estimated 15 years old. Hannah was first through the gate at the Pets Alive Alumni Reunion picnic. She was sweet and affectionate to everyone that stopped to pet her. How we miss her.

Remembered by MaryEllen and Bob Chanda

Precious Precious
I brought Precious home to live with me and my many cats in July 2009. She was very timid but it wasn't long before she was enjoying her big back yard and walking and running with her head and tail high. She especially enjoyed her daily ride in the car. I had baby kittens at the time and they loved her. Precious was my constant companion, always by my side. I regret that we only had three months together, but in that short time I'm sure she knew how much she was loved. I am grateful I had the privilege of sharing my life with such a wonderful companion. On October 9th, 2009, Precious passed away due to kidney failure. Rest in peace Precious and know you will always be remembered in my heart.

Remembered by Sonya

Rexy Rexy
He was formally known as Rex-A-Million Aire but to me he will always be my Rexy Doodle, the best boy EVER. I miss you & will always cherish you, You have taken a piece of my heart with you Rexy. All my love,

Remembered by Mama

To (Pishu) To (Pishu)
"I miss Pishu and wish she didn't have to leave. She gets to play with Beaky and Shelby, so she's happy now." Beaky and Shelby are two pets that Matthew (age 5) knew before they passed away, so now anyone who goes to heaven will be together. We had an exciting 18 years with To, she was a lady to the end.

Remembered by The Giglios

Lucy Lucy
You were our darling girl and we love you lots and miss you more. Keep Grandpa company until we all meet again, sweet munchkin!

Remembered by Penny, Paul and Lily!!

Sweet Pudgy Sweet Pudgy
The Kitty everyone loved .... Sadly missed by Dale, Alex, all of the volunteers.

Remembered by all of the Kitties in the Piano Room

Sweet Lucifer Sweet Lucifer
Your sudden and untimely passing stunned us and broke our hearts, however, we take comfort in knowing you were a much adored King among Cats. We will never forget you.

Remembered by Katharine and Michael

Taylor Taylor
Taylor was a very special girl who was the center of my world. For almost twelve years I was very fortunate to be able to have her by my side 24/7/365. She was an amazing dog who overcame a serious car accident, cancer three times, and ACL surgery last year. During all of those difficult times Taylor was an absolute trooper.

Taylor was my assistant with my dog business and every single dog that I cared for knew that she was the top dog and they all followed her lead. Taylor's biggest help was with Abbie and Spencer. Taylor showed Abbie's that no dog would ever hurt her like in her past.

Taylor was the absolute best dog in the world and I will miss my best friend forever. She will always be with me in my heart and soul. I know that she will always be looking down on me and protect me like she did for the past eleven years.

Remembered by Greg Boron

Charlotte Charlotte
Rest in peace sweet Charlotte for you will always have a place in the hearts of all who knew and loved you, especially Pam who loved you most.

Remembered by all she met over her sixteen years!

Nutmeg Nutmeg
Nutmeg, your life was shiny and bright, our time with you was magical, our love for you is still strong, and your memory will be with us forever!

Remembered by her devoted family and friends

Cody Cody
Our sweet love, Cody returned Home on August 27, 2008. We are devastated and miss him tremendously. He filled our lives with joy and fun and was a great, great friend.

Remembered by his family, Domenico, Paula and Nicole

Missy Missy
Sweet Missy, May you forever have arms to hold and love you.

Remembered by All who knew her (especially her Dale)

Ricky Ricky
Ricky was with us for a very short time. In that time we learned about the unconditional love and faithfulness of a dog. We received many unforgettable wet kisses we will cherish. We will remember his slow roll over so his tummy was available for rubbing which he seemed to love. The running in circles in anticipation of another walk by his Mom. Laying in the back of the truck for hours watching me work around the house. He will be sorely missed. We Love you Ricky, always

Remembered by Robin and Dan Deyo

Molly Molly
Sweet Molly...spent your whole life frightened and abused by humans. I am glad that we got to have you for a few years to show you that we are not all bad. I am so sorry that your life was not longer and that you never had the opportunity to be loved by your own person. Rest in peace. We will never, ever forget you.

Remembered by Staff and Volunteers at Pets Alive

Rosie Rosie
I lost my beloved Rosie to renal failure today. It was time to let her go. She is with her best friend Max over the bridge now and I can see her rubbing up against him already. She went through almost 9 months of treatment and was brave and patient throughout, even with my sometimes ineptitude giving the fluids. Rosie was my princess, my sweet pickle, the most beautiful cat ever, and the best girl ever. I've lost my best friend today.

Remembered by Sandy Armor

Maureen Maureen
For so long you fought such an amazing battle. Everyone counted you out and yet you not only survived, YOU THRIVED. You taught us how to enjoy each day and how to stop and smell each flower along the way. Each day you were lovingly tended to and you gave us all so much and asked for so little in return. We were truly blessed to be graced with such a noble, kind and generous being that was you, Maureen. You will forever be missed and loved and thought of with deep affection and tender hearts.

Remembered by Pets Alive staff and volunteers

Blackie Blackie
The kindest, most gentle and friendly horse. You were always willing to do whatever we asked of you, without any argument or fuss. We truly loved every moment we got to spend with you. You were a joy to be around and a pleasure to share a day with. Your death was such a surprise and we miss you every day that you do not walk our pastures. Rest easy sweet old man. You took a chunk out of a lot of hearts here.

Remembered by the staff and volunteers at Pets Alive

Michaelangelo Michaelangelo
In loving memory of our little man, Michaelangelo, aka Mikey. We miss you little guy.

Remembered by AJ & Erica

Carousel Carousel
Carousel was a very special dog, and is remembered fondly at Pets Alive. She was sweet, sensitive and fun. Despite her challenges she was friendly, loving and loyal and will be tremendously missed. We remember finding her, skinny and weak, lying on the floor in the laundry room. She found her forever home with Patti Perfetti, who adored her.

Remembered by Patti and the gang at Pets Alive

Max Max
In memory of sweet Max who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday, July 31, 2008.

Though I only met Max just over a year ago at the ripe "young" age of 15-1/2, he quickly became one of my favorite charges. I walked him several times, using the term "walk" rather loosely.

His favorite thing was the classic butt-scratch. It never failed to get a tail wag when performed correctly. For as old as he was, he was a happy little guy. When we returned to his apartment he would make his way to the water bowl for a quick drink, then on to the couch for his after-walk treats.

He had a long, active life and was loved very, very much by his dads, Paul and Timothy. And by me, even though I only knew him a short time. Good-bye Max and enjoy the sunshine and grass.

Remembered by Paul and Timothy and Omar-the-puppy, and Jean

Daisy Daisy
Dear Daisy, Something in you touched us. It took many days of kind coaxing before you would let Kristen leash you and take you on the trail. Once you trusted her you never looked back. How happy you and Champ were when Kristen and Auntie Linda would approach your run leads in hand. Champ would bark and you would dance and off you’d go happily, finally learning to trust that something good would happen. Through all your health problems you never lost your spirit, never let me know how you must have been hurting. You pulled through a surgery must dogs don’t with flying colors only to finally succumb to old age and old bones. You couldn’t win that painful battle but you won my now aching heart. I only wish you had more time with us Daisy. One year was not enough walks, not enough nights by the warm fire, not enough pats on your head. It was all we had sweet girl. I hope you are with Champ now running and playing, your body young and strong, as strong as your spirit. We miss you

Remembered by Mary,Doug,Kristen,Lindsay,Penny,Lucy,Buddy,Lilly

Dixie Dixie
To our Dixie Doodley Doo .... the dog we couldn't save. We're so sorry girl but hope you are eating rice crispy treats and licking your lips in a much better place...

Remembered by the Gang at the G.R.I.

Bingo Bingo
Bingo, our friend, may you forever play in the sun with an endless supply of treats.

This gentle soul crossed over peacefully, surrounded by love and all the people who loved him most.

Remembered by Staff and Volunteers at Pets Alive

Brandy Brandy
Our beautiful, sweet girl passed away on Saturday at 4am.

She would have it no other way than to be at her favorite place. She wandered to the pool and left us peacefully.

My heart is forever broken.

Remembered by Linda and Nick Fedorka

Hudson Hudson
Shy, handsome, and goofy. The shyest one of the PetsAlive senior-pack who finally came out of his shell to give and accept affection. The beginning was rough, but later he would greet us at the door wagging his half-tail, follow us wherever we went, and demanded to be pet. We only had him for a year, but will never be the same because of him. He will missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know him.

Remembered by Carmine and Lucia

Meatball - “My Handsome” Meatball - “My Handsome”
My dear angel Meatball, while here you made so many friends
They all truly cared, and loved you ‘till the end
I had to let you go my friend, although it made me cry
You were at the point of missing that special twinkle in your eye
I know you’ll be okay now, you won’t be lonely where you go
Over the bridge they’re waiting, friends that you know
There’s Dak and Millie and Sammy too, oh the list of names is long
They’ll welcome you and show you around, you’ll be family – you’ll belong
You’ll play and romp and lay in the sun, all throughout the day
With no cares or worries and trouble free, in peace at night you’ll lay
I hope to see you in my dreams, with that great big alligator smile
From over the rainbow bridge you’ll run, we’ll walk and play awhile
I’m honored to have shared your life with you, you taught me so many things
I hope you find it peaceful there, and take flight with your new wings
Meatball – your soul is so sweet, gentle and loving. You will be missed forever!!

Remembered by Dina Amontis, Family & Friends

Bones Bones
We miss him terribly, but it brings some peace to my heart knowing that the donation made in his memory will help another animal. We were lucky enough to have Bones in our life for 7 1/2 years. Before coming to us his was found as a stray and spent several years with a rescue group. We were so lucky to have him and he not only deeply touched the lives of my husband, daughter and myself, but also our friends and family.

Remembered by Jane Amendola for her friends the Gaines Family

Midge Midge
In memory of Midge, in honor of Linda Brink and Bill Swearer. Midge was saved from Pets Alive many years ago and provided a loving home in the arms and hearts of Bill and Linda. Lucky dog, lucky family. Rest in peace sweet Midge.

Remembered by Matt & Kerry

Bramble Bramble
Very shy, but very sweet. We will miss you Bram.

Remembered by Dale, Chris & Staff at Pets Alive

Miles Miles
You will be sadly missed.
Sleep peacefully.

Remembered by Dale, Chris & Staff at Pets Alive

Champ Champ
The dog we let down.
I am so sorry Champ.
(Forever Gramps to us).

Remembered by Everyone Who EVER Met Him.

Baron Baron
You were always destined to be my dog, one way or the other. It took a long time but you finally came home where you belonged, and later died in my arms. You will always hold a very special place in my heart, Baron. You were a unique dog from the first time I ever laid eyes on you. I hope that you have finally found peace. I'm sorry I did not save you sooner.

Remembered by Kerry Clair, Matt DeAngelis, Pets Alive members &

Emma Emma
Your loss is a huge hole in our life that will never be filled. Matt's favorite dog of all time, something is missing from every room. Rest peacefully.

Remembered by Matt, Ingrid and Patricia DeAngelis

October October
I was devastated to hear that sweet October had passed away. I have loved her since I first saw her picture on the website 6 years ago. Those first years were always spent at arm's length; she was so very shy. But just a couple of months before she passed away, October actually let me pet her and feed her treats. Her many admirers at Pets Alive gave her the gift of knowing human love and security before she died. That is a beautiful gift indeed. Rest in peace, little girl. You were dearly loved and are sorely missed.

Remembered by Sandy Armor and many members of Pets Alive

Zack Zack
Zack you were a burst of sunshine and light in my life. You made me smile every single day that you were with me. Thank you for teaching me so much, and for being such a joy in my life. Truly you were a one in a million dog. Life will never be the same without you.

Remembered by Kerry and Tom Clair and members of Pets Alive

Boo (Folly) Boo (Folly)
Boo was a sweet, gentle soul who loved going for long walks and hanging out with her sisters Ruth and Harley. I cherish the memory of the time I spent with her. She was very much loved and is very much missed.

Remembered by Rose, Bill and Roxanne

Codi Codi
Codi Muscarella was only 11 years old, but never believed for a minute that he was any older than 11 months. He fought a firece battle with hemangiosarcoma, and even though he was terminal, we thought he might actually win. He lived his life like one big celebration, and his love of life was possibly only surpassed by his beauty. Although his entire life was one big party, the last two months of his life were especially wonderful, as he was able to say goodbye to old friends, some of whom he hadn't seen in quite a while. He will be sorely missed by his mom, Nichole, and his kitty brother, Max.

Remembered by Kristen Lalla

Bubba Bubba
Bubba Peterson was a gorgeous little Lhasa Apso who spent his days with his mom, who gave him a very full, happy life. Bubba was a little dog with a big heart who loved taking walks with his mom, Rolayne, and hanging out with his dad, Kenny. His deep, soulful eyes would light up when his big sister, Kristen, would come for a visit. He was as entertaining as he was beautiful, and being around him could make anyone smile. After fighting hard against Cushings disease, he is finally at peace.

Remembered by Kristen Lalla

Cooper Cooper
Cooper Jenkins was one of those dogs you meet and know right away that he is an "old soul." Gentle, loving, and always right there by your side for the journey. He was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel who loved to be with his family, whether it was at home, on the boat, or in front of a big plate of pasta with his ears pulled back to keep him from getting sauce all over his shiny golden yellow coat. Cooper gave his family 14 years of unconditional love. Rosie, Bob, Christian, Harrison, and doggie brother Lucky and kitty sister Daisy will never forget this one in a million, sweet, loving soul.

Remembered by Kristen Lalla

Jason Jason
Jason was a senior shepard who spent many many years at Pets Alive. For a while he lived in the gray house where many visitors stayed and he stole all of our hearts. He loved just hanging out with you, getting belly rubs, sharing the futon, and trying to steal your food (especially anything with tomato sauce). More recently, he became the office dog. Jason would always greet you with his booming bark and then, after inspecting you, sit next to you for some loving. He will be missed greatly.

Remembered by staff, volunteers, visitors and friends

Sally Sally
Sally (on the left) was a dog that lived here a very long time. She was adopted by a very wonderful family who loved her and cared for her, but one day a trip to the vet found a serious medical problem. During her surgery, the mass was discovered to be so large that it was inoperable. The difficult decision to let her go was made, and Sally passed on. We here at Pets Alive are so very grateful to the DiMarsico's for opening their hearts and their home to this sweet dog. Thanks to them, Sally got to share in the love of a family, the warmth of a home and the companionship of other dogs in her final time on earth. We are so very thankful for that. Rest in peace, sweet Sally.

Remembered by the DiMarsico Family

Basil Basil
Basil, you were loved by everyone who knew you and even those we met in passing. You were a shining star and I will always treasure the time I was fortunate to have you in my life. I will miss you always. Love, Teresa

Remembered by Teresa Fitzpatrick

Hercules Hercules (Herc, Hercy)
Hercules was adopted from Pets Alive in 2009. Hercules was a dear member of the family up to his recent passing. He was a friend, companion, and protector of the house. Hercules enjoyed going on long walks, relaxing outside, destroying toys, and gazing from the living room window while sitting on his own personal chair. Hercules personality was loving, loyal, funny, and true. Hercules enjoyed many years with our family, but we wish we could have kept him longer. He leaves behind his loved ones and his little doggy housemate, Mollie. Sleep easy Herc, you will always be loved and remembered.
Crossed over to Rainbow Bridge -- August 5, 2017

Remembered by Santos, Donna, Jamie, Elijah, Holly, Linda, Carol, Joey, Joan, and Mollie.