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Willis Lamm
11345 Silver Lane
Stagecoach, NV 89429

November 20, 2009

Pets Alive
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Middletown, NY, 10940

Transmitted via electronic mail
To whom it may concern:

I wish to commend Pets Alive and its allies in generating legislative interest in enacting what we commonly refer to as Oreo's Law. Neglected and abused pets are a problem in the United States and it is not only good public policy, but also good economics for public, private and nonprofit entities to work cooperatively to place abused, abandoned and unwanted animals in appropriate adoptive care.

One would think that public agencies, nonprofits and the private sector would willingly collaborate for the benefit of these animals, and in many instances they do and achieve stellar results. However over many years I have seen occasions where egos and/or territorialism have superseded common sense. As a result, animals have needlessly suffered or have been euthanized, in some instances producing increased public agency costs.

Many animal situations will not result in happy endings. However that argument is no reason that incidents that could be resolved positively should not have positive outcomes.

It is most unfortunate when states have to legislate common sense, however animal control is a public policy issue that oftentimes extends across municipal and political boundaries. The Oreo case, as explained to the public, presents a glaring example of an apparently irrational act that resulted in the loss of an animal and a waste of funds. Such bad decisions should not be repeated, and if legislation is required to prevent a repeat of the Oreo incident, I encourage you to move forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Willis Lamm, Vice Chair
Lyon County (NV) Animal Control Advisory Board

(The foregoing is my personal position based on my experience in the field, and is not intended to represent the official position of Lyon County, its personnel or agencies.)