Keeping Our Lifetime Commitment to Andrea

andrea2Andrea came to us with her three siblings from an overcrowded municipal shelter in Georgia, where they would have been killed for lack of space. Pets Alive made a commitment to rescue them, and soon these four adorable, roly-poly puppies were on their way to a fresh start and new lives here in New York.

They arrived to us under-socialized and frightened, but trainer Marcos Zavala put them into playgroups with other social dogs, and soon they were having a great time just being puppies. All four were quickly adopted just weeks after their arrival in May. We moved on to other needy dogs, satisfied that these puppies would be safe in their new forever homes.

andrea editedIMG_2849Unfortunately, that’s not what happened with Andrea. Andrea was returned to us last week after her new family noticed that she was having problems standing up and walking. The burden was too much for them to deal with.

Tragically, Andrea has been diagnosed with bi-lateral hip dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia is a disease of the hip in which the ball and socket joint is malformed. This malformation means that the ball portion and its socket don’t properly meet one another, resulting in a joint that rubs and grinds instead of sliding smoothly. It’s incredibly painful for Andrea.

Andrea1The only option Andrea has to live a normal life is a surgery called Femoral Head
Osteotomy, where the tops of her abnormal femurs will be removed. This will relieve the pressure and pain and allowing her to walk normally.

Andrea’s surgery comes with a hefty price tag, but at Pets Alive we never compromise the care our animals receive. When we made the commitment to rescue Andrea, we also made the commitment to keep her healthy and safe, no matter what. We would never do anything less than what is right for her. Please consider making a gift to Andrea’s surgery fund so that she can have the bright future she’s been promised. We rely on our donors to help us through tough and unexpected medical challenges like this. Without your support, we would not be able to continue our work saving lives.

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2 Responses to Keeping Our Lifetime Commitment to Andrea

  1. Judi Dempsey says:

    Hi, I have a few questions about Andrea… Is she in Middletown? How old is she? Who is the Vet that will do her surgery and has he/she done these before? Also what is the figure to perform the surgery?? I ask all these questions because I would like to her Andrea and her rescuers where she is. Thank you, Judi

    • Audrey Lodato says:

      Hi Judi, Andrea is about 6 months old. She is in a foster home in Middletown at the moment. The vet that will do her surgery is a board certified specialist who has done many of these surgeries before. The surgery will cost about 3300-3500 dollars.

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