Animals Rescued from Minisink are Ready for New Homes

By Audrey Lodato, Executive Director Pets Alive Middletown

The animals from the hoarding situation in Minisink have been through hell, but there’s some good news. We’re done with the sickness and the worry. We’re getting to the end of the antibiotics, the surgeries, and the fear. We’re getting to the good stuff – the part where we get to see them happy and send them home.

Yesterday, I stood in one of the rooms in the cattery and watched a little cat named Cucumber play with a ping pong ball. A month ago, we pulled Cucumber out of that filthy, disgusting house. Cucumber was so weak and sick that she could barely stand up. She’s been through a month of antibiotics, vaccinations, surgery and stress. Two days ago, we finally let her out of quarantine and into the Cat House, where she could play and run and hang out with the other cats. I’d heard a rumor that she hadn’t stopped playing since, and I had to see it for myself. Standing there watching her made every second of that rescue worth it. I couldn’t help tearing up.

A mass rescue like the one Cucumber came from, where we pulled 52 animals from conditions so horrific that they haunt us in our sleep, cuts you to your very core. The heartbreak and the emotional turmoil exhaust us like very little else can. We get through it, but we often come out on the other side feeling shaky, sad and tired… very, very tired. Weeks and weeks of long days nursing dozens of sick animals and doing whatever it takes to get them well takes its toll on us.

Here’s the thing, though. ALL of the stress and the turmoil and the sadness is instantly erased the minute that Cucumber plays with a ping pong ball. In that second we’re reminded of the outcome. We know that we do this to save lives, and that we’ve made an impact. We know that we’re good at this, and we’re proud to be rescuers. We can’t wait to do it again.

We could not have done this incredibly extensive rescue without the help of our community and our donors. To everyone who helped us rescue these animals – those who donated money, those who donated time, those who sent us well wishes and cat food and blankets and snacks, and everyone that cared and prayed and sent us good will, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you. Cucumber thanks you too.

We’re happy to say that the cats from Minisink are slowly becoming available for adoption. You can apply to provide a new home and a fresh start HERE.

Thank you. For everything.

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