Audrey’s August Update

11010975_1066192723409688_8333262739023262435_nHi there! It’s been several months since my last update, and what a wonderful few months they have been. We’ve got so much going on here in Middletown that I hardly know where to begin, so I’ll start with the happiest news – adoptions! Since January of 2015, we’ve adopted out  183 cats and 223 dogs, plus a horse, for a total of 407 adoptions this year so far. I’m also extremely happy to report that this is the MOST cat adoptions Pets Alive has EVER had by this time of year. A huge amount of credit goes to Becky, our cat manager, and her dedicated staff, Dani, Edna and Anne. They have gone above and beyond to step up and send animals home, even when things have been challenging.

One of our favorite adoptions was Donner, a legacy cat who spent the majority of his life at Pets Alive Westchester and finally got adopted at 12 years old. He’s doing great living in the lap of luxury with his new mom Sandi. Our dog adoptions are doing well too! We’ve really placed a strong focus on placing the harder to adopt dogs this year, and I’m so proud of my dog team for all of the work that they have done to give every dog a chance.

11295577_1038243489537945_4724890646382885442_nIn May, we were the recipients of a grant from Animal Farm Foundation, which allowed us to host a seminar about dog playgroups called Playing for Life. Aimee Sadler created Playing For Life and she is a first class trainer. We spent a weekend learning how to run playgroups for our dogs…ALL of them, even dogs with behavioral challenges. The benefits have been absolutely amazing. Our dogs now regularly get out into playgroups to run around, socialize and play with other dogs. Their stress level has dropped tremendously and adoptions have skyrocketed. We’re very grateful to Aimee and her team for coming to teach us. We’re also SO proud of our employee Marcos. Aimee recognized his innate ability to train and has offered him a mentorship with Playing For Life! Marcos has spent some time traveling with Aimee and fine-tuning his skills. He’s bringing back all his knowledge to Pets Alive and the dogs sure are benefiting.

Early in the month of June, just as the flowers were blooming and we were gearing up for a terrific summer adoption season, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office called us for help dealing with a horrific hoarding situation in Minisink. We rescued 50 cats and 2 dogs from a house of horrors, and some of those animals are still recovering now, several months later. Molly the dog is thriving in her foster home with long time volunteer Patty, and 13 cats have already been adopted. Many of the remaining cats are still looking for their forever families, so please think about opening your home to one of these sweet animals and showing them how wonderful life can be with people who love them.

We also continued our partnership with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in July, when we rescued a neglected young horse named Joey who was being housed behind a warehouse. Joey is doing fabulous and improving his socialization skills every day. We’re confident that he will find his forever home soon.

11796396_10206286188746171_2401048192698475118_n   Through all of this we’ve also continued to rescue the single community animals that needed us the most. We’ve had a challenging few months for medical bills. We’ve faced several extensive surgeries for dogs that have come to us to heal them both physically and mentally. A hip surgery and two expensive cruciate surgeries have been tough financially. Kitten season has also been worse than usual with several badly injured babies coming into our care.. Stevie Staples, a four month old kitten, was found by a good Samaritan with a gaping wound under his chin, an abscess on his tail, and a parasitic infection so severe he was lucky to be alive at all. At four months old, little Stevie weighed only 1 and a half pounds. As I write this, Stevie is being picked up from the hospital where he has spent the last week recovering. For the first few days, he teetered on the edge of death while the veterinarians at Middlehope Veterinary Hospital brought his infection under control. Now that he’s been discharged from the hospital, the future is bright for this little fellow, who will be placed up for adoption soon.

For the rest of the summer, we’re continuing our “Free Love” adoption event, where people make a donation of their choice instead of paying an adoption fee. Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family!


There’s a lot to look forward to in the next year. We’re preparing to welcome in the dogs and cats from Pets Alive Westchester as they prepare to close their doors. We’re hoping to expand our community outreach in the next several months and make Pets Alive even better. We’re planning on putting some things in place to better accommodate Spanish speaking families looking for new pets and gathering some community members to act as spokespeople for our organization. We’re also looking at a long term plan to improve our housing and programs for dogs that need behavioral modification and training. We’re so excited to include you, our supporters, in all that is happening in our efforts to save lives. Thank you for your continuing support. We couldn’t do it without you!

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6 Responses to Audrey’s August Update

  1. Joy Becker PAW volunteer says:

    Thank you for welcoming the PAWS animals, how are they doing so far?

    • Steve says:

      Hey Joy I found this on PAM’s page, regarding the dogs:

      “Everyone doing well. Russell who volunteers at PAW came and walked Barry and Nore yesterday and they spent some time in the play yard. I introduced one of our very talented improving adoptability team members, Cindy, to Barry so that they can begin to form a relationship. I also have been spending some time with Barry. Robin is making sure that they will have appropriate people to take them out and walk them. The three feral dogs are doing exceptionally well. They like their outdoor run and they are across from Bronco, their brother. They see Bronco going on leash walks and are very interested. Marcos will begin working with them again this week. He’s been incredibly successful making progress with Bronco and Tootsie, their siblings, and he is happy to have these three back at PAM. I gave out some treats to them today as well.”

      Hope this helps!


  2. K Sullivan says:

    Audrey – It would be nice to hear how the first group of dogs are doing with pictures for us volunteers at Westchester first hand, and open up more dialogue this way. You were also considered, volunteers of PAM, to come down to meet us.

    • Mary Ann Bopp says:

      Kathy, they’re doing quite well. The three siblings are in a large kennel together in Camp Tyler and are next to their other sibling that was already here so they seems to have settled in nicely. They run around their kennel playing and often hop up on top of the igloo roof, scouting out their surroundings. And the other two guys are in the kennel and are also adapting to their new environment.

      • K Sullivan says:

        MAB: Do you get your answers from a magic eight ball? This was addressed to Audrey’s blog entry. Another group went up and I see nothing about them either. NRN.

        • Mary Ann Bopp says:

          Kathy, we’re open 7 days a week, and welcome the PAW volunteers and others to come for a visit so please feel free to do so.

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