1,825 Days and Nights

rocky in yard1,825 days and nights — with no shelter, nothing soft to rest his head on, nothing to keep him warm on bitter cold nights, nothing to keep him dry in the pouring and driving rain, nothing to shade him from the punishing summer sun, none of the comforts so many of us take for granted, comforts we cannot imagine our beloved pets doing without. But this is exactly what Rocky endured, a lonely life in a junkyard.


Rocky’s luck changed, though, when a kind new neighbor moved in and couldn’t just stand by and watch Rocky wag his tail and beg for companionship and comfort. First thing she did was get him proper shelter. A dog igloo with straw would at least give Rocky the ability to get out of the weather and have something more than junked cars and parts to sleep on.

Every day the neighbor would watch Rocky’s “owner” go and give him food and water, and then just turn his back and walk away.  She soon learned that the owner of the junkyard had sold his place and would be moving away, but had no intention of taking Rocky. Since he wasn’t a good guard dog, Rocky was going to be shot by the owner. The neighbor knew she had to do something to save the poor boy’s life!


Rocky enjoying a walk at Pets Alive

She was at Pets Alive the very next day, telling us the story of Rocky. Sadly, we have heard stories like Rocky’s before. We knew what we needed to do, so two of our staff members went to make friends with the dog. To their surprise, Rocky was friendly, even though he had lacked kindness most of his life. He enjoyed a good body massage and the treats that were offered to him. Now they had to convince the owner to let Rocky go. To everyone’s relief, he agreed, and Rocky was on his way to Pets Alive!

Now Rocky’s lonely life of isolation is behind him and he is enjoying leisurely walks with his favorite volunteers and staff on our dog trails. While Rocky’s life has improved 100%, what we really wish for Rocky is a real home, with a soft bed, all the treats he wants and someone to love him. Rocky is a big boy, weighing in around 65lbs. He walks nicely on leash but does better on a harness. Having spent so many years alone, Rocky would prefer a home where he is the only pet. Having never had any toys, he isn’t a big player, and would be much happier in a quiet home where he can sleep most of his days away.Rocky

Interested in learning more about Rocky or adopting him? Please email us at adoptions@petsalive.com

Not able to adopt at this time? Please share Rocky’s story with your friends and family, and together we will give Rocky his “happily ever after” ending.

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  1. Ann Cluck says:

    shared on my facebook page Crossposting and Advocating for Animals.

  2. Kim says:

    So happy the new neighbor took interest in Rocky <3

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