Valentina saved from the wrath of abuse

Updated posting on November 27, 2017
Your generosity has transformed Valentina into a beautiful lady!  Earlier this year, she was treated for two tick-borne diseases and she has gained an appropriate amount of weight so that she is back to a healthy posture.

She loves to play and is often seen with a ball in her mouth, running around in our play yard with a volunteer.  She is a friendly, high-energy dog and would do best in a home without other animals or young children.

She’d love to find a forever home for the holidays. Valentina is available for adoption. If you’d like to adopt Valentina, please fill out an application and come on in and meet her!

Thank you for all you’ve done to enable Valentina to get her health back and bring her joy!

Want to help our continued care for Valentina and so many other animals?

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Updated posting on February 24, 2017
Valentina has made gooimage3 2-22-17d progress in her new journey at Pets Alive! (You can read her entire story below this posting.) After extensive testing by our medical team, she’s been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and anaplasmosis, both tick-borne diseases. She is now being treated with medication for these diseases.

image1 2-22-17In addition, she needs to gain weight to regain her health, so she is on a nutrient-rich diet with 4 feedings a day. Despite her abuse, she is a happy-go-lucky dog and loves playing fetch in our play yard!

image2 2-22-17The pictures in this posting were taken earlier this week of her in our play yard. And check out a VIDEO of her running around like one happy dog!

We thank everyone that has donated to our Medical Fund so we can care for Valentina and other animals. If you’d like to make a donation to our Medical Fund, you can do so here:


Prefer to send in a check? Make a check out to Pets Alive and mail it to us at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Valentina” on the check.

Thank you to Valen Kester of Nevalnyn Photography for the recent photographs of Valentina in the play yard shown above.

Original posting on February 8, 2017
Beyond emaciated, a lonely dog wandered alongside a roadway in the Monticello area in Sullivan County, NY. Her looks were startling – she was so skinny, her ribs were protruding from her feces-lined body. The dog had obviously been without proper nutrition for a lengthy period of time and appeared to be female. Another homeless dog, cast aside to die in the freezing temperatures.


Valentina shortly after her rescue

Her luck changed though on Sunday, February 5, when she came upon a good Samaritan who immediately saw the dog was in danger. He approached the dog, who appeared friendly. He was able to easily capture the dog, but the dog wasn’t out of the woods yet. The good Samaritan proceeded to call upon multiple sources to try to find help for the dog – but without avail.

He eventually found his way to one of our board members, Amy Kristt, who took the dog into her home, arranged for a veterinarian appointment, and for her to come to Pets Alive. Finally, this skinny gal had a warm blanket to sleep on, nourishment and water. Check out this video of Valentina taken shortly after she was rescued and safe.

In spite of all the dog may have been through, she is sweet as could be. She just wants a little love, food and water – and she needed a name. Valentina seemed fitting given Valentine’s Day, a day of love, is around the corner – and so her new life began.


Dr. Joe examining Valentina

Before coming to Pets Alive, Valentina was examined by Dr. Joseph D’Abbraccio, our veterinarian from Catskill Veterinary Services. Valentina is about 2-3 years old and weighs only 50 pounds – severely underweight for a dog her size. She was covered in feces, appeared to have had puppies at some point in the past, had small wounds on her face – and was extremely hungry and thirsty. Several tests are being run to determine if Valentina has any other  injuries or conditions beyond shear starvation.


Valentina being greeted at Pets Alive

After the examination, Valentina  made the trek to Pets Alive, her home until she heals and will then be available for adoption. She was greeted with open arms by Pets Alive staff. She will continue to be monitored as we await test results. She will need to be fed several times a day in small quantities so her body adjusts to food. An additional treatment plan will be determined once we have test results.

Our work never stops. Just when we think we have seen it all, another abused and homeless animal comes our way. The incident with Valentina was on the heels of another rescue that occurred on Friday, February 3, when we took in a stray puppy we named Will. He was found alongside a road and has some type of neurological injury or condition. You can read more about Will’s story here.

As we approach Valentine’s Day, please consider giving a loving gift to help Valentina and all the other animals at Pets Alive. You can access our Valentine’s Day Giving Grid below. Just click on a square and donate today!


Prefer to send in a check? Make a check out to Pets Alive and mail it to us at 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 and write “Valentina” on the check.

Thank you once again for your support. You enable us to help these fragile animals overcome their nightmares of the past.

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