URGENT! Bob is in pain. Please help.


Bob in 2014


Bob knows about enduring pain. In 2014, he was rescued from an abusive situation by a good Samaritan, who brought him to Pets Alive. The 10-year-old poodle was blind and his fur was unkempt and matted, a painful condition. We groomed him and it wasn’t long before another family came along and adopted this special little guy.

BobFast forward three years and Bob is back at Pets Alive but now, his condition has worsened. His owner fell ill and was no longer able to care for Bob. His fur was once again severely matted and lined with feces on his hind quarters. On Tuesday, we had him groomed and relieved him of that painful condition he knew too well.

IMG_5043Today, we took him to the veterinarian and it’s not a good situation. His eyes have deteriorated – he has severe dry eye (a condition called Keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS) and his corneas are scarred over and beyond rehabilitation. He also has a severe ear infection and bad teeth. These extremely painful conditions require extensive medical treatment. We have placed him on medication to treat his ear infection, will schedule him for extensive dental work, and will arrange surgery for a double eye enucleation or removal of both eyes. We are now facing a $2,500 veterinarian expense to get Bob back to health.

He is a sweet, senior dog that should be living the good life. You can help us get him the treatments he needs so that be can live his golden years pain-free – and your donation will be matched.

Double your impact to help Bob by donating now! 

On May 2, we entered the Saving Pets Challenge, a fundraising campaign sponsored by Michelson Found Animals. The Challenge runs through June 1 and a total of $150,000 will be given away in cash grants by the sponsor for the organizations that raise the most money.

As part of the Saving Pets Challenge, Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a New York-based, not-for-profit organization founded in 2003 by Grammy Award winning artist Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol Thomas, has pledged up to $25,000 to Pets Alive as a matching donation!

We invite you to donate to the Challenge and help Bob get his much needed medical treatments as well as helping the other animals within our care. If you already donated to this campaign or formed a fundraiser – thank you!

You can also form a team and join as a fundraiser in the Challenge to help Bob and so many other Pets Alive animals. Any money you raise between now and June 1 will also be included in the matching gift and your impact will be doubled.

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