Rescue doesn’t take a holiday

Bon Jovi

Meet “Bon Jovi”

As most of the country was preparing to enjoy a long holiday weekend with BBQs and time with family and friends, the Pets Alive family spent Friday night very differently. Not shopping, not firing up the grill, they cancelled any plans to put their feet up and relax. Instead, the Pets Alive cat team stayed at work well into the night, readying our quarantine space in order to welcome five special kitties who had just been rescued from a horrendous situation. Covered in fleas, urine, and feces, each cat was greeted with nutritious food, unconditional love, and a clean, safe space to start their first steps toward their new lives.

Steven Tyler 3

Meet “Steven Tyler”, who is missing a front leg

The next order at hand was to to assess their overall health and name the cats – we named them after singers. Some of the cats have special needs like “Steven Tyler”, who is missing a front leg, and another female cat, “Cyndi Lauper”, doesn’t haveĀ  hind legs. We welcome all of these cats and will work to get them healthy and find loving homes for them.

When you support Pets Alive this is what you’re helping to provide: not just safe berths and healthy meals, but open arms for those that need us the most, 365 days of the year: love doesn’t take time off!

Meet "Lady Gaga"

Meet “Lady Gaga”

We are entering the last few days of the Saving Pets Challenge. Donate now, and every dollar you donate will be MATCHED by Sidewalk Angels Foundation, up to $25,000! We are so close to our goal, but we still need your help to get there. Please open your hearts and support Pets Alive and the lifesaving work that happens every single day of the year. HURRY – the Challenge and the matching donation opportunity conclude on Thursday, June 1.


Thank you so very much!

Becky Tegze
Executive Director
Pets Alive

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