Beyond abuse: Helping Era

Era couldn’t help it. Her foot hurt so much, she chewed off her own two toes thinking it would bring her relief. But it didn’t.

Sadly, Era was all too used to pain and anguish. Each weekend, her owner would return, only to throw some horse feed – not appropriate food for the nutritional needs of a dog – in a bucket, then leave again for the week, letting Era fend for herself. Once the feed was gone, Era went hungry. Once the water was gone, Era went thirsty – or drank still water that was quickly contaminated by the elements. This was the only life Era knew.

Era’s leg wound

Already malnourished and thirty pounds underweight, Era’s situation became drastically worse. She got her hind leg caught in a rope that became wrapped very tightly around her leg – for what could have been days, while her owner was away. The resulting wound required daily debriding to remove dead tissue (that could promote infection and impede healing), wound care, and frequent bandage changes.

Era’s paw

While undergoing treatment for her leg injury, Era was once again left to fend for herself. She managed to remove the E-collar that was placed on her head so she could not disturb her leg wound. In pain – with no one to help her – she licked and chewed, until two of her toes were gone. (Due to the graphic nature of the damage to Era’s paw, we are not showing you the full extent of the injury.)

Once returning to Era’s quickly deteriorating condition, her owner gave up on her and no longer wanted the “hassle” of the intense care she needed to heal. Pets Alive saw things differently and intervened after the owner turned Era over to her treating veterinarian. We saw a beautiful and amazingly friendly dog – particularly given all the abuse she has experienced – and we knew we had to help her. Law enforcement was called and they are involved to ensure the safety of any other animals that might be on the property and to determine the extent of neglect so the owner is held accountable.

Era resting at the veterinary hospital

Era is now hospitalized and safe from her abuser. Her leg and foot are bandaged and she’s being carefully supervised so she can no longer hurt herself. She will require multiple surgeries along with months of intense medical care. We are committed to do everything in our power to save Era’s leg. We made this promise to Era knowing that you would want us to provide this love and care for her.

You have helped us in the past, and we need you now more than ever so that we can provide the care Era needs to restore her body and reveal that playful dog we know lies inside her. We estimate her medical expenses into the thousands, although it is too soon to tell as the healing process will determine the course of treatment. If we cannot save her leg, it will have to be amputated.

Could we ask you to give a gift to help Era? No dollar amount is too small.


Prefer to donate by check or cash? You can mail us a check to Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940 or drop off your donation to our facility.

We thank you for your kindness,



Becky Tegze
Executive Director

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