Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Cam!

Hard to believe almost a whole year has gone by since I last wrote you! First off, I want to thank you again for sending me a new basketball! How did you know that is my favorite toy? My guess is Ms. Becky might have told you. She always seems to know what all of us dogs, cats, pigs and horses want, even without us having to tell her.

I know you are a really busy man this time a year but if you could just spare me a few moments and consider granting me a few Christmas wishes this year that would be swell. My wishes aren’t for me. They’re for my friends. Pets Alive has been my home now for 11 years and everyone here is my family and I love them so very much that I just want to see some of their wishes come true!


My first wish is for Annie. She is a special girl. She was found abandoned in NYC by a police officer as just a ‘lil puppy! I can’t even imagine how scared Annie must have been! Lucky for her the officer was there to help – and that is just what he did. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep Annie and give her a home, he brought Annie home till he could find someplace safe for her. That is how Annie came to Pets Alive.

Once at Pets Alive, they quickly discovered that Annie couldn’t hear. Was that why her first family abandoned her? Was she not listening to them? Its not Annie’s fault she can’t hear! So, the great people here at Pets Alive started teaching her hand commands and guess what? She’s a really fast learner! So, Santa, if you could bring Annie a special family that will understand it isn’t that she refuses to listen but it’s that she can’t hear and she just needs a little extra patience and the willingness to work with her then all would be wonderful. She is such a smart girl! She promises to learn quick and be the best girl ever.

Rosie and Sam

Rosie and Sam

My second wish Santa is for a very special pair of senior kitties. Being a senior myself, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find your furrever family. Rosie and Sam have found themselves looking for a new family after being in a loving home for 15 years. Their mommy got sick and her last wish was to make sure Sam and Rosie would be okay. While they are safe and loved by the Pets Alive family, what I really want for them is a new mommy or daddy to cherish, love them and spoil them in their golden years. Rosie is a long-haired beauty who loves to lounge around all day and Sam just wants a lap and someone to love him. Santa…could you please find a way of sending them someone special to love them?

Me and Ms. Becky
~Ms. Becky loves my kisses

And you know what would make a great Christmas present for Ms. Becky? I do! My third wish is if everyone you know would donate just $30 to Pets Alive, Ms. Becky wouldn’t worry so much about us. She thinks we don’t see – and she does a really good job at hiding it – but when she thinks no one is looking, she worries about each one of us. I see it in her eyes when she walks around Camp Tyler as she stops and talks to each of us doggies and give us cookies from her pockets. We all really like cookies. My friend Moe, the barn cat, told me he sees the same thing when Ms. Becky goes and visits Joey, Lone Star and the other horses as well as Penelope and Sully, the pigs. I can only imagine she does the same when she visits the cats. Even though I don’t know any of the cats that live in our cat house, I know they would wish the same thing for Ms. Becky.

Santa, I’ve been a good boy the whole year long. If you need references, you can ask volunteers Maria, Gil, Amy, or Robin. They’re my friends and will vouch for me. So please Santa grant my three Christmas wishes for my friends here at Pets Alive.


Give a gift to the animals today!

ps…I hope you and your family a wonderful holiday season – and thanks for helping me grant my three wishes for my buddies!

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