Thank You!

Dear Friends, Adopters, Volunteers, and Supporters,

During this time of year, in between all the running around and rushing from one party to another, we also take time to reflect on the importance of friends and family. For most of us, family also means the animals in our lives that we love unconditionally. Our pets are loyal companions and often fill a void that humans cannot. It is a bond that should certainly be treasured and held close to one’s heart.

Sadly, for many animals, that bond is often broken by those who had promised to love and protect them for life. During 2017, Pets Alive helped over 1,000 animals through adoption, rescue, TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and the pet chow pantry. Despite what many of them have endured from emergency evacuations in front of hurricanes to being abandoned, starved, or deprived of basic and life-saving medical care, we have put their shattered lives back together with thanks to you.  It is because of your support and our community’s support that we have been able to impact so many lives and right so many wrongs.

Rocky goes home!

Thank you to our adopters who have given our animals a second chance at a forever home. To the adopters who have come in and seen past the gray muzzle and adopted a senior dog THANK YOU. To the adopters who see the hidden love in a shy cat’s eyes and have taken a chance on them THANK YOU. To the adopters who come for one and adopt two THANK YOU.

To our volunteers: THANK YOU for giving of yourselves selflessly, tirelessly and for loving our animals unconditionally. To the volunteers who come and walk our dogs in the rain, the snow, the cold and the heat THANK YOU. To our volunteers who come every week and clean and scoop litter boxes with a smile on your face THANK YOU. To our volunteers who go out every week in the late-night hours to humanely trap community cats, so they can be altered, vaccinated and returned to their colonies THANK YOU.  To our volunteers who come and muck stalls, fields and groom our farm animals THANK YOU. To all the volunteers who take our animals to adoption events, foster bottle babies that require around the clock care, greet visitors at Pets Alive, take pictures, run special events, do laundry, work behind the scenes, train our dogs and spend time with shy cats THANK YOU!

Donations the day after the 1st of the Hurricane dogs arrived. – THANK YOU!

To our supporters: THANK YOU for always answering are pleas for help! This year when we put out the plea for help with not one but three emergency transports of Hurricane dogs you were there for us THANK YOU! You sent and brought bleach, garbage bags, dog and cat food, paper trays, KMR kitten food, laundry detergent and linens – and donated monetary gifts to help us prepare the animals for adoption.

Will, the puppy, thanks you!

You were there for us when the plea went out for monetary donations for Era, Will, Friday, Bob, Roscoe, Valentina, Alfred and Remie – all medical cases that we couldn’t have afforded without knowing our supporters – our Pets Alive family – would be there for the animals. It is because of you, our supporters, that Pets Alive will be there when the call comes in to save the animals that need us most. We can only cover the front lines because we know you have our backs.  THANK YOU!

On behalf of the entire Pets Alive family, I want to wish each and everyone one of you a happy and healthy new year. Stay warm. Stay safe. We look forward to you continuing to be a part our Pets Alive family.

For the animals,

Executive Director

Please give a gift to the animals now!

THANK YOU from the Pets Alive Team

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