URGENT! Only one day left to Saving Pets Challenge!

The end of the road is near and we need your help to get over the finish line! You have helped us raise 77% our $100,000 fundraising goal for the Saving Pets Challenge, which ends on Thursday, May 31 at 1:59:59pm ET!!

This is your last chance to support this Challenge with a donation and help us reach our goal raising $100,000 and possibly win $5,000 in grant money.



The money raised will go towards making needed repairs to our dog kennel building. This will ensure the safety of our dogs and enable us to maintain maximum capacity to continue to save so many lives like sweet Dolores, pictured here, a 10-year-old, one-eyed senior we rescued last week.

Please help us repair the dog kennel building by donating $10, 25, $50, $100+ or any amount you can. Your gift will be doubled up to $40,000, thanks to pledges by Sidewalk Angels Foundation and The John & Christine Tortorella Family Foundation.

Additionally, we are in 5th place of all the animal rescues entered into the Challenge. Fifth place wins a $5,000 grant in prize money from sponsor Michelson Found Animals Foundation; your donation can help us maintain this position. If we reach our goal of $100,000, we could possibly slide into 4th place, which wins $10,000!

Please don’t miss this opportunity. Make YOUR most generous gift.


Thanks so much for everything. We really, really appreciate it.

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