URGENT: Jack and Jill need you!

Jack and Jill ran up the hill…an old nursery rhyme many of us remember as a kid. But earlier this week, Jack and Jill, two dogs, were running for their life – tethered together with an old, frayed leash that looks like it had been joined together for a lengthy period of time. Thanks to our town of Wallkill Animal Control Officer, Jack and Jill (as we named them) were rescued as they dashed down the road. They were brought to Pets Alive, where they are now safe.

These two young dogs had a rough life prior to their rescue. Imagine wearing a heavy 3.5 pound chain collar; that’s what we found on Jack’s neck shown here. A normal sized dog collar, pictured here next to the chain collar, weighs just ounces.

Jack’s mouth had sores and his back end was almost completely without fur. Both dogs also appear malnourished.

Jill’s skin was also spotty and she had sores all over her body. Luckily, they do not have any tick-borne diseases but we are testing for other possible medical conditions, including the cause of their severe skin issues. Both dogs require vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchips. As much as they may have been abused, they are two friendly canines, wagging their tail and just wanting some love – which they will get plenty of at Pets Alive.

Won’t you help Jack and Jill recover from their abuse by making a donation now to our Medical Fund? Every dollar will help these two precious dogs get back to health and ultimately find their forever home.


We thank you once again for your generous support.

Becky Tegze
Executive Director

ps…prefer to mail us a check? You can do so by mailing it to: Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940.

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