The Twelve Strays of Christmas – The Kittens

Liberty, Mabel, Roxy, Davis, Creampuff, Creamsicle and Buttercream are just a few of the 132 stray kittens that were welcomed into the Pets Alive family in 2018.

They were found on the sides of busy streets, under porches, wandering on roads, in wood piles, in garages and sheds. Sadly, it is estimated that a shocking 10,000 kittens are born homeless every single day of the year in the United States. Until we can break the cycle, and everyone spays and neuters their cats, there will continue to be Liberties, Logans, and Creampuffs and many, many more in need of loving homes.

Liberty is the explorer and always eager to check out okay, supervise what you are doing. Mabel is either playing hard or sleeping even harder. Davis is the observer, hanging back, watching and waiting before he makes his move.  Roxy is the darling of the Pets Alive Kitten Nursery.

Help one of our “Stray Kittens” find their happily ever after this holiday season. Can’t adopt at this time? Share their story. And please spay and neuter your pets.

Please donate to Pets Alive so we can continue to provide a safe landing spot and loving environment for strays in need. A donation today to our GENERAL ANIMAL CARE FUND will receive a matching donation towards our KENNEL BUILDING PROJECT thanks to our very special supporters Joe and Kelly Sicari.

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