Holiday magic. Theo finds happiness after 6 years.

Theo resting at home!

A warm and cozy bed. A yard to run around in and play. Endless hugs. That’s how Theo will spend New Year’s Eve. But it wasn’t always that way.

Theo, a yellow shepherd, arrived at Pets Alive from a shelter in Georgia when he was just barely 4 months old. That was in January, 2013.

He got adopted a short time later but within 2 years, he was back at Pets Alive because of behavior challenges. Several other attempts at adoption over the next 2 years also failed – but with your help, we never give up hope on Theo.

Theo was entered into our Improving Adoptability program. It is run by a team of trained volunteers that work with a dog to help them overcome behavior challenges and increase their chance of successful adoption. Several members of the team worked with Theo for months and he eventually learned to play with other dogs in play groups, he overcame his behavior challenges, and he became more dog-social.

Theo loves his new mom!

Hard work paid off. One of Theo’s holiday wishes came true! He hit the jackpot yesterday when one of the volunteers from the Improving Adoptability team adopted Theo! He’s a real love bug with his new mom and he likes hanging out with his new sibling Lilly.

Your generosity helped care for Theo all these years, but over 250 of Theo’s friends are still at Pets Alive awaiting their magical day when they get adopted. And there will be hundreds more that will come our way in 2019.

Please give Theo his final holiday wish and make a 100% tax-deductible donation in 2018 so together, we can continue this important work. AND YOUR GIFT WILL BE DOUBLED!

When you donate to our general animal care fund by 11:59pm ET on December 31, a wonderful couple, Joe and Kelly Sicari, will make a matching donation to our kennel building project fund up to $250,000. Help us reach this goal!

Learn about our Matching Challenge here.

Thank you once again for helping animals like Theo.

Already made your year-end holiday gift? Thank you for your support!

Theo (left) and his new sister Lilly

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