BREAKING: Hemi is fighting for his life and needs your help

Hemi, a 10-week-old Husky pup, is fighting for his life. Just a short while ago, Hemi was having a seizure and his owners were not in a position to pay for his medical needs and gave him up. We didn’t even “blink” about taking Hemi into our care. Our veterinarian, Catskill Veterinary Services, jumped into action as you see from the video and stabilized Hemi. (Please note the video may be disturbing.)

Hemi is stabilized by the team at Catskill Veterinary Services

Upon initial examination, it’s possible he may have a liver shunt, a life-threatening liver dysfunction, or other critical condition, but further testing will be required. Hemi needs around-the-clock medical care so once he was stabilized, we rushed him to Oradell Animal Hospital. There he is receiving further supportive care. He will also undergo additional tests to determine his underlying medical condition and what treatment options lie ahead for Hemi.

Will you help Hemi and make a donation now to our Fund The Shelters Challenge to help us pay for his care? Your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to a matching pledge from Sidewalk Angels Foundation! All donations made in the Fund the Shelter’s Challenge now through May 9 will be DOUBLED up to $20,000 and will be used to replenish our medical fund. Any size donation will help Hemi.

Prefer to send a donation check? Mail it to us at Pets Alive, 363 Derby Road, Middletown, NY 10940. Please write “Hemi” on the check.


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2 Responses to BREAKING: Hemi is fighting for his life and needs your help

  1. Alexis says:

    Please give an update.. this was my friends pet and im very concerned for how he is doing.

    • Mary Ann Bopp says:

      Hello Alexis, Hemi is doing better. He’s now back at our local veterinarian hospital for care. Over the weekend, we had a variety of tests run to determine why he had a seizure. It’ll be a few days before we get the results back. Check our Facebook page for updates:
      Thank you.

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