A Stray’s Journey


According to area neighbors, a stray had been on the run for 2 ½ – 3 years.  A good samaritan, Laura B., posted a plea for help on Facebook. Thank goodness for Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery (BDRR) for getting involved. Buddha Dog is a remarkable organization that has had great success in humanely capturing lost dogs and cats. They also capture strays on a pro bono basis.

BDRR went to the site where the stray had been reported and located the abandoned, run-down trailer under which it was sheltering. The floors had collapsed and the stench of mold was overwhelming. BDRR immediately set up and the stray was successfully captured at 4:00 am.

Upon BDRR’s initial examination, the dog’s fur was so badly matted that it was impossible to tell whether or not the stray was male or female. Some of the mats even had wire embedded in them.


Dawn symbolizes new beginnings, and so it was with the stray. Pets Alive opened its doors early that morning to provide a safe haven for this poor dog. Scanning revealed that there was no microchip, so no owner could be reliably contacted.

It’s a boy! His name is now Snowcone!

Because Snowy had shut down and was considered a flight risk, just a few people walked him, taking special care that the door was secure before entering his run. He would cower at the back of his kennel but willingly accept a leash. Snowcone walked with his tail tucked as far as possible between his legs, body close to the ground, and did not sniff. When in the fenced-in play yard, he would stay close to his human but shake. Slowly but surely, he would accept brief petting but never seemed to enjoy it.

Because his fur was so matted, huge chunks had to be cut out, especially around his hindquarters. While he didn’t like the process, he allowed it.

He was finally moved down to the office area and was walked by a few more people. Slowly his head came up and the tail untucked just a bit. He would stay still and seemed to enjoy being briefly stroked more and more.

And the journey continues…

Written by Robin Markovits CCDT, AKC


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