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With one of the Georgia rescues we got in a litter of lab pups. One of these pups the staff started to call Little Mutant Man. This poor little guy was showing very weird signs of bowed legs.

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  1. Janet Says:

    I’ve been watching the story of the recovery of the Pets Alive shelter with help from Best Friends. Your recovery is a wonderful story of persistence, patience, and a deep commitment to change and improvement. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

    I was equally impressed with your ability to save dogs from crowded shelters in the South. Your work in that regard is far larger than you can imagine.

    But the icing on the cake was little Badgee. I can’t imagine a better place to go home than with a vet who wants to fix you. Speedy recovery, little one. And a huge thanks to the vets who took on this project.

  2. Sara Says:

    He is sooo adorable !

  3. Dana Says:

    I’ve seen this many times. It may just be nutritional (ie HOD, pano, etc). Have you switched him to a better food (Eagle Pack Holistic, Solid Gold, etc). I would bet it would be fixed in no time at all.

    Good Luck with him, he sure is a cutie!

  4. tanya Says:

    what a cute puppy!!! I will be praying for the little guy and God bless you for taking him in!!!!

  5. Beth Arp Says:

    What a wonderful puppy, he is very lucky to have found you. This shelter is such a wonderful place and my husband and me have started to volunteer once a month and we are just loving it. Will be watching Badgee’s progress!

  6. PATTI Says:

    What an adorable little baby! Great work and God bless! 😉

  7. Maria A. Zulaica Says:

    I love your story and darling little dog.Hope sit up and walk around comfort their legs.Wishing you Well soon and Get Better and improve their legs straight.

  8. Leslie Says:

    Just a beautiful story-have tears in my eyes hoping that he pulls through and his legs turn out perfect. Go Badgee!!! Just want to mention too that thrilled that Pet’s Alive is back on track-you are helping to save NY truly-just do not know why shelters can not do what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  9. Toni Says:

    Thank you Lace for the update & for taking Badgee in! I had the privelage of meeting him at Pets Alive & he is a real sweetie! You rock!!!

  10. Ricki Says:

    Being the mom of four disabled male dogs, you can imagine
    how grateful I am feeling for the work you are doing with Badgee. Looking at his pictures;I have fallen in love again. Thanks for everything you have done for him.

  11. cathy Says:

    OH MY!!! I met & got kisses and played with Badgee this past weekend when he came to visit us at Pets Alive.
    What a Precious, Gentle, Loving, Friendly baby.

    Lace – you are an angel.. thanks for giving Badgee a wonderful opportunity and for all that you do for him (physically and mentally too).

  12. Sprice Drury Says:

    Please let us all know where little Badgee ends up. I hope to a wonderful home!

  13. tina Says:

    What a sweet angel, God bless you for transforming his whole life with your act of kindness.

  14. judylew Says:

    What an amazing difference! He legs look so much better. Great job!!

  15. Sprice Drury Says:

    So Happy to hear that little Badgee is CURED! What a wonderful story…

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