Letter of the Month – Dear Houma

houmasleep.jpgWe received this letter in the mail this week along with a bunch of donations. It was too precious not to share.  Houma is a dog that had battery acid poured all over him.  He was also tied to a pickup truck and left to die during Hurricane Gustav.   Rescuers got him to us where he recovered but then became seriously ill again and we almost lost him – twice.  He goes home with Janet every night because he has been through so much, she can’t bear to leave him here, alone.  He is special needs and has a special diet due to some stomach issues…but he is healthy and happy and great with cats…and SOME other dogs. Although Janet loves him dearly, he is not an ideal mix in her household with multiple dogs and other assorted animals.  We are still looking for a forever home for Houma. Here is the letter we received:


Dear Houma,

Today we celebrated  my 4th birthday with hats and cake!  My how my life suddenly changed.  Last year at this time I was sitting in a cage at the APL – a scary place.  As a “bully” breed some shelters won’t even put us up for adoption and we are euthanized before we are given a chance – even the pit puppies.  My mom helped with the Vick investigation and she saw firsthand the pain, torture and suffering the dogs endured at the hands of the ignorant, and irresponsible people.  After almost giving up on ever leaving the shelter – SHE PICKED ME!  I got to work with her and visit Veterans in the hospital while I work on my therapy certification.  Life at home is hte best! I sleep on the be, chew on toys, and have fields and pastures to play in.

houma.jpgThe reason I am writing is that we don’t want you to give up.  it makes my mom sad to see you’re still waiting for a home. She does not understand why people keep passing you up and not giving you a chance.  If they only knew how kind and gentle we pits are.  If there wasn’t already five of us and no more room on the bed, you would be here celebrating with us.

Houma, we don’t want you to give up, so I am sending you my birthday money to buy bones and toys to cheer you up while you wait for your forever home.


Your friend, Neela.

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