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OK, so today I want to tell you about Tess and Liam.   They come down here a few days a week with their mom, Honor, to volunteer and walk the dogs, hand out toys or treats, or whatever else needs some doing around here.  They also adopted TWO dogs from us (one CRAZY one, and one INSANE barker so really we should be going to THEIR house and working for THEM, rather than the other way around).

They are REALLY great kids.  A few times I’ve mentioned special children that we have down here that have really impressed me.  These two fit into that category.  They are polite, courteous, sweet, generous, good natured and just a pleasure to be around.

You all know we’ve been trying to raise money for our fencing project – WHICH WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED FINALLY thanks to all of you (and should be starting that soon)….

Well I received the following letters from Liam and Tess along with a donation.  Money they had earned or saved up on their own.

They clearly wanted it to go toward the fencing project.

Take a look – I scanned their letters because they were just too cute and too sweet for me to try to explain or retype.  You need to see these for yourselves.


Is that not the sweetest letters?

And below are the envelopes they came in:




Thanks Honor for raising such wonderful, empathic kids….

The world needs more of them!
Just got this great email from Honor (Liam and Tess’ mom):

Hi folks: I’ve been meaning to write to thank you all for making Liam (and Tess) feel so special. Liam was very proud of himself the day Matt offered to “hire” him (when he ran to close the gate of the dog yard after Mama foolishly let Sparky and Peanut loose–does anyone think that those two “wild men” were really going to go anywhere, by the way? Trying to save face for Mama…). And the applause for him that followed from the picnic table area thanks to Kerry sent him over the moon.

And now both Liam and Tess are extremely proud to be featured on the Pets Alive blog—they are now “famous”.

Pets Alive has been a wonderful resource for us all since we moved to Derby Road last December. Our first walks up the street to meet Logan were very special, particularly because he is such a personable kind of horse. Then adopting Kip fulfilled a very long-standing wish to have a dog of our own.

When we found out that the kids could volunteer at Pets Alive they were both very, very excited. I was hoping the experience would help teach them both to be more responsible, especially the safety precautions (making sure doors were shut, checking dots on pens, the rules on the trail etcetera). Liam and Tess have both benefited very much from the volunteer experience.

And then we adopted Henry (Fresco). Thanks a lot. Actually, Kip loves Henry, and Henry was a pet for Kip. Henry loves Kip. The kids understand that Henry is a bit different (He is a raving maniac, though a very sweet one). They (the kids) unfortunately have learned the words “shut up” thanks to Henry’s barking (though we TRY to say hush). And Henry is definitely part of the family–fits in well with the rest of us. We all get a bit agitated and noisy at times.

The children both love their time volunteering. They tell everyone of their times up the road. They wear their Pets Alive sweatshirts to school and out and about. They’ve made a lot of canine friends, as well as new human ones. And they are very happy about the goats too.

So a long overdue thank you to you both and to everyone else at Pets Alive (human, canine, feline, equine and GOATS!) You are not only helping the animals you are helping the kids and me. Pets Alive a wonderful facility for families too!


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