With only a couple of weeks left in the legislative session, it is urgent for New Yorkers to contact NYS Senator Joseph Robach and urge him to bring the Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) to the Senate floor for a vote. CAARA will save roughly 25,000 animals a year currently being killed in New York State shelters despite qualified rescue groups willing to save their lives at no cost to taxpayers.

CAARA would:

  • Make it illegal for shelters to kill animals if qualified rescue groups are willing to save them;
  • End “convenience” killing when there are empty cages and when animals can share kennels or be sent to foster care;
  • Require pounds to post strays, including photographs and descriptions, on the Internet so their families can search for them online;
  • Require transparency in operations by requiring shelters to make their statistics public;
  • Require pounds to scan for microchips, maintain lost/found lists, and match lost with found animals in the shelter;
  • Require fresh food and water, environmental enrichment, clean living environments, as well as prompt and necessary veterinary care; and,
  • Allow shelters to transfer stray animals to rescue groups during the holding period to free up cage space or get vulnerable animals out as soon as possible, subject to the same rights of redemption for the animal’s family.

Senator Robach is a sponsor of CAARA, but he is being opposed by powerful industry groups in his own district. We need to thank Senator Robach for standing up for the animals and urge him to ignore the Naysayers who want to make sure that their power is not upended since they do not represent either his true constituents or the people of New York.

Please telephone or e-mail Senator Robach today: Thank him for sponsoring CAARA and let him know that if he pushes forward, he will be a hero not only to the animals, but also to the many thousands of animal-loving supporters of CAARA, who have written, telephoned, emailed elected officials in Albany to let them know how much we care and want this bill passed as it is currently written.

As always, please be polite and positive.

Telephone: (518) 455-2909

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  1. Trisha Dias Says:


  2. Catherine E. A. Says:

    This is a brilliant piece of legislation – about time !

  3. liz mclaughlin Says:


  4. martha caballero Says:

    a life is the most precious gift from God.. why do we feel the right to end it abuse it neglect it and hate it.. these are breathing bleeding loving animals that give there trust loving animals that give there life if necessary for u.. when did we stop loving them?? pls help the voiceless

  5. Clorisa Says:

    I just wrote an e-mail to
    Urging him to bring the Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) to the Senate floor for a vote. I hope everyone has the courage to do the same.

  6. Rhonda Robinson Says:

    I support CAARA, absolutely….Animals do not the deserve the way they have been treated by the government….

  7. Ej hirte Says:

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  8. Sharron Says:

    Please support CAARA ! These beautiful animals need to be loved and in forever homes !! NOT DESTROYED because of lack of information , education or because people are afraid to stand-up on their own.

    These dog are living , breathing hearts with feelings ! Please HELP !


  9. Jason Williams Says:

    Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA) is logical AND ethical.

  10. julie landmichael Says:

    caara,we dont want to see dogs kills for no reason again, i thought this was a civilized country but is not actually you are as bad as afganistan with animals i think we,,are,, living in the end of time,,,when,does the cruelty of human end? those how,,have the power are most idiotic backward barbarians on the planet how can.t they look themself in the mirror,god did not created animals for us to abused, but to care and enjoy, the unconditional love they give us my sorrow is witnessed the butchering of animals by HUMAN ,,human race is mostly a disgrace julie landmchael

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