Kameron Jacobsen award recipient – Andrew Solimeno

Kameron Jacobsen was a 14 year old boy with a very loving and gentle nature. He was kind, giving, and generous. He volunteered with his family at Pets Alive, and had a special bond with animals – his compassion truly made a difference in their lives. Kameron lost his life as the result of bullying by some of his contemporaries – bullying that was so relentless Kameron felt he could no longer live in such a world. We grieve along with Kameron’s family at this horrific loss.

This award was named for Kameron and is given by Pets Alive each year to publicly recognize a youth that acts as a positive example for other young people by exhibiting empathy and kindness toward animals and selflessness in helping those animals. Just as importantly, like Kameron, the recipients of this award extend those same qualities toward people – especially peers. Like Kameron, these are young men and women that we want others to look up to.

This year we are proud to announce that Andrew Solimeno is the winner of the 2nd Annual Kameron Jacobsen Award. Andrew truly exemplifies the spirit of this award. He is a volunteer at Pets Alive who is giving of his time, his love, his compassion and his caring. He works with many of our dogs and is here each week to see what he can do to help us and to help them. He is always kind to other people and children on the property and goes out of his way to offer any assistance he can, or do any job that we need done. We are grateful that Andrew is a volunteer with Pets Alive and even more grateful that he is growing up with such compassion, love and empathy.

Congratulations Andrew and thank you for all you do to make the world a better place for animals and for people.

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  1. Honor Says:

    Congratulations Andrew! Such a well-deserved award. You are such a dedicated volunteer–I think that almost every time I visit Pets Alive I see you there walking and caring for the dogs. I hope you inspire more kids to do the same. : )

  2. Mary Kovoor Says:

    Congratulations, Andrew! You are a great example to others (kids and adults) and the world needs more like you. Thank you for doing so much for the animals. It makes a huge difference.

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