Santa requests Pets Alive assistance once again!

Little Boys and Girls to be surprised with the Greatest Christmas Present Imaginable

Today, Sunday, Dec 9, Santa made the long trek from the North Pole to Middletown, NY to visit Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary spreading cheer all along the way. While he was there he spent time listening to Christmas requests and posing for photos with some of the most handsome animals and children in all the land. When he finished recording the last wish list, he gathered all the Pets Alive staff for an important announcement. We held our breath as he cleared his throat and asked for Pets Alive help again this Christmas.

We were all thrilled to hear that he wants us to once again serve as his Honorary Elves this Christmas, delivering loving animals to little girls and boys everywhere!

“We are incredibly humbled by Santa’s request to assist in spreading the holiday cheer by delivering these adorable dogs, cats and rabbits. All of us at Pets Alive take on this obligation with great pride and understanding of the responsibility we hold in representing Santa and all of the North Pole,” gleamed Kerry Clair, Executive Director of Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary.

Santa explained to the Honorary Elves that he had many little boys and girls that would be receiving dogs and cats for Christmas and he preferred that these furry friends not be left in a box under the tree all night! So, just like last year, he will visit Pets Alive on Christmas Eve and leave with us, all the dogs and cats, and puppies and kittens that are going into new homes this season. And once again we will wake up very early and travel around town dropping off the most fantastic gift any child can receive—a loving pet to call their own!

If you are a parent and you have already told Santa it is ok for your children to receive a pet this holiday season all you need to do is fill out our application online. Once you are approved, come down and tell us which pet might be the right one for you – Santa has left us with information about all the animals he wants to go home this Christmas! Pets Alive will tell Santa which pet you’ve selected for your family, so he can drop them off to us Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we will arrive, (with the Pets Alive MAGIC BUS) and knock on your door….

::door opens, little boy looks up. There we stand in our Santa hats with our official clipboard and big MAGIC BUS behind us::
Us: “Hello, is this the house of Susie and Timmy So-and-So?”

Little Boy: “Yes. This is. I am Timmy So-and-So”.
Us: “Well, Timmy, get your sister, because we have a very special delivery from Santa for the two of you!!”

::We turn, whistle and out of the bus comes Santa’s Elf with Fido!! ::

Us: “Timmy and Susie – Santa asked us to take care of your new dog, Fido. He stopped by Pets Alive so that Fido didn’t sit under the tree in a box all night! He asked us to deliver him to you this morning! Merry Christmas Timmy and Susie from Santa and Pets Alive! ….. and Merry Christmas to YOU , Fido, for you my sweet little furry friend, have finally found your forever home!”

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  1. Elle Says:

    Santa is so lucky to have you!!! And so are the furries & kids :)

  2. Lisa Gendron-Bioski Says:

    This is WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. marie hartenstein Says:

    God Bless you guys.
    Thank you for all you do to find forever homes for the lucky ones.

  4. marie hartenstein Says:

    Thnk you guys for all that you do~!!!!!

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